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To the Dishonorable Governor Rick Perry:

For eight years, I witnessed unspeakable crimes committed by our nation under your party's control.  My nation, under our flag, not only committed torture and engaged in an unjust war of aggression, but flaunted it.   But when I spoke up, I was called a terrorist sympathizer.

For eight years, I beheld the executive branch of our government, controlled by a tightly knit neocon cartel, usurp powers not theirs under the Constitution that is the basis for the law in our nation and our society; the rules that we all agree to live together under.  And when I protested this, you and your ilk asked why I hated America and called me a traitor.

For eight years, I watched my fourth amendment rights being blasted away in the name of unattainable security; my communications privacy reduced to effectively nothing; even the right of habeas corpus legally reduced to nothing.  And when I raised my voice in protest, I was told that I was unpatriotic.

For eight years, I watched your kind twist the tenets of my faith into a hateful thing and a political thing.  I beheld your ilk twisting scripture to your own ends in the name of a false crusade against those you called infidels.  I watched you demonize anyone of a different faith, or no faith.  And when I spoke against this, you called me damned and worse.

For eight years, I watched the wealthy funnel money from the rest of society.  I watched the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  I watched those programs that allowed those with ability, talent and drive, but who lacked the status to allow their talents to thrive, gutted and dismantled.  I watched as health care became more and more a privilege of the rich and elite.  I beheld you and your ilk demonize the poor.  I watched as the rich were allowed to entrench their position in society; to establish a permanent, hereditary class that was beyond the law for all intents and purposes, who could for all intents and purposes do as they would; for whom the same set of laws did not apply.  And when I spoke up about this, I was called a socialist and a communist.

For eight years, I observed as the environment was steadily destroyed, and listened to your lies about how it really wasn't that bad.  I saw you and your kind destroying the very planet that sustains us; not only making the air dangerous to breath, the water deadly to drink and the earth poisoned, but changing things so much that it endangered the very survival of our race.  And when I spoke against this, I was called an alarmist, part of a socialist plot to control everyone's lives.

For eight years, I looked on as your kind tried to roll back the civil right advances of the last century; as you tried to marginalize minorities, gays, women and really, anyone who wasn't just like you.  I watched as you and your kind diverted attention from the real problems of our nation in the name of dangerous side shows such as "protection of marriage acts".  I saw the divisive tactics you used to try to split our nation apart and people apart, all for the purpose of maintaining your own power.  And when I questioned these things, you called me a degenerate and un-American.

But never once during this time did I call for the dissolution of our Union.  Never did I question the premises of our nation; rather I disputed the direction that it was being led.  Never did I call for the destruction of our society; rather, I called for the legal and Constitutionally mandated removal of the criminals who were taking us down the road to perdition.  Never did I call for acts outside the established framework of law that binds our society together; rather, I called for a return to the agreement of the rule of Constitutional law and rights that we all inherently live under that.  Never did I advocate rebellion, secession, or treason.

And now, less than three months into President Obama's tenure as President of our United States, you have placed secession on the table.  I can understand where the Rush's, the Beck's, the O'Reilly's get off saying things like this; they are sensationalist pundits who make their money with this sort of rhetoric.  While I think that they are every bit as un-American as they have called me for the last eight years, they have the right to say these things.  What they advocate may be, in my opinion, disgusting and wrong; with this said, they are protected by their first amendment right to spew this sort of bile.  

But you, sir, are the governor of one of the States of the Union, one of the supposed leaders of our people.  You have a responsibility not just to your state, but to your nation.  You may not agree with the direction that we are taking, and you have a right to say so.  What you do not, as an elected official, have the right to do is put the idea of secession and rebellion on the table, and make that part of the political debate.  That, sir, makes you a traitor to our nation and to our society.  That act puts you lower on the ladder than pond scum.  I find you to be unworthy in every particular of your position; you are now deserving of every characterization that was leveled at myself and the left during the last eight years, and more.

In closing, rot in hell.

An American

Originally posted to JRandomPoster on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 11:14 AM PDT.

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