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I thought occam's hatchet's recent mash up of GOP talking heads and Mentos explosions was pretty funny.  Of course, I watched the explosions first then went back to hear the sound tracks.  On the way I came across something pretty amazing.

In his rush to bash Sotomayor, Rush dropped his guard and contradicted one of his long-standing positions canards.  I'm not talking about his nonsense equating Latinos with a new race.  That's just the usual dittohead fodder.  Looking for sense there is like looking for lottery picks in the alphabet soup your toddler just spit up.  Ain't gonna happen.  Nope this is something more substantial.  

Apparently Rush has been lying about his politics for a looooooooong time...

At around 2:20 in his rant he says:

The real question here that needs to be asked, and nobody from our side from a columnist to a TV commentator to anyone in our party [emphasis added] has the guts to ask...

Forget the question he thinks people in HIS PARTY should be asking.  I've got a bigger one.  Rush.... when did you become a Republican?  I mean this is the guy who needs 250 reasons to explain "Why I'm not a Republican."   Shocking, isn't it?

This, of course, is going to really upset one of his most loyal fans.  I'm talking about Sean Hannity.  When Rush was busy telling Steele how to run the party he (Rush) doesn't belong to, Hannity defended Rush by saying:

VAN SUSTEREN: Sean, who is, if you were to guess tonight -- I mean, I realize things change as time marches -- who's the head of the Republican Party right now? Who's the leader?

HANNITY: Well -- you know, there are a lot of leaders in the Republican Party. I mean, certainly, Michael Steele is the chairman of the Republican National Committee. If you're asking maybe in the sense of who's going to be the next presidential candidate, I think it's too early to tell.

If you're asking if I think it's Rush Limbaugh, I would argue that Rush is the leader of the conservative movement in the country. I think he is -- has been the strongest, the most conservative, the most articulate voice of Reagan conservatism in the country.

And -- you know, I got to tell you something. He has been consistent throughout the years. He -- he -- look, I don't identify myself -- and this surprises a lot of people -- I'm not a Republican. I vote Republican usually, but I consider myself a conservative first. When I listen to Rush, I hear -- he has very similar values. He is a Reagan conservative. He believes in limited government, the things that I just discussed.

So you know, I mean, we could break this down and differentiate who's the leader, who's not the leader. I don't know who the leader is. I don't appoint leaders. Michael Steele is the head of the RNC. I would say Rush is by far the most articulate defining voice of conservatism in America today, and you know, as a conservative, I'm glad he's out there.

It's interesting Hannity confused himself with Rush when he answered his own question.  That's interesting because the question he answered wasn't the question Greta asked him.  It's an answer he wasn't obliged to offer, yet he felt compelled to do it because he knew that answering Greta's question would undo years of carefully crafted work.  Gee Sean, looks like your pal isn't the only one exposing himself with such a revealing Freudian slip.  Of course, Hannity is a little vague about what he means when he says Rush is "out there" but I'm sure he'd hate to hear we agree with him.  Rush is way out there -- in left field.  

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it.  From the horses... uh ... mouth?   Let me break it to America (and Sean Hannity in particular) ... gently.   Rush claiming he ain't a Republican reminds me of an old pet I used to have, Fussy.  Fussy was a snake.  He liked to chase cars.  One day I came home to find Fussy lying in the road, just like Rush is lying to you!  

That's right America, Rush "I'm not a Republican" Limbaugh has been a Registered Republican for years.  I'm shocked.  SHOCKED!


Originally posted to henry porter on Sat May 30, 2009 at 02:32 PM PDT.

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