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Our favorite nutcase is at it again.  She is the Fountain of Foolishness, the Mt. Redoubt of Madness, the Sistine Chapel of Stupid.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Michele Bachmann.

This time she waxes, well, INSANE on the subject of the so-called "Flying Imams".  You remember them don't you?  They're the victims of a "Real 'Murican Freakout" in Minneapolis back in '06, pulled off a plane for praying prior to boarding.

Well, Congress' answer to Penelope Pitstop has uncovered the real scoop behind their visit - they were there to party with Keith Ellison, who had won election to Congress a mere two weeks before!

Only one problem with - actually, there are SEVERAL problems with this:

  1.  They were actually in town for a religious conference.
  1.  Ellison's party was held the night of the election (November 7, 2006).  Which would have made the imams rather unfashionably late to the party.
  1.  Even if the dates were correct, and with all due respect (yeah, that's right, NONE), WTF DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE?  What happened to them was still unjustified, and this is nothing more than an attempt by Batty O'Bachmann to AGAIN throw bricks at Congressman Ellison, who has from all accounts served with much more honor and distinction than his unhinged counterpart.

She starts in on Ellison about halfway through this video, but it's worth the watching - she spreads the crazy all around on a host of issues.

This just bothered me because the initial incident was so unwarranted and embarrassing, you'd think anyone with any sense would have gladly left it alone.  Then again, I guess that's the point...

You've got to marvel at the absolute stupidity of this woman.  If breathing wasn't an involuntary function, one wonders if she could manage it.  Seriously, she has all the reasoning capacity of a cracked walnut.  As painful as it can be at times to listen to, let's just hope she keeps talking.  She's like a moronic version of the Incredible Hulk - the more she talks, the crazier she gets!  And I'm willing to bet she's not even close to tapping her reserve tank of stupid.  

Originally posted to Indie Tarheel on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 11:23 AM PDT.


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