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The last thread has become unwieldy in as it's approaching almost 1000 comments. I thought it might be time to try to consolidate blogs and resources into one helpful list. If you can volunteer to put up a liveblog it would be more than appreciated. We can use the mothership as a liveblog until we can get the volunteers lined up.


  1. Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish - has been all over the story and is an excellent resource
  1. National Iranian American Committee's NIACBlog - providing translations from Farsi to English of Twitter and Facebook reports of what's happening in the country. Fantastic resource for on the ground reporting.
  1. Tehran Bureau - A project of the Harvard School of Journalism in an attempt to provide in-depth coverage of Iran. There spot reporting has been invaluable.
  1. NYTimes The Lede - Have provided constant updates from NYTimes reporters on the ground in Tehran. They've also compiled other reports from around the internet.
  1. BBCNews - Another great resource for on the ground reports from the Western hemisphere's premier broadcast organization.
  1. DKos Clifflyon's Diary - It's been ahead of the curve today and contains many of the important developments so far today
  1. Images of Tehran Rising Provided by Al Rodgers

The Revolution will be Twittered Live

  1. Student Twitterfrom the opposition live from Tehran. Detailing attacks on the university and reformist strongholds by government thugs. Can't vouch for accuracy but it seems like it's authentic and has been linked to by other blogs.
  1. Mousavi Campaign Twitter - Some of it is in Farsi (Persian) and some of it is in English. We believe this is the official campaign Twitter.

Please sign up for shift whenever you can. We'll try to start a new blog every 300-500 comments.

Mothership posts should be limited to posting about liveblog logistics and whatnot. Helpful information and tips about references should also be posted on the mothership, but please take the discussion to the kid diaries linked below.

List of Diarists volunteering

  1. Jimdotz
  1. FleetAdmiralJ
  1. (your username here)
  1. (your username here)

Please REC it to get it on the rec list. Everyone knows the drill. Let's liveblog.

UPDATE: First news reports out of Tehran this morning seem to indicate that some people are still able to get online. This report, is verified from Tehran and comes courtesy of Tehran Bureau

Iranian TV has been showing movies all day! NOT ONE WORD OF THE UNREST.

Updates from Tehran, via friends source spoken to on Skype:

“I was at Vezarate Keshvar [Interior Ministry]… they never even opened the ballot box.

It took hours to get home today. I had to hide in people’s houses and in car parks and wherever I could find just to avoid getting beaten by the guys on motorbikes with batons. They were hitting everyone they passed. I saw them pulling women out of cars and beating them. Oddly places you thought would be busy are not. Tajrish is empty. Elsewhere people driving around honking horns and showing peace signs. All seems completely futile. And odd day at work, all very angry and upset and cynical, no one could actually do any work. Btu I was saddened by the fact everyone seemed resigned to it already.”

“Two of my friends are also missing, one I know was arrested but no news since. No idea about the other.”

Moderate Clerics Demand End to Farce.

"The Association of Combatant Clerics, which consists of moderate and leftist clerics and includes such important figures as former president Mohammad Khatami, Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoiniha, and Grand Ayatollah Abdolkarim Mousavi Ardabili, issued a strongly-worded statement, calling the results of the election invalid.

"Grand Ayatollah Saafi Golpaygaani, an important cleric with a large number of followers, warned about the election results and the importance that elections in Iran retain their integrity.

"Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saanei, a progressive cleric and a confidante of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, has declared that Mr. Ahmadinejad is not the legitimate president and cooperation with him, as well as working for him, are haraam (against Islam and a great sin). He has also declared that any changes in the votes by unlawful means are also haraam. Several credible reports indicate that he has traveled to Tehran in order to participate in nationwide protests scheduled for Monday (June 18). It is said that he has planned a sit-in in some public place, in order to further protest election fraud. His website has been blocked.

"Credible reports also indicate that security forces have surrounded the offices and homes of several other important ayatollahs who are believed to want to protest election fraud. Their websites cannot be accessed, and all communications with them have been cut off."

Huffington Post obtains video of the shouts of Allah Akbar from the roofs of Tehran during the night. Link Here

Originally posted to ndhapple on Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 04:10 PM PDT.

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