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I was appalled to read, The New York Times article, Afghan Women Protest New Law on Home Life, by Dexter Filkins.

The new law he is talking about? I quote:

"One provision makes it illegal for a woman to resist her husband’s sexual advances. A second provision requires a husband’s permission for a woman to work outside the home or go to school. And a third makes it illegal for a woman to refuse to "make herself up" or "dress up" if that is what her husband wants."

Shouldn’t Al-Qaeeda and Taliban consider this a victory, a victory for their fanatic views?

Thousands of lives that have been lost during the so called war on terror, would be literally lost in vain – wasted, should the new "democratic" government in Afghanistan, the U.S. and the rest of the world stand by these newly adapted oppressive laws against the basic human rights of women, in Afghanistan. If they don’t repeal these laws, it should provide a just ground for the U.S. and the allies to re-invade Afghanistan, to finally liberate all the people of Afghanistan, including the women and children, not just the war lords and thugs.

These oppressive laws have no grounds to stand under any Islamic Law (Shariah,) or interpretations, other than Wahhabism, which in itself is nothing less than a direct contradiction of the basic Islamic laws according to the teaching of Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.)

Wahhabism, is the ideology that the likes of Al-Qaeda and Taliban are based upon, and is the root of all terrorism under the guise of Islam, a peaceful religion that they have hijacked for selfish purposes. Of course, Saudi Arabia is the capital of Wahhabism.

I can not emphasize enough that these inhumane, primitive, and oppressive behaviors have nothing to do with the Islamic law, or any other religion/beliefs. They have everything to do with the cultural practices of the certain regions around the world. Unfortunately, these kinds of primitive thinking are currently being accepted and practiced even in the countries that actually have: an educated population; roads; cars; internet; nukes; and somewhat a decent economies, such as: India, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe (hand full of villages/country side), Russia (mostly in impoverish regions, including Chechnya), and many African countries. They always take cover under the guise of their religion, belief, sect or traditions. Unfortunately, most of them happen to claim the religion of Islam.

I mean it is a simple hee-haa test. Ask any of these ignorant Muslim men:

Would Prophet Muhammad agree to subject his beloved first wife, Khadija, or his beloved daughter, Fatima, to these oppressions, or conditions? Of course not!

An interesting bit of perspective on woman in Islamic history:

Prophet Muhammad’s first wife, Khadija, was a rich Arab trader (business woman) and a widow (she inherited the business from her husband.) She hired Prophet Muhammad to trade with regions, outside the Arab. Upon his successful tour (business trip), and after learning about his honesty and integrity (at that time He had not announced his prophet hood), and get this, she proposed to him (through his guardian, He was an orphan raised by his uncle,) which Prophet Muhammad accepted. At that time this was extremely unusual for an Arab man to marry a widow, let alone to marry someone he worked for and/or who was older than him. At the time of their wedding, she was 40 and he was 25 years old, in 555 CE. They had six children, two boys and four daughters. Now, we have Muslim men, mistreating, divorcing or killing their wives for not producing enough heirs (male), in the name of Islam.

Today, you couldn’t pay an ugly, poor and Islam touting Saudi to marry someone like her!

But this act of Prophet Muhammad, was in itself was a message to the world – Arab world. She was the first woman to convert to Islam. Her wealth and influenced played a good role in his campaign to spread Islam, he was no fool.

In addition, he extensively talked about their (women in his life and in general) honor and respect for them and how they have played such a crucial role in his life and spreading of the Islam. He encouraged everyone (men) to follow in his lead when it comes to woman’s rights and respect.

Granted, Quran is a bit shady on the subject, which I attribute to nothing more than a cynical/self serving editorial by men over the generations, just like in Bible and other sacred religious texts, or scriptures. They don’t call it a "man-made religion" for nothing.

Beside, Islam requires every Muslim (men and women) to be able to recite (read) Quaran, and recite it regularly. That very requirement was decreed precisely to eliminate illiteracy (among men and women) in the Arab at that time, and for their future generations.

Unfortunately, the Wahhabism has succeeded in keeping the Arabian population as uneducated as possible, especially women. Because we all know what happens when you educate a person, they start asking more questions!

These women and children are innocent and helpless victims of their circumstances, we, as a citizen of the world, have an obligation to help them.

Here is a link to the article:

Dorian Gray

p.s. I have often said to my friends, I would’ve converted to be a Republican (excuse me while I throw up,) if Dubya had attacked Saudi Arabia in the name National Security, not just ours, but for so many other countries.

Originally posted to Dorian W Gray on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 07:41 PM PDT.

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  •  I loved seeing the women protesting (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    big annie, csquared

    and I understand the potential reprecussions of that.

    We need to support local, grassroots movements in favor of human rights, regardless of how politically inconvenient that may be for us.

    "The revolution's just an ethical haircut away..." Billy Bragg

    by grannyhelen on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 07:47:29 PM PDT

  •  But Afghanistan is an ... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Important ally in the global war on terror (or is it the Overseas Contingency Operations?).

    Gotta support our allies.

    We're not there to "nation build", we're there to Save Democracy (tm).


  •  To be fair, a lot of the subjugating of women (1+ / 1-)
    Recommended by:
    Hidden by:

    comes straight from the Koran, which tells men to hit their wives for not listening and shows that Muhammad married Aisha at age 6 or 7 and had sex with her when she was 9.

  •  It's Really Awful (0+ / 0-)

    It's been awful for centuries. Millennia.

    One can only hope and pray that America doesn't get involved. They can only make it worse. They've killed enough innocent people in that part of the world over the past eight years to last a lifetime.

    •  none of us are free (0+ / 0-)

      You better listen my sisters and brothers
      Cause if you do you can hear
      There are voices still callin’ from across the years
      And they are crying across the ocean
      And they’re cryin’ across the land
      And they will until we all come to understand

      That none of us are free
      None of us are free
      None of us are free if one of us is chained
      None of us are free

      There are people still in the darkness
      And they just can’t see the light
      And if we don’t say it’s wrong then that says it’s right
      We got to feel for each other
      Let our sisters know we’re here
      Got to get the message and send it out loud and clear

      That none of us are free
      None of us are free
      None of us are free if one of us is chained
      None of us are free

      It’s the single truth
      We all need to see
      That none of are free if one of us is chained
      None of us are free

      Well I swear to you salvation isn’t hard to find
      None of us can find it on our own
      We got to join together, spirit, heart and mind
      So that all that are suffering, know they’re not alone

      None of us are free

      If you just look around you
      You will see what I say
      Cause the world’s gettin’ smaller each passin’ day
      Now it’s time to make some changes
      Now it’s time we all realized
      That the truth is shinin’ right before our eyes

      None of us are free
      None of us are free
      None of us are free if one of us is chained
      None of us are free

      Well it’s the very heart of humanity
      Cause none of us are free if one of us is chained
      None of us are free

      None of us, no not one of us
      None of us are free if one is chained
      None of us are free

      --Solomon Burke

  •  yes, it's a shame on America (0+ / 0-)

    By cutting and running in Afganistan Bush and company have distroyed our chances of bringing decent government to Afganistan. Now we're there without a plan, too few troops (or too many) and no exit thoughts at all. As the country deteriorates the weak and the poor, particularly women and children, will suffer the most for the USA's shameful actions.

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