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The recent behavior of the far right is a declaration to reduce the Republicans to cult status.  We need to remember that the purpose of political parties is to win elections.  They ignore mathematical and demographic truths in their pursuit of a maniacal, ideological purity.  Ronald Reagan would not have been elected president in 1980 given todays demographics.  Their rhetoric discourages any kind of dialogue with those that fail to fit in their miniscule box of fox News talking points.

The last straw is the latest from the Republican mad scientist laboratory by wanting consumers to boycott Chrysler and GM because their survival would be considered a success for president Obama.  Let's look at this from a jobs standpoint.  The failure of Chrysler and GM would result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs if you add in jobs lost from suppliers as well as line workers.  Should we suffer a loss of this magnitude just so Republicans can claim a political victory?  Never in a million of liberal years.

You also have their number one mouthpiece of this diminishing cult screaming at the top of his inflated ego that he wants president Obama to fail.  Yes you might degenerate from a political party to a cult if your standard bearer is none other than that talk radio, oxyxontin inebriated, anti-American Rush Limbaugh.  If anyone wants to dispute this, just watch a republican politician backpedal when they criticize fearless leader and the boss calls them out on the radio.  But you know what?  His ditto heads have no interest in winning elections, they'd much rather spout off about how much money Rush makes and boast of his ratings.  Every Democratic Office holder should send Rush a Christmas card.

The Repubicans hold a big shindig with the main attractions none other than Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, a has-been and a never-was.  Anyone serious about turning around the past Republican failures would front stronger players than a Thomas Jefferson wanna-be and a maverick former beauty queen that idolizes Joe the Plummer.  Remember that stroke of political genius?  Why didn't they just hire members of Al-quaida to campaign door-to-door?

Next, let's look at Dick Cheney. I know you'd rather not but humor me.  His constant rantings in the media about how everything his administration(yes his administration) did in terms of enhanced interrogation(torture) actually kept our country safer after 911.  This poses a question I've never quite figured out.  Why in the world did the Bush Administration get a mulligan for 911?  Richard Clarke posted numerous memos of warning prior to the attacks for which cheney unceremoniously threw Clarke under the bus.  I guess that's better than geting shot in the face.

When analyzing the transformation of the republican party to cult status let's not leave out the newly elected, hip hop gangsta of a party chair, none other than Michale Steele.  Let's not forget his racist comment about how the voters thought it would be a good idea to elect the "black guy" president.  what Steele fails to mention is that black candidates ran in the past with little success so his idiotic blowing off of the mouth, he marginalizes what is arguably the greatest political accomplishment in our nation's histroy.  Ironically, Steele was chosen to head the republican party(cult) because he is black but don't expect that move to fool African Americans.  they know a fake when they see one.  Steele is also instrumental in guaranteeing the Democrats a phillibuster-proof senate when he ran Arlen Specter out of their Mad House.

The right wing attack on Judge Sonia Sotomayor will score them negative points in the Hispanic community but we need to understand that hatred, mean spiritedness, and racism are more important to the cult than winning elections.  The notion that charging the honorable judge with racism is going to detract from the racism perpetuated by republicans is just another pittiful example of their cult status.

I contend that the Republican hae already defaulted the 2012 presidential election.  the good thing is that they won't be able to secure a power grab like they did in the house in 1994 and in 2000 when they stole the White House.  By their own hand, they have regulated themselves to cult status.

Originally posted to redstatefred on Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 07:25 AM PDT.

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