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I have been monitoring the live audio feed.  The vote in the house, on whether to concur with the senate, just concluded.  The vote is 178 in favor, 167 opposed.  The bill will now go to the governor's desk for him to sign or veto. If he does neither in five days, it will become law.

Let's hope Governor Lynch does the right thing and signs this into law!

You can email the governor here to voice your support for equality:

Or fax or call him at:
(603)271-7680 (fax)

His office says they are keeping track of opinions of writers and callers.  Thank you, fellow Kossacks, for supporting equality and freedom!

"OMG rec list, thanks guys!"  <-------- Obligatory.</p>

But yeah, all I did was monitor the audio feed :)  I report, you decide.  

Originally posted to Buster CT1K on Wed May 06, 2009 at 02:04 PM PDT.

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