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Any good Kossack here already knows that Texas Governor Rick Perry is flirting with the idea of secession. From signing a bill stating that Texas is sovereign, what ever that means, to this short compilation of audio where Perry claims that being in the Union is only optional for Texas and it can leave when it wants to:

So now I want to propose a counter bill to Governor Perry. Call it HR1138.
If you want to Co-Sponsor this bill, recommend it.

The General Emancipation of Texas and the Ouster of the Union-hating Teabaggers of Texas Bill, or the GET OUT Texas Bill.

HR 1138 -- The GET OUT Texas Bill
Sponsor: The Hon. Rep. Scifisanta (D-VA)
Co-Sponsors: The World Wide Community of Kossacks

Whereas the governor and legislator of Texas has seen fit to declare is sovereignty, from what they are not clear about.

Whereas the governor of Texas in the year 2009 stated forcefully and unequivocally his state's supposed right to secession from the Union of free states of the United States of America.

Whereas the governor of Texas loudly and provocatively supports the radical, right-wing, sanctimonious, uninformed, hate mongering Teabaggers of '09.

We the People of the United States of America do hereby affirm our desire to emancipate Texas from the Union. They will be free from all taxes and duties previously demanded from them. They will be free to create their own government and accord their own laws as they see fit. They will become a sovereign entity outside the boundaries of the United States of America. Herein from this date of this bill's enactment into law, the state of Texas will exist no more, and therein be recognized as the independent nation of Texas.

This bill upon enactment mandates the following:

The removal of all U.S. Military bases, assets, and personnel from the boundaries of Texas. Including but not limited to: Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Red River Army Depot, Fort Sam Houston, Kingsville Naval Air Station, Corpus Cristi Naval Air Station, Laughlin AFB, Goodfellow AFB, Dyess AFB, Sheppard AFB, Lackland AFB, Randolf AFB, Group Corpus Crisi Coast Guard Station, Group Galveston Coast Guard Station, and all 60,000 army, 7000 naval, 40,000 Air Force, and 1000 Coast Guard Personnel.

Hereby Texas must defend itself from future enemies foreign and domestic.

The U.S. Federal government will cease any and all future payments to the Texas Budget, which comprised 31% of the state's revenue source for fiscal year 2008-2009. Texas is no longer entitled to the current $17 billion (US) they received in the 2009 Stimulus Bill. This amount must be replayed immediately.

Texas can pay for itself by itself.

The removal of all U.S. Treasury assets from Texas, including bank note deposits and the removal of FDIC insurance for Texas banks.

Texas can no longer use U.S. Dollars or U.S. credit in transacting its future business.

The end of Federal transportation assistance to Texas. Including no more Amtrak service in or to Texas. No more maintenance of railways or highways. No more assistance at airports, including the removal TSA and FAA workers and assets.

Texas can run and fix its own railways, highways, and airways.

The end of all FEMA assistance and removal of all FEMA assets from Texas. The U.S. Government is no longer responsible for disaster and humanitarian relief in the sovereign nation of Texas.

Texas can save itself from hurricanes, wild fires, and tornado.

The removal of all U.S. Border Patrol agents, staff, and assets from Texas. The Border Patrol will now be instructed to maintain the new border with Texas to ensure no illegal Texans migrate into the U.S. and become a drain on our economy and culture.

Texas can patrol its own borders.

Herein Texas is not a signatory to NAFTA, and must pay import excises on all goods delivered to the United States of no less than 100% market value of the goods in question.

Texas must pay tax to trade now.

Texans wishing to enter the U.S. must apply for a VISA, have a valid Texas Passport, be up to date on all immunizations, and pay a fee to be no less that $600 (US) and indexed every 5 years to inflation. While in the U.S. on VISAs Texans are not entitled to the full rights of U.S. citizens and the U.S. INS reserves the right to deport any visitor for any reason without appeal or grievance. Texans wishing to become U.S. citizens must apply, and get in line behind all others waiting. They must demonstrate competency of English and basic skills in a test, and all immigrating Texans must swear loyalty to the Union and the U.S. Constitution.

Texans are no longer U.S. citizens, and herein are foreign nationals.

Any Texans who do not abide by the laws and provisions set in this, GET OUT Texas Bill, will be adjudicated to the full extent of the law, face stiff fines, deportation, and imprisonment.


We the People of the United States hereby lift Texas from its heavy burden of being in the Union, it is free.

We the People of the United States hereby create and affirm the sovereign independence of Texas, it is free.

We the People of the United States hereby affirm that Texas, will all its strength and wisdom can solve any problem without help from the U.S. Government, because Texas has never needed help from the U.S. government to do anything

We the People of the United States are now and forever FREE OF TEXAS

Originally posted to scifisanta on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 09:25 AM PDT.

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