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I have to say that it is really embarasing to be a fucking Democrat!  How can we take something that is so fucking simple, and make it all so complicated where people cant understand such a simple and easy concept!

Instead of calling it the Public Option, they should call it the Medicare for all option!!!

I mean Obama, and his people keep saying for a year that if you like your insurance, you keep it.  We dont want to do away with Privatized care!  If you keep your insurance, your rates will go down.  The public Option will increase competition with insurance companies!!!  Blah Blah Blah...

What they have failed to break it down and to explain it in a very simple way, and tell them exactly what the Public option actually is.  Let me show them how to do it in 5 words!

The Public Option would be medicare for ANYONE who wants to buy into it!!!

Period!  End of explanation.  Half of the country would say, oh ok.  I want that in 5 seconds.  

Let me repeat it again for the simpletons!

The Public Option would be medicare for ANYONE who wants to buy into it!!!

If you put it this simple, then the old people who are all confused, will say, oh, I like medicare.  I dont mind that.  Its much more simple to understand then all this talk about private Vs Public.

It is a much better way to explain it.  

You say, do you all like your medicare?  The crowds resppond, in a big Yes!!!!

Would you like it if we took medicare away from you???  The crowd responds NO!!!!!

Well Medicare is an example of a Goverment run Health program!  Thats what we want to create for the public option, but not for people just over 65, but for any US Citizen who wants to join up.  From age 1 until Death.

Then explain how Medicare is also 1/3 the cost of Private insurance, and can help us cut 500 billion off of the 2.5 trillion we are now paying for health care.

I mean everyone understands Medicare!!!

The other thing is that of you put it in these terms, I would love to see the Republicans come out against a plan like Medicare. they would have to bash Medicare itself which they would never do.  It would lead to a whole bunch of followup questions about if they wanted to take away Medicare for which a yes answer would be committing political suicide.

I have no I dea why we havent done this.

Its an easy message, one that is very easy to remember for the average stupid American citizen.   And it handcuffs the Republicans from critizizing it unless they want to bash Medicare and risk getting tons of Ad's of them Bashing Medicare in the next election.

Anyone agree with me.


Originally posted to Gamblndan on Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 02:25 PM PDT.


Do you think the Democrats should just Call Public Option The Medicare option?

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