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The article below is from Thailand, where herbs such as turmeric, ginger and chili are being suddenly being called "hazardous."  

The "food safety" bills here do the same thing, redefining normal as hazardous and putting it under government control or requiring licensing which, by its costs, would put it out of reach. Normal seeds are being treated in this way in the EU.  The "food safety" bills here would put seeds out of reach by suddenly redefining  such normal things as agricultural water, manure, harvesting, transporting and seed cleaning equipment, and seed storage facilities as "sources of contamination" and from there, raising the standards for their use to a level farmers couldn't meet.

This was the same sinister means used to prevent black people from voting in which poll taxes or literacy tests were both obstacles to entry while "seeming" to still allow constitutional rights.  

The literacy test parallels the "food safety" bills in another way.  Those "so concerned" about others' competence to vote were themselves anti-democratic.   While using rigged tests, they relied on references to "democracy" as the false packaging for their unconstitutionality, to stop people who had a basic right to vote.  

Similarly, those "so concerned" about  "food safety" are the very corporations most responsible for dangerous food and even deaths, using tortured laws and rigged measures of cleanliness to eliminate others producing food - a basic human right - while actually attempting to force US food safety standards to harmonize with lower international ones.

The "food safety" bills bury profound human rights abuses and constitutional violations under "health."  

The following article allows the reader to see what is occurring internationally.  Governments are applying mind-bending redefinitions of normal on behalf of industry (the pesticide industry in this case), to burden or limit or end access to safe natural plant materials that are, in fact, every human being's biologic inheritance.  And in this case, those herbs are means to be free of toxic pesticides, which seem not to be regulated.

Though the article says "The Department of Agriculture proposed this regulation because it was receiving a lot of complaints from organic farmers and the department had no regulations to control the misuse of herbal pesticides ...", it seems highly unlikely that organic farmers would have complained about the use of herbs.  

How easily those with power say what they wish and turn things upside down, redefining things however they want.  White becomes black, safe becomes danger, danger becomes nutritious.  Inch by inch they displace normal, making it harder, making it too costly, making it illegal here and there, making it unavailable, until it is pushed to the far fringes or ceases to exist altogether.

An absolute monopoly over nature and rigid barriers to human access to natural substances are not easy things to achieve.

But CODEX Alimentarius is here to do just that.  And it is imbedded in the "food safety" bills in congress and would allow corporations to take absolute control over all farming, gardens, food in any location, animals, and even all nutrients.  Nutrients, in this power game over everything, even meaning, would be redefined as toxins or contaminants, an astounding and monumental lie, the better to wrest them from people and put them under government/corporate control.  

Codex is the core of what are actually anti-"food safety' bills which "progressives" are pushing to have become law in the US.   Another false definition?

Codex itself was developed by Nazis.

"Govt called to cancel rules listing herbs as hazardous"

BANGKOK: -- A group of organic farmers and alternative agricultural activists have called on the government to cancel regulations listing 13 herbal plants as hazardous substances, saying they would destroy local initiative in using the plants as alternative pesticides in place of chemicals.

The group also asked the government to withdraw this legislation - an Industry Ministerial regulation and a Draft of Agricultural Ministerial regulation - within 30 days.

If there was no response from the government they would gather at Government House to submit their petition and pressure Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, said the group's leader, Thai Health Foundation's director, Veerapong Kriangsinyot.

The Industry Ministry - aiming to control pesticide production and commercialisation - announced its new regulation on February 3, listing the 13 plants as "hazardous substances type 1" under the 1992 Hazardous Substances Act.

The plants are: neem, citronella grass, tumeric, ginger, Chinese ginger, African marigold, Siam weed or bitter bush, tea seed cake, chilli, Chinese celery, ringworn bush, glory lily and stemona.

They are widely used among farmers as alternatives for expensive and toxic farm chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture, a member of the hazardous substances committee, has proposed the new draft requiring growers, manufacturers, importers and exporters of pesticides made from the 13 herbal plants to conform to the Department of Agriculture and follow safety and quality control regulations issued by the committee. Law violators will face six months in jail and a fine of 50,000 baht.

A 44 year-old organic farmer from Suphan Buri province, Sumalee Tanyachareon said the regulation has made her life more difficult. She must inform the agricultural office that she cultivates some of the 13 herbal plants and produces them as a pesticide.

"The regulation would be an obstacle and a burden for farmers instead of promoting organic farming," she said.

Sumalee previously used chemical pesticides to kill insects in her rice farms. Now she uses herbal pesticide, after learning it is cheaper and safer than chemical pesticide.

And in the EU, even 5 years ago the noose was tightening there around herbs as well.

Meanwhile, what two things do herbs substitute for which the public knows are actually dangerous?  Pesticides  and prescription drugs.  So, why are they not the subject of bills to tightly control their use?

Originally posted to Scaredhuman on Sun May 24, 2009 at 04:14 PM PDT.

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