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There is a very good reason to fear something. Mikey says that it is possible.  That "something" is that the U.S. Military has a majority of members that believe that one day God will call them to fight to remove anyone who does not believe in God and Jesus. At that point, the U. S. Constitution will not matter as this will directly proceed Christ's return to earth.

This is the belief held by a sect of religious evangelicals that has over 100 churches (including two of the largest in America) within the same city as the U.S. Air Force.   Mikey's book is "WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, One Man's War Against An Evangelical Coup In America's Military". The man who is at war is Michael Weinstein, former JAG officer, who worked in the Reagan White House and has four sons still in the military. He wants service people to be able to worship as they please or not to worship if they choose. This man is fighting the U. S. Government to guarantee religious freedom to people in the military. Religious freedom is arguably our most important right. Why in the world would someone have to sue to insure that of all things?

And right now, even more important, how does it affect our President's command of the military?

First of all, IF the President does not control the military, or if he only controls it until it is time for God to come back, then who makes the decision when God will come back? I would say that it is the man who can tell our people in the military and be sure that they will believe him. The more I read, the more I Googled, the more worried I became. Like it or not, there has been unbearable pressure for people in the military to belong to this single sect of evangelicals. It was done from the top and it was done systematically during almost the entire W. Bush administration.

There are films of men, in uniform, at the Pentagon, singing the praises of fighting the world for God. And the were told to convert as many in Iraq as they could, while they were there. They handed out Bibles in the native language. The emblem of this sect was imprinted on military bibles. We are talking about impressionable 18 and 19 year olds, taught that they are fighting God's own war. How would you like to have Muslim Soldiers occupying our country, handing out the Koran in English, to convert us to feed their leader's ego?  
I was terrified. I couldn't stop Googling for evidence that we were safe. It just got worse and worse. I started to see all the plans of the sect and I hadn't even seen the C Street news. So it doesn't really matter how many people belonged to the sect (although they are in the low millions at least). What matters is who can fly a plane over my state and drop the bomb if we don't fall in line. So I called Mikey. He had no time to talk, I told him I was terrified and only had one question... could it happen, have enough been converted in the military?
His answer was "in a word, yes". And then he had to go. He was kind to talk to me at all. I'm buying up his books and handing them out when I can. Every single American should be required to read it.

Now George W. Bush had evangelicals in the White House every single day telling him that he had been chosen to win the world for God, one country at a time. And Cheney and Rumsfeld were only too happy to have free reign to do as they wanted. And who knows, maybe they had enough of the military under control, but did they really have enough to turn on the Constitution, take over America and run it as they pleased. (Hey, I know how it sounds but I'm not the one who demanded that the sect member Sarah Palin cast as VP material). (Boy, McCain had better have a food taster.)

Keep in mind, Mikey sued many times and lost... freedom of speech. Forget freedom of religion. So you're Cheney and you're right in the middle of getting it done and BOOM, a bunch of young people go and get President Obama elected. Wonder if the President knows about the military problem? You bet he does. He's got to be wondering how many of the military belong to this sect. Cheney is wondering too. He wanted another republican to be President in the worst way... hopefully a Huckabee or Palin who would continue the program.

Now I will say the most important thing I have said in my life. The entire republican party has to defeat this President or they will have to go eight full years without control of the military. They have millions of evangelical church members in the U.S. doing things like making sure the students in our schools (Texas and Louisiana leading the way) don't learn anything before Christ. They are trying to control all segments of society (consider FOX news to what used to be Meet the Press and is now Meet the Republicans who want to chat on Sunday). They do control the dialogue. They flat out do. They have convinced people that healthcare reform could cost more than healthcare rates that are going up 20% next year and don't even cover 40 million people. People are questioning the COST. What about the 20 BILLION cost of this war.

So you're President, you're trying to get things done so you can win again and what do you find out next. You find out there is a house on C Street where a really crazy nut job "preacher" is telling Senators, and some are Democrats, that they ARE gods, that they will lead the new order. And all those evangelicals carrying the watere, well they'll be pretty much slaves to the rich. These Senators have also been sending money overseas and it's GOOD for them that the banks fail. It's GOOD if they have all the money and we have none. That's what would have happened and fast if the banks all failed. How do you get control of the jobs of 300 million people when there are no banks to even try to get unfrozen. And I know it's hellish to accept that Goldman is making money again, but at least they don't want to control the world.

So every word that is said about the President frightens me to death. Of course he will run again (incumbent and all) unless he just doesn't want it. If it were me I would not want to wonder at whether or not the U. S. Military would turn on ME. And he's getting beaten up from all sides on all things.

The light at the end of the tunnel... we interrupted their plan, to some degree, for four years. But they destroyed so much it may not be able to fix it until we've tried several people and plans. So now we're even heaaring that 7 months in, healthcare could be his Waterloo, DADT could be his Waterloo, giving TARP to banks could be... well this could go on and on.

But know this for certain, the republicans want one thing and one only. They want back in full control. Pretty much all the Congressmen and Senators in the Repuglidan Party and some in the Democratic Party. They don't need to support their own party President because they know they'll get a piece of the pie if the C Street Crowd wins.

We can hope two things. We can hope people choose to get behind the President and get some things done. We can give him more than 7 months to get things done. We can forgive him a few false starts on the hardest problem any President has ever had. We can write articles FOR him. Just because we have freedom of speech does not mean that we have to be critical every single time. We can get him reelected and we can get the military back to normal.

Failing that, we can hope that even the C Street Crowd thinks of this... only one of you can "be the king". What if you don't like "the King". The crazy preacher tells them that they should try to be like Hitler. He also tells them children are fair game for their sexual persuits... see Rachel's interview (after the minute or two) of this...
What if even one of them displeases "the king"?

Please support our President. Read Mikey's book and you will.

Originally posted to Plain Speaking on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:14 PM PDT.

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  •  Tip Jar (13+ / 0-)

    Write CNN today and tell them that the truth is not theirs to decide. Ask when they plan to do the news.

    by Plain Speaking on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:14:51 PM PDT

    •  If what you fear ever happens the military (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      would decimate it ranks to restore order. It's been done on other countries and it's taught in OCS classes. It's a last case scenario, but if they are teaching it's effectiveness in times of war you could bet there is a manual somewhere detailing the procedure. There will never be a christian uprising in our military.

      Electing a conservative is like getting a carpenter who is afraid of a hammer AND blames the tools once he's botched the job.

      by Nick Zouroudis on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:34:04 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I don't think you've been paying attention (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        G2geek, ccasas

        to the nutcases in the chaplains corp  and the number of Generals, Admirals etc. who are part of the religious right  I believe this is the sticking point in the failure to get rid of DADT.  These guys will  never support it. They speak against the President every chance they get.

        I don't want Cheney, Bush et al in jail, I want them tortured.

        by regis on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:41:50 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Actually, that was my point. I HAVE been paying (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          attention. That is what scares me so much. I also believe it's the sticking point. And although i think DADT is the height of inhumanity, it is probably safer right now. I agree with you about Bush and the rest. I think President Obama may be protecting people by not stopping DADT right now. I know that people think that the President should keep his promises and I'd bet anything he can't wait until he feels it's safe. But it must be hard to take all the anger... and yet I understand the frustration and anger.

        •  currently-serving Generals and Admirals who... (0+ / 0-)

          speak out against the president can have their commissions rescinded, in other words can be fired.  

          This is part of the tradition of a professional military, by which is meant, that the military does not engage in politics, but serves under the elected government and does not challenge the will of the voters.  

          Yes they can do and say certain things out of uniform, so long as they do not cross the line from criticism to overt expression of contempt for our elected officials.  But not in uniform, not on the job, and not in a manner that makes clear they are taking advantage of their positions to promote an ideology.

          •  That is what they have been doing, relentlessly (0+ / 0-)

            for eight years. That is why Michael brought the lawsuits. He was a JAG officer.
            The people in the military were beginning to feel so much pressure they were afraid for their safety. If everyone is playing by  the rules, then there is no reason for a lawsuit. Please get the book. This is what is so dangerous. You can find it at    It is also available on Amazon and "With God on Our Side" by Michael Weinstein is what you would need to enter. I saw video made at the Pentagon, with men in uniform. The Pentagon is the top down. It happened under Bush and they want to make sure it stops, so they keep suing.

            •  you have more allies than you know (0+ / 0-)

              I know quite a bit about religious extremist groups in the US in general.  I'm working on the part that has to do with extremist groups that engage in violent plans and acts, and it's keeping me too busy to even talk about much.  I know how dangerous these groups are, and that's why I'm in the fight.

              I hear you loud & clear and you sound like you've just had the kind of scare that I tell people they're going to get once they really start paying attention to this stuff.  I've been there, and I can tell you that if you join the fight at whatever level works for you, the fear will be replaced with teamwork and determination.  There won't even be time to get scared because you'll have plenty to do.  

              If you want to go after the ones who are engaged in criminal & terrorist acts, talk to me further.  If you want to get involved in the political fight, call up MRFF and ask what you can do to help.  Strictly speaking these are two different efforts, because chasing criminals cannot and should not ever become politicized.  But in any case, find the place to plug in that works best for you.  You have more allies than you know about right now, and you'll find more of them over time.  

      •  the Christian right is smart enough to know (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        snakelass, G2geek, Munchkn

        that it has to install sympathetic people at the very top of the military in order to be most effective. For example, see this retired lieutenant-general who openly denigrated Islam. Not to mention mercenary groups like Blackwater (now known as Xe), which is under the control of a far-right Christian, Erik Prince.

        It's two-pronged--with the Family, they work their way into the civilian authorities and the legislature; and by proselytizing aggressively in the armed forces, they ensure a ready supply of followers in the military.

        All they will need, then, is to get one of their own into the White House. And in a country where we have seen the Supreme Court intervene in an ongoing election and install the losing candidate in the presidency by fiat, well, that's not seeming impossible either.

        "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

        by limpidglass on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:46:13 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  i gots newz 4 u... (0+ / 0-)

          Eric Prince is high-visibility and has a big scary merc force.

          But he's not the only game in town.  There are progressives who are providing support to various government entities in ways Xe can't touch.

          The next few years are going to be really interesting.

    •  how to join the fight: (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      You can join MRFF and other groups that are organizing, bugging Congress and the President, spreading public awareness.  You can write and you can speak, and you can do this.  

      Each group differs in the way it approaches the issue.  One thing they all need is for people to speak to local civic groups about the threat, and take donations (checks written to the organizations) to support their work.  

      There's another level in the fight, that has to do with going after groups that are engaged in specific plans and actions that are criminally prosecutable, such as shootings & bombings.  There are ways to get involved in this, and if you ask around enough, you'll run into someone who can point you in the right direction.  

      In any case, start from where you are.  If you're in touch with MRFF, ask how you can help, and then roll up your sleeves and pitch in.

      From my experience in this area, I can tell you that getting involved and doing the work will turn fear into determination and strength.  Once you join the fight, you'll be surprised at the change.  These extremists do not scare me any more because now I'm on the team and playing offense rather than defense.  And you can too.  

  •  Mikey Weinstein (9+ / 0-)

    is a hero of mine.

    Not enough can be said about what is happening at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

    It's the Supreme Court, Stupid!

    by Radiowalla on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 08:57:21 PM PDT

  •  I emailed Jeff Sharlet (4+ / 0-)

    about any connections between the Family and the this sect which you speak of. He said that yes, there are plenty of connections.
    This is a grave threat to our country. I think Obama is frightened by this cabal, because he knows how deep they have embedded the military.
    C Street is on the decline; too much TV time from too much bufoonery. Unfortunately, no one will remember this by 2010, and C Street will regroup.
    These fucks can hide behind the freedom of religion clause as long as they want, and if the military were to act to get rid of them, well they just come home, don't they?
    It almost makes me fear Obama's re-election in 2012. fear of how these nut jobs might react.

    •  You must not have read my whole post. (0+ / 0-)

      President Obama is all that stands in the way of someone like a Rush Limbaugh type in the Congress turning our own military on us. And even for the people who believe in evangelicalism are not safe. These people have never cared about any one but themselves. They were just using the churches to get power and money. They consider John Ensign to be a perfect "leader". They better hope they don't have children because he thinks he's a God who can have anything he wants.  And C Street is just a place to move out of to find a new location.

  •  Diary is a bit of a stew..... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I also have met Weinstein, at the premier of the film "Constantine's sword" that was about this very issue.

    Yes, the dangers described here are real.  However, I don't see Obama making ending the Christianization of the military something with high priority. Has he fired a single high ranking officer who has crossed the line?

    In fact he has continued the faith based charity program began by Bush.  Obama perhaps has to be on the defensive and not appear the radical secularist.

    But the Christian Soldiers continue their march.  And sadly, few Democrats have the courage to take a stand. Very, very few.

    •  just because you don't see stuff in the press... (0+ / 0-)

      doesn't mean it's not happening behind the scenes.

      On a related issue, we've seen a number of acts of extremist violence this year, such as the shooting of three Philadelphia cops and a gynecologist, and we've seen reports from the Missouri State Police and DHS about right-wing terrorism.  Those reports are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Would you expect the FBI to publish a list of the things they are presently investigating?   Hell no, and for good reason.

      The really interesting stuff goes on quietly and with little attention.  And then it gets results, and people seem surprised.  But it's not so surprising if you keep in mind that a lot of hard work has been done without publicity.

  •  I respect Mikey Weinstein enormously. He's (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    fighting the good fight.  But I have to say that I think he did you a disservice, perhaps because he was in a hurry, by giving you a quick and glib answer.

    Yes, evangelicals in the military are a problem.  Yes, their numbers are disturbing.  But they are not a majority, and I doubt their numbers are sufficient to present the sort of immediate danger that your post seems to imply.

    I never get tired of saying that I went to law school with Eric Cantor, and he was as much of a deeply closeted scumbag then, as he is now.

    by ereshkigal on Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 09:37:00 PM PDT

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