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After yesterday, I am DESPERATE for a little joy, so I'm going to attempt to inject today's diary with a few smiles, a few cackles, a few snorts, however y'all laugh when you laugh heartily. :D

This little gem (part of a HUGE gem) always does the trick for me!

Here are a couple other items that will hopefully bring a smile or 2. Congrats to "our" Eugene Robinson for winning a Pulitzer yesterday! HAPPY! HAPPY! - JOY! JOY! He "gave" me Senator McCentury, so I will always be in his debt.

On April 21, 1838, John Muir, the Scottish-born naturalist considered the father of the environmental movement, was born. If y'all get the chance to go to Muir Woods about an hour or so north of San Francisco, go, go, go, go, and GO! I'm not usually too awed by nature, but those redwoods took my breath away.

OK...San Francisco/northern California "sick" - AGAIN - not that I need a whole lotta help in THAT area (sigh).

Let's Countdown.

David Shuster filled in for Keith again tonight. Keith, I hope you’re doing OK! And, thanks David!

#5 "President Obama Indicates He Is Still Open to Prosecution..."  - Ya’ know what?! After all the hot air being blown by so many people on ALL SIDES of the political spectrum during the past few days, I’m not going to believe ANYTHING ANYONE says until I see GWB or DICK or Fredo or Yoo or Addington or a host of others doing their perp walk in their finest leg irons, hand cuffs, & orange jumpsuits. When/If that happens, you will hear my hoots & hollers of joy from my house in "flyover country" from sea to shining sea. Until then, talk is cheap. So, was Rahm Emanuel full of $hit, or did President Obama change his mind? President Obama is insisting that the DOJ and/or AG Holder will make the final call. I’m sorry, President Obama, the fears of possible actions being "politicized" are bunk. The politicization ship left long ago. Why do you think DICK & other ilk are talking to FAUX News? They already are... wait for it... POLITICIZING IT! I’m sorry again, President Obama, but f*ck bipartisanship! We’re talking about justice & the rule of law – not playing footsie with a GOP that has established themselves already as the Party of No. Do you REALLY expect the GOP who were GWB’s lap dogs when Tony Blair wasn’t there to suddenly get all contrite & admit what they did to enable what was allowed to happen for far too long?! That ain’t gonna happen. YAHOO! Keith’s still off, but I got Richard Wolffe in da’ house! Oh, you gorgeous man... damn drool on the laptop again... ;D I wonder what the "infighting camps" are in the administration? Do y’all think it’s Obama VS. Holder or some other combination? I have a difficult time believing that a Special Prosecutor will be called to investigate all this. A Special Prosecutor could be entirely too independent, and Congress would be scared $hitless. There might be a concerted effort among White House staff to avoid using the "t" word when discussing this subject. And, no, the "t" word ain’t tea bagging! There’s Jonathan Turley; kick a$$ & take names! Oh David, Professor Turley ain’t gonna go for the idea of a "truth commission"; hell, I DON’T EITHER! So, where do I begin the petition to make Jonathan Turley the Special Prosecutor for this investigation?!

#4 - Well golly, maybe – JUST MAYBE – Congress critters to listen to their constituents, or they can claim they’re listening when they’re really attempting to CYA. All kinds of them now want Jay Baybee impeached & off the bench. Disbarring would be nice, too. Time in the GreyBar Hotel would be more better! DiFi is being mum so far. Whatever... just begin your campaign to be California Governor, Senator Feinstein. Senator Orrin Hatch has a f*cked up definition of "honorable." Senator Pat Leahy wants another stinkin’ commission. He is commission – happy, ain’t he? Rep. Jerrold Nadler is on the case! Judge Baybee isn’t going to resign; resigning would indicate shame. The person who wrote that memo is a sadist without shame. Oh Rep. Nadler, good luck; I think you’re going to need it – some luck & a bodyguard. I LOVED REP. NADLER’S DESCRIPTION OF THE GOP!

...the cheering section for the now – departed, thank God, Bush administration...


** Wow, I’ve had days like that bank robber in Florida. Ya’ try to do something foolish and/or illegal & be all nice & quiet about it, then a damn dye pack goes off! ;D That moose in Canada better hope Grandma Gov. Turkey Lover ain’t watching; it’ll be moose burgers! A rally driver in Portugal took a wrong turn – a REALLY wrong turn! Here's another angle of that wrong turn. **

#3 "Vice" AKA "DICKtation" - DICK wants ALL the CIA memos to be released so he can site them in his book. OK, what publishing house gave DICK a book contract, and how soon can we begin boycotting them? It had to be the place Mrs. James Carville works at. DICK said all those torture techniques worked. Of course, he did. He probably watched videos of the tortures with his robe recklessly thrown open in his secret undisclosed location that I REALLY WISH HE’D CRAWL BACK TO. Gee, what a shocker that DICK talked to the Mannity about all this. The Mannity was probably with DICK in that secret undisclosed location to get his jollies from watching the torture, too. David Shuster made a faboo point! DICK wasn’t too concerned about our "techniques" being released, was he! The GWB administration didn’t know much about AQ?! Hell, that’s obvious! And, around 3000 Americans on 9/11 & plenty of American blood & treasure has been lost in Iraq & Afghanistan because they "...didn’t know much about AQ." Lawrence O’Donnell should have a field day with the DICK interview. OK, I don’t know how much more of this DICK interview I can take. Yo DICK, apologizing isn’t a sign of weakness; resorting to & cheering on torture in our country’s name is WEAK. Thanks for the history lesson about Iran – Contra, Mr. O’Donnell! ;D O...M...G...Lawrence O’Donnell’s comments about the Mannity’s "journalism" beat John Cleese’s poem to infinity & beyond!

... the provable stupidity the relentless stupidity of Sean Hannity has been proven to the audience of this show time and time again...

Nixon gave a Commie dictator a Cadillac?! DAMN!

#2 "Craigslist Suspect" - OK, I know nothing about this case, so some of y’all may have to fill in some gaps. Gee, who would’ve thunk an alledged  killer would lead a double life?!

#1 "Political Funnies" AKA "Prez Ex" AKA "No Go Blago" AKA "Political Gigs" - GWB & Bill Clinton will be on stage together?! Wow... spork to a gun fight...spork to a gun fight...  Impeached Gov. PottyMouth will have to put his reality TV dreams on hold. Seriously, I’d consider him a flight risk, anyway. Blago’s running out of money? Well, he doesn’t have any more Senate seats to sell, so he better come up with a Plan B! ;D

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Apr 21, 2009 at 06:38 PM PDT.

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