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"If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

Yeah, that is true. IF you the Republicans and Blue Dogs and the Insurance and Big Pharma Industries are indeed able to stop Obama from giving the 75% of Americans what they want and desperately need...

It will break him. Just as it broke Clinton and forced him in to the middle to please republicans....who then paid him back for compromising by impeaching him. This IS Obama's issue. If he loses, if WE lose, Health Care it will damage his Presidency and the rest of his agenda severely, just as it did with Clinton.

But, um......what if he, what if WE, win?

They are throwing absolutely everything they have onto the battlefield to stop Health Care.

RNC memo: ‘[E]ngage in every activity we can to slow down’ health care.

GOP Healthcare Plan: Delay, Obstruct, Lie, Rinse, Repeat

Crossposted from Docudharma

What if they throw everything, committing all of the resources and troops they have onto the battlefield....and DON'T  "break" him?

What if this is their Waterloo?

The problem with throwing everything you have against the enemy is that it exposes you. Just as DeMint's statement exposed that the opponents of health care don't really care about health care, they care about politics. They care more about the political victory than the health of the American people.

Just as it has exposed that the major player on the Dem side of the health care legislation, Max Baucus, head of the Senate Finance Committee, as nothing more than a paid tool of the hospitals, insurers and medical interest groups.

WASHINGTON- As liberal protesters marched outside, Sen. Max Baucus sat down inside a San Francisco mansion for a dinner of chicken cordon bleu and a discussion of landmark health-care legislation under consideration by his Senate Finance Committee.

At the table on May 26 were about 20 donors willing to fork over $10,000 or more to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, including executives of major insurance companies, hospitals and other health-care firms.

"Most people there had an agenda; they wanted the ear of a senator, and they got it," said Aaron Roland, a San Francisco health-care activist who paid half price to attend the gathering. "Money gets you in the door. The only thing the other side can do is march around and protest outside."

As his committee has taken center stage in the battle over health-care reform, Chairman Baucus (D-Mont.) has emerged as a leading recipient of Senate campaign contributions from the hospitals, insurers and other medical interest groups hoping to shape the legislation to their advantage. Health-related companies and their employees gave Baucus's political committees nearly $1.5 million in 2007 and 2008, when he began holding hearings and making preparations for this year's reform debate.


This decisive battle, this Waterloo, is exposing exactly how our government is run. How it is run not to serve the people of the United States, but is run to serve the interests of the business community.

Just as when the banks nearly killed the entire world economy, prompting an incredible, and incredibly rare, candid statement from a United States Senator.

"And the banks -- hard to believe in a time when we're facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created -- are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place,"


The American People pay for what is supposed to be our government with our taxes. We vote for one of the two candidates in an election, those candidates are supposed to represent us, represent The People. But they don't. They represent whoever gives them the most money. These politicians and the industries that fund them, the medical industry, the insurance industry, the financial industry, the "pollution" (coal, oil, etc.) industries, and of course the Military Industrial Complex constitute The Ruling Class of America.

The Ruling Class of America is waging Class War against The American People. Their major weapon is the American Government that they have bought and paid for.

The Public Option is a direct threat to them, a direct threat to the medical and insurance industries. If they lose, they lose profits and hegemony over health care in America.

The Public Option is a direct benefit to the American People.

This is THE battlefield in the Class War. The first real battle. (Even though the historical allusion doesn't hold, lol) This is the Waterloo of the Class War.

WHOEVER loses it will be severely damaged.

We can look back at Clinton for info on what happens if Obama (and we) lose. But this time it will be even worse.

But IF we are able to defeat them on this battlefield, if WE win, then what?

It could be the beginning of The people REALLY starting to fight back in the Class War. An empowered public backing an empowered President very well could be the beginning of the Change that we need. This could be the first REAL victory of The People over the Ruling Class!

Yell Louder!



Take action here:


To Hell With The Blue Dogs: Let Pelosi And Dems Know It! by slinkerwink



Originally posted to buhdydharma on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 12:11 PM PDT.

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