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Over 2,200,000 children are sold into the sex rape trade every year. Over 1 million women and children are sold across international borders.

Trafficking of humans has been going on since the dawn of time, those traded are the most vulnerable. This trade is back on the rise, and the economic downturn will only increase the numbers bought and sold. Most of the trafficking is for the sex 'industry', this is another PC phrase I hate as it really involves the rape of women and children, I call it The Rape Trade.

During the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade

An agricultural worker cost  $40,000 at today's rates.

Now they cost $300.

Never before in recorded history have human beings been worth so little.


The trafficking of humans for sex and menial and dangerous work is a cancer and is not just happening in the poorest countries in the world these just happen to be the main source of the 'commodity'.

14-year-old Jenny left her native Nigeria for the United States to work in the home of a couple, also originally from an African country. She thought she would be paid to look after their children, but the reality was very different. For five years Jenny was repeatedly raped by her employer and his wife physically assaulted her, sometimes with a cane, and on one occasion with a high-heeled shoe. Tipped off by a local NGO, law enforcement officials rescued Jenny and prosecuted the perpetrators.

Forced labor is a form of human trafficking that can be harder to identify and estimate than sex trafficking. It may not involve the same criminal networks profiting from
transnational trafficking for sexual exploitation. More often, individuals are guilty of subjecting one domestic servant or hundreds of unpaid workers at a factory to involuntary servitude.

[this document is long and may take some time to download the pdf]

Human trafficking can be broken down into

1] The sex Rape Trade

2] Involuntary servitude

3] Debt bondage.

This can result in male and female children being used as combatants, porters, spies, domestics, and sex slaves, with all the inherent dangers these bring.

Child sex tourism (CST) is a dark side of globalization, with some two million children exploited in the global commercial sex trade. CST involves people who travel from their own country to another to engage in commercial sex acts with children.

"The girl child is often forced to play multiple roles in the conflict: She is often sex slave, mother and combatant at the same time."

— Radhika Coomaraswamy,

The Rape trade of women and children is by far and away the largests segment of this vile trade.

2 million children are subjected to rape and the exposure to HIV and death.

Human rights groups estimate that anywhere between 12.3 million and 27 million people are enslaved in forced or bonded labor, child labor, sexual servitude, and involuntary servitude at any given time. The value of this trade is estimated at some $32 billion.

Each year it is estimated that about one million women and children are trafficked across international borders in the rape trade. Women make up the largest percentage followed by young girls with a small percentage men and boys also traded in this way.

The most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, at 79 percent, the report said. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls.

The second most common form of human trafficking is forced labor, or slavery, making up 18 percent of the total, although the writers of the report say it may be underreported.

The rate of recorded child trafficking in Britain has increased by almost 50% in two years, according to figures released yesterday by the Home Office's child exploitation and online protection centre

The United States of America is principally a transit and destination country for trafficking in persons. It is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the U.S. annually. 1 The U.S. Government is strongly committed to combating trafficking in persons at home and abroad. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, enhances pre-existing criminal penalties, affords new protections to trafficking victims and makes available certain benefits and services to victims of severe forms of trafficking. It also establishes a Cabinet-level federal interagency task force and establishes a federal program to provide services to trafficking victims. The U.S. Government recognizes the need to sustain and further enhance efforts in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the Act.

Air France in flight entertainment

At least one airline is confronting the issue, anyone seen another airline with a similar video?

It is not just some else's problem

No sense of ownership of your own body is not a normal state of being but the result of years of abuse. To prostitute oneself is not a normal state of being.

Sex slaves in the US.

50,000 to 55,000 slaves are brought to the US every year

"When you eat chocolate, you are eating my flesh", quote from a young cocoa plantation worker slave


Is the fastest growing crime on the planet and the global economic crisis will only make it worst.

For the faint hearted who believe you cannot change human nature one of the greatest speeches of all time:

"We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED."

I have quoted so much at this time merely to show that according to our ancient faith, the just powers of governments are derived from the consent of the governed. Now the relation of masters and slaves is, PRO TANTO, a total violation of this principle. The master not only governs the slave without his consent; but he governs him by a set of rules altogether different from those which he prescribes for himself. Allow ALL the governed an equal voice in the government, and that, and that only is self government..

Abraham Lincoln.--October 16, 1854 Speech at Peoria

Yes you can change human nature.

I hate the use of 'war' when trying to solve a problem.

I really do wish we would get rid of this stupid add on to everything we do.

We have our fallacious War on Terror whose only objective is to scare us into losing our freedom.

We have the useless War on Drugs whose only result is to cause more death and pain and increase the level of human trafficking.

The War on Poverty, well wars tend to cause a great deal so how can a war solve it?

We have the largely ignored human trafficking in which you can include a vast swathe of the illegal workers being used by American companies.

I don't want another War on Something

Once again to render obsolete another 'ill' in our time we always come back to the same solutions.

1] Education because cultural awareness of a crime is essential in preventing a cultural norm being maintained. We overcame slavery once we can do it again.

2] Alleviation of poverty, the concentration of 80% of global wealth into 1% of the global population will only perpetuate terrorism, slavery, drug abuse that all fuel organised crime and totalitarian regimes.

Wars kill people and create slaves, stop using it as a positive.

Until we combat these intelligently we are doomed to fail and to repeat the past.


Yes, I'm a fucking idealist because without ideals we are lost.

I use rape in a larger sense as well as in the specific sense, so its time for another definition


  1. the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
  1. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
  1. statutory rape.
  1. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.
  1. Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.

Slavery is Rape.

Links where you can help.

About Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839, is the world's oldest international human rights organisation and the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses. We work at local, national and international levels to eliminate the system of slavery around the world by:

   * Urging governments of countries with slavery to develop and implement measures to end it;

   * Lobbying governments and intergovernmental agencies to make slavery a priority issue;

   * Supporting research to assess the scale of slavery in order to identify measures to end it;

   * Working with local organisations to raise public awareness of slavery;

   * Educating the public about the realities of slavery and campaigning for its end.

Anti-Slavery International's work is divided among three teams: Programmes and Advocacy, Fundraising, and Finance and Administration, enabling us to work effectively towards achieving our goal of a slave-free world. See below for a list of staff.

What We Do

Free the Slaves liberates slaves around the world, helps them rebuild their lives and researches real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever


I know this subject is hard to comment upon, it was hard to write a diary on it as well.

Thank you for reading.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sat Apr 25, 2009 at 05:03 AM PDT.

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