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In the past few weeks, it has come to my personal attention that one cable or satellite company after another has been quietly moving MSNBC away from the news channel section of their lineup and into the premium section, or into the stratosphere of three and four digit channels.

As a result, when the ratings came out this week, it was no surprise to see how MSNBC is now a distant third behind CNN and FOX.

If we don't do anything about this, we may lose MSNBC's liberal voice all together.

Billsreef's diary is one of a half dozen or so stories I've heard in as many days cable and satellite companies have been quietly, stealthily, and with all sorts of bogus excuses, moving MSNBC out of basic cable, and hiding it somewhere else in their lineup.

They can come up with whatever lying excuses they want, but its obvious they do not want people to see a progressive message.

Just a few days ago the numbers came out, and as would be expected, MSNBC's ratings have plummeted in comparison while the other "news" networks' ratings have been going up far more rapidly.

If we don't do something, they will use this as an excuse to end liberal programming.

At this point there only seem to be scattered reports of this happening, but I'd like to find out more. I want to see just how many viewers are being affected by this, and if anybody is doing anything about it.

If we do nothing here, we will get exactly what we deserve.

What is needed is true network neutrality. and cable companies should not have control like this to put whatever stations they feel like, wherever they like.

They are moving c-span to premium also, around here, by the way.

I want to know... has your cable or satellite company participated in this subterfuge?


Can you post your basic packages for your cable satellite system like Susan from 29 has in the comments below?

If you can get Faux, CNN and MSNBC then if you go to your provider's website, can you see if all 3 are together on one tier, or separate? How much more do you have to pay to get MSNBC, than you would to just get the other two?

We really need to get a finger on what's going on here.

PS: I put another poll that might be more accurate, here.

Originally posted to fractal on Sat May 02, 2009 at 01:20 PM PDT.


Where is MSNBC in your Cable or Satellite Lineup?

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