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Conspiracy theorists , despite what many have been led to believe, are not some lone patriots standing up for free speech. On the surface , they appear to be staunch defenders of the U.S. Constitution and with their cunning rhetoric , can easily infiltrate and mimic those who fall under the umbrella of Libertarians or Constitutionalists. With their common language , they are also able to deceive unsuspecting Liberals and Progressives. But after a while, like you are about to see Alex Jones demonstrate, they reveal their true colors and show themselves to be anti-government xenophobe extremists with wild beliefs that are generally founded in Antisemitism.

It Always Points Back To Holocaust Denial

WARNING: Videos contain high CT rhetoric. Source of diary located in 8:10 of first video. That is all you will need to see . Watch the rest at your own discretion or for confirmation that said comments by Alex Jones were not taken out of context.

Charlie Skelton on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 1/2:Journalist Harassed, Tailed and Surveyed!

Charlie Skelton on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 2/2:Journalist Harassed, Tailed and Surveyed!

Though the topic being discussed is about another conspiracy Bidlerberg crap that I will not even waste my time debunking because it's such a joke , I was not shocked to see Antisemitism thrown into it. At approximately 8:10 in this first clip, Alex Jones goes into his usual diatribe of imitating the evil NWO and in the process, makes a comment denying the Holocaust. Before he made the comment he stated and I quote;

"No, loo-loo-look,  I'm showing you what they do." He then proceeds to imitate his perceived enemy by saying things that are supposedly NOT real. "Listen , why do you want to hurt children Mr. Skelton ? Why are you saying the Holocaust didn't happen, Mr. Skelton ?" to which Mr. Skelton playing along, stated back , "Show me the bones". I think this little exchange was quite revealing and it says a lot about Alex Jones , his movement and explains why his anti-government, third party  followers are so drawn to him.

It's important to note that Alex Jones does these things often on his show. He will imitate those whom he has declared the enemy , by making wild comments pretending to be them and reiterates to his audience that they are lying and misinforming the American public and he is exposing them by telling what he perceives to be the truth. His jokes and mocking are examples of the lies he says that the NWO propagandizes the public with. Therefore, for him to make those comments about the Holocaust suggests that he does not believe it happened. If he did, he would have corrected or chastened Mr. Skelton when he said "Show me the bones". or at least clarified his jesting.

I watched the second part of the interview to see whether or not he did clarify that little "joke", and he did not. Rather, he continued to indoctrinate his audience with more conspiracies telling them that everything they have been taught as History, is all made up. If you watch this interview in it's entirety, it's clear that my assessment is not unfounded. These conspiracy theorists are delusional and their rhetoric has no place on Progressive forums such as Daily Kos which is why I support the banning of conspiracy diarists. Much has been discussed recently with regards to this issue, and I thought I would just let people know why it's shunned as harshly as it is.

For those of you who may ask me , "Why do you waste so much time and effort monitoring this crap ?" My answer to you would be "Have you checked out the Rec List in past few days ?"  . This website has been infiltrated and infested with Alex Jones followers and too many Kossacks are falling for it not even realizing who they are and what their motives are. They are here because they see we have large numbers of political activists and they see our grassroots influence on Congress. They are trying to hitch a ride. Don't give them one.

Thank you for your time.

Originally posted to WeBetterWinThisTime on Wed May 20, 2009 at 02:56 PM PDT.


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