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OH NO! Now that the Democrats have gained the 60-seat advantage in the Senate, all kinds of unpopular shenanigans will ensue according to John Feehery,  former staffer to Dennis Hastert when he was Speaker of the House.  Here in this little liberal hit piece posted on CNN website Mr. Feehery complains that Al Franken winning the Minnesota Senate seat is no laughing matter! He recalled when the Democrats gained a superseat majority back in 1974 they introduced that horrible confusing unpopular measurement system called the Metric System, the internationally recognized standard of measurements.  Nevermind that virtually all nations on planet uses the metric system and the United States is one of only 3 nations who doesn't. (Myanmar and Liberia are the other two)

What could be worse than having a more liberal Congress in charge? Democrats might actually get a comprehensive energy bill passed! But that will drive up energy prices according John Feehery.  And of course global warming is just a hoax perpetrated by a bunch of those dumb, liberal scientist! Oh noz! Nevermind that the rate of global ice sheet melting has accelerated and the amount carbon dioxide in atmosphere is climbing logarithmically causing average climate temps to rise even higher and faster.

"The Democrat spend like drunken sailors!" the old Reaganite saying echoes in Mr. Feehery commentary.  Just look at that pork laden stimulus spending bill!  It's a catastrophe! Its pushing Americans where they don't want to go! The President took over GM for crying out loud! It told Chrysler what to do! The Democrats are fiscally irresponsible! Oh noz!  Nevermind that former President Bush drove the economy into a deep recession with lax regulatory business enforcement and a trillion dollar war based on lies.  

Now the Democrats want to control health care! Establish price control on treatments and medicine! Put limits on what doctors can charge and earn. Develop a single payer system through the public option.  Government supported healthcare? What a travesty! Oh noz! Nevermind that healthcare costs are spiraling out of control and many Americans are being held over a barrel of hot coals to pay their healthcare bills.  

And now that Al Franken is there, he is going to tilt the Senate further to the left! Because he such a big celebrity, the Senate will become a three ring circus! Al Franken is the Democratic equivalent of Rush Limbaugh! Don't forget that the liberals are the real minority not the conservatives! So don't go trying to change the status quo. Big government is on the way! Our freedoms are in danger!  Oh noz! Nevermind that a Republican led Congress gave the federal government sweeping new powers to monitor Americans' activities on the phone, Internet, and finances using that information to undermine basic civil liberty.  Nevermind that the size of the federal bureaucracy doubled under President George W. Bush!

What do I think of Al Franken finally getting his hard earned Senate seat? Yes! WhoooooHooooo! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Its time that us liberals had a stronger voice in our government! I hope Al Franken strips naked, scales the Capitol Rotunda, and sings 'If I Were Rich Man' at the top of his voice! We need the Metric System! We need energy conservation and climate protection! We need universal healthcare! We need a well-regulated financial sector! Al Franken bring it on!

Originally posted to NellaSelim on Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 04:44 PM PDT.

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