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Over at the Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away campaign, Norm Coleman's insistence on being a sore loser has raised over $60,000 to help progressive congressional challengers defeat Republicans in 2010.

And that number gets higher by the hour.

This campaign was launched 2 weeks ago by Howard Dean's Democracy for America and the new Progressive Change Campaign Committee (which I co-founded after leaving, along with some other great folks).

The goal is to change the incentives for Coleman's DC funders. Before, there was really no downside for those bankrolling Coleman's endless court challenges and denying Al Franken his Senate seat. But as thousands of us sign up to give $1 every day Norm refuses to concede -- to help progressives defeat Republicans -- the equation changes.

There are two things that make this campaign work: scale and buzz.

We've achieved great scale, but I'd like to formally invite anyone who hasn't already signed up to join:

Also, thanks to DFA, MoveOn, Darcy Burner, BlogPAC, and countless blogs for sharing this campaign with their networks.

UPDATE: Thanks for recs!

There's also been some pretty amazing buzz in the media.

The New York Times, Politico, ABC, CBS, Time, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Hardball with Chris Matthews have all featured the Dollar a Day Campaign. (Hardball video below.)

Here's a few excerpts from some of the folks I mentioned above about this campaign.


Our friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have launched an innovative campaign called "Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away." The idea is simple: Thousands of people are donating $1 every day Coleman refuses to concede, to help progressives defeat Republicans in 2010. This adds pressure on Coleman to drop out of the race—and helps progressives win!

Can you add to the momentum by chipping in $1 a day—and help get Al Franken seated as the crucial 60th vote? Click here.

Darcy Burner:

A couple of months ago, my friend Adam Green asked me to be an honorary chair of a new organization he co-founded, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), which is fighting to get bold progressives (aka "better Democrats!") elected to Congress.

Recently, the PCCC teamed up with Howard Dean's Democracy for America to launch an exciting new "Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away" campaign to help Al Franken claim the Senate seat he rightfully won.

I wanted to invite you to join thousands of others in giving $1 a day to pressure Coleman to concede. Click here to check it out.

Democracy for America:

Put simply, the incentives for DC Republicans are all wrong. So let's flip this on its head. Today, we're teaming up with a brand new partner, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), to launch the "Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away" Campaign.


All donations will go to directly to the PCCC – the new group formed by former MoveOn and labor organizers, Democratic campaigners, and the co-inventor of RSS & Reddit to help bold progressive candidates run effective campaigns and win.

Thanks to all those who told their friends, their networks, and others about this campaign. (A special shout out to Senate Guru, who's support has been incredibly valuable. And The Young Turks -- best news podcast ever!) Please keep it up! If you want to volunteer on this campaign, email us!, or click here to stay in the loop with us.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the recs. Truly appreciated!

Originally posted to AdamGreen on Fri May 01, 2009 at 02:40 PM PDT.

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