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Ed Schultz put it right today (using another term of art) - too many of us progressives are passive __ssies, in the sense that we take it and take it and take it, and keep on taking the bullshit that the right wing @$$h*les have been dishing out at us for the past 30 years.

More, and more, and more, and they never stop.  And we keep taking it.  And we let them go on and be bigger and bigger and bigger @$$h*les, and we keep putting up with it, and letting them abuse us.

And then, when we finally muster the courage to take control of the situation, do we use our new found power to change things for the better?  No - we just let them start abusing us again, even though they're only in control of 40% of the Senate, we let them keep bullying us over and over and over and OVER.

Too often, we are the masochists.

And we never learn.  Maybe we don't want to learn.  Maybe we just want to be bullied and abused and kicked and spat upon.  Maybe we don't really want to make the world better.   Do we want to let the @$$h*les win?

Regardless, they're doing it, and the truth is that we are not winning - not now.

We have lost the initiative.

On the economy, Biden called it right - they misread the situation.

And who's running the economy?  Larry Summers, the great de-regulator of Goldman Sachs.

And Tim Geithner, the guy who was Paulson's right hand man.  The two Goldman Sachs guys are running things now.

And they're doing a pretty crappy job of getting people back to work.  Yes, they helped out the banks and the bankers and the financial system.

But people's jobs?  Screw the jobs, just help out the big boys on Wall Street.

Today, Morgan Stanley announced a new type of "structured asset," something much like the CDO and CDL that got everyone into trouble before.  And according to the nightly business report on public radio, they are going to pay Moody's rating service to give them a AAA rating for what are not really AAA assets.  The same thing, all over again...

It's like we're letting the cycle of abuse start up all over again.  And the people who put us in the situation, like Summers, are running the show.  The abusers are in charge.  Oh, Summers is a Democrat alright, but...

it was Larry Summers, after all, who called women biologically-genetically inferior to men, just a couple of years ago, when he was President of Harvard.  He also caused a mass flight of progressive intellectuals from Harvard, due to his neanderthal attitudes and policies.

Not to blame it all on Larry Summers, mind y'all.  But, just read today's Wall Street Journal.  Mort Zuckerman, who is no far left liberal, just a moderate with a brain, is telling us the economic situation is worse than the statistics show.  Yep, Krugman's right.  We are the frogs.

And the liberals, the progressives, the left?  What are we doing with our 60 Senate seats?  We're letting the right wingers dominate the headlines and walk all over us.

Yes, we are the masochists.

Originally posted to nycvisionary on Mon Jul 13, 2009 at 11:11 PM PDT.

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