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A lot of attention has been paid lately to the recent round of America-hating among Texas GOP pols. DeLay, Perry, and their supporters are talking up Texas secession as a way of fomenting discontent among the masses.  One is led to believe that if Republicans were children playing their losing game, they would just take the ball and go home.  The problem is that they can't do it until they get the ball.  And history has proven that when they do get the ball, they tend to want to stick around.

So the only way to get rid of them, or at least get them to shut up, would be to prove that they are the biggest bunch of "all-hatters" in Texas history.  The problem is that the Constitution offers no path to secession.  This can be resolved, with no small effort, by passage of a Constitutional Amendment.  And if they won't submit it to Congress, I certainly hope That Rep. Frank, or someone else will sponsor the following bill, which sets up a roadmap to give Texas what it wants.

Amendment calling for the Secession of Texas

Section 1.  Should the majority of legally registered Texas voters, as determined by statewide referendum, express their desire to secede, such wish shall be granted upon passage of this article by the required majorities in Congress and by the required majorities of the legislatures among the several States.

Section 2.  This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified by three-fourths of the legislatures of the several States within seven years of its submission to the States.

Just think of all the great results this amendment would achieve!  First and foremost, us lefties would finally get behind the concept of securing our southern border with a wall.  The Minutemen guarding our border would find plenty of fresh recruits among members of DFA, the ACLU, and PETA.

The job rolls of the surrounding states will swell, as refugees wishing to get out of Texas before secession takes effect, move into them and require housing and other basic services.  These refugees (i.e., the sane) will most likely be Democrats, thus swelling the rolls of blue voters in states like Oklahoma and Louisiana.

And ACORN can even help Republicans, volunteering to swell the rolls of pro-secession voters for the mandated referendum.  Texas secession will obviously help heal our people and unite radicals from both wings in ways undreamed of up to now.

Other benefits: We would be losing 2 GOP senators, Texas would enjoy the ultimate freedom, and we would never have to worry about a President from Texas ever again.  Texas will also be honored to show us how a tax-free government will create a virtual Shangri-La in their new republic.  However, the most appealing aspect to me is the border security wall separating the other states from Texas...thinking about Escape From New York just makes me giggle.

Finally, the resulting brouhaha among the GOP and Sunday pundits would be priceless.

Originally posted to bearwoody on Sat Apr 18, 2009 at 01:03 PM PDT.


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