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Part I, State through Defense

Part II, Justice through HHS

As President Obama and his department and agency heads have nominated and appointed officials over the last few months, I have been compiling them into a single document. Other people can probably make more use of this document than I can, and can certainly format it more prettily than I have. The only claim to originality I make is that I have never found a list this complete -- a sort of proto-Plum Book of the Obama Administration -- anywhere on the internet, and I have searched for it. Indeed, it was the Plum Book that served as my inspiration. At any rate, with my second daughter, six weeks old, quite rightly demanding a healthy share of our attention, and with plenty of work to do at my solo law practice, I need to pass it on to you all to do with as you will.

EDIT: Because the entire list appears, at least in preview, to exceed the number of lines possible to post in a single diary, I will have to post this over multiple days. In Part III, we'll look at the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans' Affairs, and Homeland Security. Also, this was beautifully formatted in Word but I am having a hard time getting it to look nice here. I didn't want to use a table because I wanted to be able to nest the hierarchies.

It bears emphasis that this is a rough document meant more as a starting point for data than an authoritative reference. I have included actual, verifiable nominees and appointees alongside expected and even rumored ones. I have mixed and matched current job titles with prior job titles. I have gone very far down the organizational hierarchy in some spots and barely past the top level in others. Some people or groups are undoubtedly misplaced in their respective chains of command. Some appointees listed as holdovers from the Bush Administration may actually be career incumbents in nonpolitical positions. And I have not included any links because it is all I can do to find the time to post this.

Nonetheless, I think this may prove useful in some ways. My fervent wish is that by setting it loose others will take it farther. I will feel fortunate if there is any use folks can make of it.

Some final notes on convention: I have omitted professional titles and military ranks, and have generally used officials' nicknames rather than given names when known. I tend to use the title of the office or bureau rather than the title of the position (lots of omitted "assistant secretary"s and "assistant attorney general"s). And so forth.

* * *

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Secretary                                                                                                Shaun Donovan
         Special Assistant                                                                        Peter Grace

    Deputy Secretary                                                                              Ron Sims

    General Counsel                                                                                    Helen Kanovsky

    Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner                                                David Stevens
         Deputy for Multifamily Housing                                                Carol Galante

    Community Planning and Development                                      Mercedes Márquez

    Public and Indian Housing                                                                        Sandra Henriquez

    Policy Development and Research                                                Raphael Bostic

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity                                                John Trasviña

    Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations                                    Peter Kovar

    Administration/Chief Human Capital Officer

    Public Affairs

    Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

    Chief Financial Officer

    Government National Mortgage Administration

    Inspector General

Department of Transportation
Secretary                                                                                                Ray LaHood
         Chief of Staff                                                                                    Joan DeBoer
         Deputy Assistant and Deputy Director of Public Affairs                Jill Zuckman

    Deputy Secretary                                                                    John Porcari

    Undersecretary for Policy

    Federal Aviation Administration                                                            Randy Babbitt

    Federal Highway Administration                                                            Victor Mendez
         Deputy and Executive Director                                                            Jeffrey Paniati (holdover)

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
         Deputy                                                                                                Rose McMurray (holdover)

    Federal Railroad Administration                                                            Joe Szabo
         Deputy                                                                                                Jo Strang (holdover)

    Federal Transit Administration                                                            Peter Rogoff
         Deputy                                                                                                Matt Welbes (holdover)

    Maritime Administration
         Deputy                                                                                                James Caponiti (holdover)

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration                                    Chuck Hurley
         Deputy                                                                                                Ron Medford (holdover)

    Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
         Deputy                                                                                                Cindy Douglass (holdover)

    Research and Innovative Technology Administration                        Peter Appel
         Deputy                                                                                                Steven Smith (holdover)

    Surface Transportation Board, Chair
         Board Member
         Board Member

    St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation                                    Terry Johnson (holdover)

    Transportation Policy                                                                        Roy Kienitz
         Deputy                                                                                                Joel Szabat (holdover)

    Governmental Affairs                                                                        Dana Gresham
         Deputy                                                                                                Heideh Shahmoradi (holdover)

    Aviation and International Affairs                                                            Susan McDermott (acting)

    Inspector General                                                                                    Calvin Scovel (holdover)

    General Counsel                                                                                    Robert Rivkin

    Budget and Programs and Chief Financial Officer
         Deputy                                                                                                Lana Hurdle (holdover)

    Administration                                                                                    Linda Washington (holdover)

Department of Energy

Secretary                                                                                                Steven Chu
         Chief of Staff                                                                                    James O’Connor
         Senior Advisor for Recovery Act Spending                                    Matt Rogers

    Deputy Secretary                                                                     Daniel Poneman

    Undersecretary                                                                                    Kristina Johnson
         Associate                                                                                    Richard Moorer (holdover)

    Undersecretary for Science                                                            Steven Koonin
         Director, Office of Science                                                        William Brinkman

    Undersecretary for Nuclear Security/Administrator for                        Thomas D’Agostino
         Nuclear Security (holdover)
         Principal Deputy Administrator for National                                    William Ostendorff
              Nuclear Security
         Deputy for Defense Programs, National Nuclear                        Jonathan George (acting)
              Security Administration
         Deputy for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation                                    Kenneth Baker (acting)
         Deputy for Naval Reactors                                                            Kirkland Donald
         Deputy Undersecretary, Counterterrorism                                    Steve Aoki

    Chief Financial Officer                                                                        Steve Isakowitz (holdover)

    Policy and International Affairs                                                            David Sandalow

    Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

    General Counsel                                                                                    Scott Harris

    Economic Impact and Diversity

    Energy Information Administration

    Inspector General

    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy                                    Cathy Zoi
         Principal Deputy                                                                        Steven Chalk (holdover)

    Environmental Management                                                            Ines Triay

    Fossil Energy

    Nuclear Energy

    Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

    Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability                                    Patricia Hoffman (acting)

    Office of Science, Director

Department of Education

Secretary                                                                                                Arne Duncan
         Chief of Staff
              Deputy                                                                                    Matthew Yale
         (consultant and senior adviser on higher ed)                                    Robert Shireman

    Deputy Secretary                                                                              Linda Darling-Hammond

    Undersecretary                                                                                    Martha Kanter

    Chief Financial Officer


    Inspector General

    General Counsel                                                                                    Charlie Rose

    Legislation and Congressional Affairs                                                Gabriella Gomez

    Civil Rights                                                                                    Russlynn Ali

    Elementary and Secondary Education

    Postsecondary Education

    Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

    Vocational and Adult Education
         Deputy                                                                                                Glenn Cummings

    Institute of Education Sciences                                                            John Easton
         Commissioner of Education Statistics

    Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development                                    Carmel Martin

    Office of Communications and Outreach                                                Peter Cunningham
         Deputy                                                                                                Tim Tuten

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Secretary                                                                                                             Eric Shinseki

    Deputy Secretary                                                                                 Scott Gould

    Undersecretary for Health

    Undersecretary for Benefits

    Undersecretary for Memorial Affairs

    General Counsel                                                                                    William Gunn

    Policy and Planning


    Human Resources                                                                                    John Sepúlveda

    Public and Intergovernmental Affairs                                                Tammy Duckworth

    Congressional and Legislative Affairs

    Operations, Security, and Preparedness                                                Jose Riojas

    Information and Technology                                                            Roger Baker

    Board of Veterans’ Appeals

    Inspector General

Department of Homeland Security

Secretary                                                                                                Janet Napolitano
         Chief of Staff for Policy                                                            Noah Kroloff
         Chief of Staff for Operations                                                            Jan Lesher
         Senior Counselor                                                                        Brian de Vallance
(border czar) Alan Bersin

   Deputy Secretary                                                                             Jane Lute
         Senior Adviser                                                                                    Dora Schriro

    Undersecretary for National Protection and Programs                        Rand Beers
         Deputy                                                                                                Philip Reitinger
         State and Local Law Enforcement                                                Ted Sexton

    Undersecretary for Management                                                            Elaine Duke (holdover)
         Chief Financial Officer

    Policy David Heyman
          Deputy                                                                                                Esther Olavarria

    Undersecretary for Science and Technology

    Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis                                    Philip Mudd
         Deputy for Intelligence                                                                        Todd Rosenblum

    General Counsel                                                                                    Ivan Fong
         Principal Deputy                                                                        David Martin

    Chief Privacy Officer                                                                        Mary Ellen Callahan

    Federal Emergency Management Agency                                                Craig Fugate
         Deputy for National Preparedness                                                Timothy Manning
         US Fire Administration
         Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
         Administration and Resource Planning Directorate
         Grant Programs

    Transportation Security Administration

    Customs and Border Protection                                                            Ralph Basham (holdover)

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement                                                John Morton

    Citizenship and Immigration Services                                                Tom Perez

    Counternarcotics Enforcement

    Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer

    Inspector General

    (Coast Guard)                                                                                (Career Commandant)

    Public Affairs
         Deputy                                                                                                Sean Smith
         Director of Strategic Communications                                                Moira Whelan

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