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Matthews was correct about Scarborough.

Health care is a value judgment and Matthews is right.  Scarborough has not made a value judgment.  

Scarborough's whole case and point is to keep pumping, dumping and performing a re-do of the insurance companies talking points.  Period.

And Matthews is correct.

It is a RIGHT WINGED THING, why?  Because they will do anything to remove any moral, political victory from Barack Obama.  PERIOD.

Mika is caught up in the pussy footing?  Meaning?  She is not concise, on point and squimish next to Scarborough.  Mika there is nothing wrong with asking questions from the media, but the thing is that this same media did not do its job with George W. Bush and how he put this country in the catastrophic debt that it is in.

Health care is a human right.  It is not for insurance companies, who have over the years become the DOCTOR of who will be covered, what will be covered and how it will be covered for human beings.

The Mikas and Joes are a few, they are not the masses, who enjoy some of the best health care in this country.  Joe Scarborough a former member of congress had the BEST HEALTH CARE that the U.S. taxpayers could buy for him and his family as former member of congress.

The scare tactics of the RIGHT WINGED MEME is not going to work this time.  Why?  Because more and more Americans are losing their jobs, with job loss comes health care loss.  More and more Americans can not afford COBRA payments, the payments are outrageous.  More and more Americans are getting HIT HARD with increases in health insurance premiums of 20% or more, yearly and some quarterly.

Like college in this country, which is becoming harder for kids to attain a higher education, such is health care.  Health care is becoming an item for the very well to do to afford and not everyone else.

But, why should we expect the Mikas and Joes to understand this?  When was the last time they had to think twice before going to a doctor?  To question can I afford the visit?  Can I afford the prescription medication?  It is simple, they don't have to worry about this, but millions of families with or without health care DO WORRY ABOUT THIS.

The bashing and irresponsibility of the right wingers won't work this time.  People are tired and many are sick.  For this being the ONLY INDUSTRIALIZED country to not have a health care plan for its citizens is archaic and outrageous.

Lastly, if we can spend 10B in Iraq on the monthly, spend over 1T for this war of CHOICE not necessity, there is no damn reason why we can not take care of the citizens of this country.  WE DESERVE IT.  And the time to worry about a deficit is to deaf ears coming from the right, because they did not keep their man, when in office, in check on his unnecessary spending and look where this country is at now.



Added item, Senator John Kerry schools Joe Scarborough on Iran, health care, the Middle East and a reminder of what the last 8 years of George W. Bush brought us politically, here.  Worth a watch and a diary.

This Week With Barack Obama

Originally posted to icebergslim on Wed Jun 24, 2009 at 06:34 AM PDT.

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