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Again, we get a horror of "Regulation is the Problem" American capitalism. Almost anything that politicians can be lobbied or bribed into making legal, can happen.

This ugliness was a talking-head view of Alaska's Sarah Palin, thoroughly besotted. Rambling. Incoherent. Lost in her tumbling thoughts. Victim, it seems, to pharma-legalized speed.

Diet Pill Barbie

If so, she is one of millions of Americans who abuse these cousins to the amphetamines. OTC and near-OTC diet pills include:

-- Phentermine

-- Amfepramone

-- Clenbuterol

-- Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

-- Ritalin (Methylphenidate)

Sarah Palin, primarily a mother and housewife by her own estimate, was truly pitiable. She resembled a relapsing addict, coming in to a N.A. meeting flaked out.

The other Honorable politicians ? They went silent, despite that she is one of their own.

There is no legitimate reason for OTC diet pills.

These diet pill addicts -- again and again -- are sold on the Ultra Thin body image early in life. From  "Virginia Slims" cancer sticks to the "Barbie" dolls, being skinny has been a ubiquitous theme in commercial propaganda. MBTF:::

Gee.... CDC knows what these drugs do. But no surprise where profit and health care are co-mingled: here's the drug abuse report:

LINK to the CDC Drugs of Abuse chart.

Alcohol has to be the most common of the abused drugs. Unless you want to say that all tobacco use is abuse. That's a different Diary entry for the tens of millions of these people.

After the big two, these diet pills are the solid # 3. Far ahead of meth and coke.

Any medical benefit from these drugs is dulled to uselessness by habituation. Two months is the maximum for benefit. After that, all that remains is addiction.

They are forms of speed. No question about it.

Diet pills work as appetite suppressants, stimulating the release of brain chemicals to reduce hunger. Common side-effects: mood swings, tremors and irregular heartbeat, and impaired thought and speech patterns.

Overdose brings run-on speech similar to cocaine, then even hallucinations, seizure, severe headache, vomiting.

Please hold this in memory: heart tremors do not require an overdose.

A typical victim starts out after a pregnancy -- as with millions of others -- bowing herself to the physical side of personal narcissism. She offs her baby-bearing fat as quickly as possible. OTC sales make this a seemingly trivial, popular choice.

Victims are overwhelmingly female... as these drugs work similar to the other low grade amphetamine substitutes.

As a nation, are we too ignorant, too lacking in experience, too "into" denial to recognize it when someone is not sober ?

Sure, there are longish odds that this Sarah Palin incident could be a manic phase of bipolar (unlikely, given the 2008 V.P. background check), use of illegal drugs (no need, the pharmas have legalized versions of most illegal drugs), or mental breakdown.

Occam's Razor and statistical probability cut it back to diet pill speed -- where Mrs. Palin falls into an addiction category with millions of American women. Based on the science and a decade of experience, diet pills should be banned as OTC's.

Publicizing this Palin situation is preferable to the dishonesties of polite silence.

For anyone who doubts the power of profit, there is no need to look further than diet pills. Profit is the sole reason for their OTC or near-OTC sale for appetite suppression.

Originally posted to vets74 on Sun Jul 05, 2009 at 07:48 PM PDT.


Sarah Palin went on stage drug-drunk and the political Establishment went into denial. Protecting OTC diet pill sales ???

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