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Condi!  How’s it going lady what’s the word?  Come on in.  I got the board set up in the library, a nice toasty fire going, some cool jazz to listen to, and some fine cognac all ready for us.  

Go ahead sit behind the white, you’re visiting, and ladies always go first in my book.  Condi my goodness looking at you tonight! I know what I want to be if I could be anything that’s one of your tears.  I could be born in your eyes, and live on your cheeks, and die on your lips a happy man.  

No, I don’t think you’ll take it easy on me because I’m talking sweet you know that’s just how I roll.  You just go ahead and make your move.

I didn’t forget the music Condi hold on.  Check out this woman she’s dynamite played for President Obama and Stevie Wonder.  Her name is Esperanza Spalding.

There now nice isn’t it.

The Opening

  1. e4, c5  2.  Nf3, e6  3.  d4, cxd4  4.  Nxd4, Nc6  5.  Nb5, d6  6.  c4, Nf6  7.  N1c3, a6  8.  Na3, d5   9.  cxd5, exd5 10. exd5, Nb4  11.  Be2, Bc5  12.  0-0, 0-0  13. Bf3,  Bf5 14.  Bg5, Re8  15.  Qd2, b5

Condi I know you were the only voice in that administration that had any sense at all. After they ran Colin Powell out I know you tried to put some brakes on them fools.  I know you were the only reality based voice in there.    You were in there throwing down with the President Cheney/Bush tooth and nail weren’t you?  

Now when those Bybee memos went across your desk you had your man Philip Zelikow tell them how smart legal and ethical that was didn't you?  Your department gave the same advice as every other professional organization in the government, Army, Navy, Air Force Marines, you name them they were telling President Cheney/Bush no.   Phil didn’t write that memo  without running by you did he?  Of course not, It wasn’t your fault they wiped their backsides with your advice rather than listen.  They did that all the time didn’t they?  You’re a loyal lady that’s what I like about you.  When the boys decided to go buck wild you had to roll with them.

I’m glad you were there.  That Iraq Study Group was a great idea.  That had to be the first time anybody that didn’t have an umbilical cord straight to President Cheney/Bush ever took a look at the situation.  You got them to finally institute a strategy and stick to it instead of trying to run that war through marketing slogans.   I know that was you girl don’t blush.

The Middle Game

  1. Rad1, Nd3  17.  Nab1, h6  18.  Bh4, b4  19.  Na4, Bd6  20.  Bg3, g5  21.  b3, g5  22.  Bxd6, Qxd6  23.  g3, Nd7  24.  Bg2, Qf6  25.  a3, a5  26. axb4. axb4  27.  Qa2,  Bg6  28.  d6, g4 29.  Qd2, Kg7  30.  f3,  Qd6.

Condi things are getting kind of hectic out there for you aren’t they?  It’s getting so you can’t even speak at Stanford without some kid jumping in your grill and asking you hard questions.  I saw what happened the other day when you got hemmed up.  That had to be embarrassing, and you know what it isn’t going to stop.  Now you’re facing hardballs from 4th graders and Condi you aren’t handling them.

You have to know when 4th graders can knock you out the box you have some weak lumber in your hands.  

I think I know why your answers are weak.  I know you could still put down the old double speak if you wanted to, your heart isn’t in it.  Dang girl, you about confessed to a crime with that one, and you can see what’s about to happen investigations prosecutions.  Why do you want to go down with them?

The End Game

  1.  fxg4, Qd4+  32.  Kh1, Nf6  33.  Rf4, Ne4  34.  Qxd3, Nf2+  35.  Rxf2, Bxd3  36.  Rfd2, Qe3  37.  Rxd3, Rc1 38. Nb2, Qf2  39.  Nd2, Rxd1 40. Nxd1, Re1+


Condi do you want your name in the same sentence with President Cheney/Bush Rumsfeld and them others?  Don’t you want to be free of the taint of that 23% Bush approval rating?  Then here’s what you got to do.  I got two words for you stool and pigeon.  

Hold a press conference and announce you want to be the first witness in a truth commission.  You know you can hook up immunity, so you won’t have to worry about going to jail.  Rip the lid off them go all John Dean.  If you do it there won’t be all that partisan crap.  Of course you’d be dead to the Republicans, but you weren't going to run for anything.  

Originally posted to An Adept's Journey on Mon May 04, 2009 at 12:26 PM PDT.


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