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John Russell attempted to reach Congresswoman Castor several times over the past few days with his emailed reply to her attempt to use the Health Care Town Hall antics of this past week as a means to raise campaign cash.  

So Russell went ahead having failed to reach the congresswoman and published his letter to her on Huffington Post.  Russell's letter is re-published here in its entirety.

Here's the email plea for Ca$H from Castor to her list...

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 5:42 PM, Kathy Castor <> wrote:

   Support Castor for Congress!


     Dear Friend,

       Thank you to all who have offered support in our efforts to bring down the cost of health care and reform our health insurance system.  It has become clear that health care reform is critical to improving the health of our struggling economy. You voted for change last election and I am going to continue working for everyone on this important issue.
       We cannot let the ugly display we witnessed at a town hall meeting in Tampa last night keep us from having an honest and open debate about health care.  As an elected official, I am used to hearing many different opinions being expressed and sometimes even in very loud voices.  However, when Lee Stirrat, a hospital worker, was unable to tell her personal story about a family that lost their child to foster care because of the cost of health care that is indeed an ugly display.

       Our economy will never recover unless we fix health care. We are faced with daunting obstacles, yet we are armed with hope and the strength to stand up to the cynicism that has plagued politics of the past.

       I will continue to fight to increase access to health care and reform our health insurance system. Will you contribute $250, $100, or $50 today so I can continue to work for our community?


   Thank you,
   Kathy Castor

   U.S. Representative

   Florida , District 11

Here is Russell's letter in response!

Dear Congresswoman Castor,

We do NOT want and WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY "Compromise Plan" WRITTEN BY THE INSURANCE AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY that MANDATES that people purchase Private/Corporate Health Insurance!


As a U.S. Representative in a gerrymandered overwhelmingly Democratic Congressional District where virtually ANY individual with a D next to their name could win the office that you hold, you stand out deplorably weak on an issue of such grave importance as Health Care Reform.

    I understand the "propagandaspeak" that the Democratic Party at the behest of the Insurance Industry and their Lobbyist dollars is putting forward talking access to affordable Health "Insurance...."


Kathy, you are acquainted with me personally and understand where I am coming from.   You are allowing yourself to be manipulated on this issue in return for the personal and professional gain that is accorded those who "go along to get along."


Why you do this is beyond the imagination of myself and many of my friends and associates who pay attention to politics.  You could unwaveringly stand up as a leader for the American people on this issue because you know as well as I, that you Do NOT have to worry about getting re-elected in your gerrymandered district.  

Instead you just sit back and keep your mouth shut relatively speaking...

WHY are you in Congress and wearing the Democratic Brand if not to step up when the time could not be riper to ensure ACCESS to Comprehensive Affordable Health Care rather than the corporatist agenda of mandating the purchase of Health INSURANCE?


As you are probably aware I am a Nationally Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner MS/ARNP with an MBA in Health Systems Management.   I work in health care and see every day how the Corporate dominated health care system rations health care allocating optimum care to the "HAVES"  while restricting care to the "HAVE NOTS!"  

Providers do the best they can but they cannot go broke buying chemo drugs for patients that...  often cost THOUSANDS of Dollars per month!    The poor are generally well cared for under either Medicaid or SSI Disability... and of course so are those with substantial financial resources or exceptionally good insurance which only those with substantial financial resources can afford.   Interestingly, Americans over the age of 65 are covered by a well known national single payer type plan known as Medicare, which by any and all accounts is the most cost efficient means of financing health care that is available in this country.

Optimally speaking, a National Single Payer Health Plan is ABSOLUTELY the MOST COST EFFECTIVE MEANS  of solving America's exhorbitant cost and qualitative deficiencies related to our current system of financing health care.   Notwithstanding the current faux debate, a Comprehensive Public Option (Medicare for All) should be a key component of ANY bill that arrives on the President's desk, legislatively guaranteeing ACCESS to Affordable COMPREHENSIVE Health Care to ALL Americans as a reasonable alternative to an outright Single Payer Plan.

Kathy you are secure in your seat and you can afford to do the RIGHT thing by strongly advocating for an Affordable Comprehensive Public Option!

In the hope that you might be open to influence, and might possibly perceive the political "value" of stiffening your spine and stepping away from the shared agenda of the National Democratic Party and the concomittant investment  by Corporate Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbyists in preserving and protecting the "Status Quo,"  I would like to respectfully provide you with some information on this subject.

I am providing for your convenience, a link to my website's Health Care segment which will provide you with some valuable ammunition with which to stand up for the American people rather than proceeding merrily apace standing for the corporate authored Status Quo... should you choose to do so.    It's YOUR choice....

Kathy, for your review...   ""

My contact information is available below if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your service.   John Russell, MS/ARNP, MBA/HCSM

Here is my little music video to Obama as well as the Congress on Health Reform...

Originally posted to Sabre11 on Mon Aug 10, 2009 at 07:00 PM PDT.


Do you Think That Congresspersons Should Use The Health Care Debate As A Tool To Raise Money?

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26%4 votes
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40%6 votes

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  •  Sorry, (0+ / 0-)

    this country is becoming way too polarized. We are headed towards a civil war. And since the other side has more guns, that's not a bet I'm willing to take. At this point, a compromise would be better than nothing.

    Where do I sign up to contribute? Raising funds from this is only unethical if it were orchestrated by the congresswoman, but since it has been happening all over the country, I am quite certain it was not. I am willing to donate against extremism any day.

    Health care is important, but the preservation of civil society is even more important!

    •  So Surrender Is The Best Choice To Make? (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Then WHY vote?  It just does not matter if you are afraid to stand up for the so-called Democracy that we hold so "dear."

      Forget about the party stuff... AS Ms. Castor so aptly demonstrates with her clear cut weakness on this pivotal issue... when she holds such strong political cards;  There is but ONE political party in this country and that party is... "The Money Party!"

      Castor is going along to get along...  She's attractive and keeps her mouth shut on the BIG issues.  Kind of a soft Sarah for the "left?" She's got a career to protect...  Hmmm?

      THIS is no way to govern.

    •  BTW, She DID Orchestrate This As The Email (0+ / 0-)

      requesting a monetary contribution so clearly shows.

  •  Check this out... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    pronin2, Sabre11

    Eric called Blue Dog...

    Dear Friends,

    If you've seen the news lately, you may have noticed that the national debate over health care has become quite heated in recent weeks.  With emotions at an all-time high, the great debate over the future of our country's health care system is being drowned out by inflammatory rhetoric and the intentional disruption public events across the country.  It has become so heated, that some of my colleagues have even been forced to cancel or postpone public events.  Last week, we held a town hall meeting in Honeoye Falls, and in front of an overflow crowd, we took this debate head-on.

    "More than 500 people questioned Massa for two hours outside the Mendon Community Center last Thursday night. The meeting felt Lincoln-esque in its nature, with citizens gathered in a circle around Massa. Most behaved with respect, although a few people shouted now and then.
    But that was nothing compared to what happened in Tampa last week. A meeting ended abruptly when organized protesters shouted down their congresswoman, refusing to allow her to speak."
    (Click here for the full article)

    Today I urge you, as I urged those 500+ people in Honeoye Falls- we must come together and unite around a single payer, universal health care system.  No longer can we stand to live in a country, where your economic status is the determining factor in the quality of health care that you receive.  No longer can we stand to live in a country where innocent children are shut out of the system and prevented from receiving the care they need to live long and healthy lives.  This is not the America that we envision for ourselves.  We deserve better!    Even in this heated political climate, my support for a single payer system remains steadfast:

    "Massa is different than the average vulnerable Democrat in his unabashed support for a single-payer universal health care system. He campaigned on the issue, and one of the reasons he says he cannot support the current House health bill is that the public option is too weak after House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman struck a deal with several Blue Dogs to get the bill out of his committee."
    (Click here for the full article)

    Without a doubt, my support of this issue will make me the #1 target of the Republican party, and it is absolutely necessary that we have the resources to move this debate forward.  Would you consider helping out with a $10 or $25 contribution today?  I can't fight this fight alone, and if you feel as strongly as I do, I need your help today!

    Please help with a $10 or $25 contribution. (Click here)

    Thank you for all that you do.


    Obama - Change I still believe in

    by dvogel001 on Mon Aug 10, 2009 at 07:29:22 PM PDT

  •  Well I'm not sure what I've stepped into here... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    but I'm recently returned to the Tampa area after a multiple yr absence.  The health care issue is of import to me so I wrote Kathy a note on her website some days ago, asking her to plan a townhall for us.  Little did I know at the time that there was already this fiasco meeting in the making.  She didn't bother to let me know of it, BTW.

    I got an expected auto-reply, but have received nothing since.  Zero, nada, zilch.  I know the district has 600K citizens, but how many actually write to her?  Not only was I not advised of the now famous gathering, but I haven't heard a peep from her or her staff.  Freaky.  Tampa Town just isn't that dang big.  

    I'm gonna relate a little "Tampa" story that may shed some light on her inabilities to step out for the right reasons -- it resides in the way she was brought up, even though she was just a young girl at the time of this - family "organization" was tantamount.  Sadly, even back then, she was raised in a bunch of crap.  

    A sibling of mine lived for several years next door to her grandfather's home in Seminole Heights, Tampa.  He was Frank Castor, look it up in Tampa history -- ooof.  

    Later the grandfather moved to the street and house directly behind my sibling.  Long story short, (this took place in the mid 1970's), a black family moved in 2 doors away from grandpa's original house.  Grandfather liked to walk around the block daily, and one day he chatted up my sibling and said that s/he should keep his/her 2 little girls away from those black people and that s/he should "SHUN" them so that they would leave and move away.  Sick and shitty, though fairly normal for the day.  I remember this story clearly from way back when, though I didn't know who the hell Frank Castor was back in the day.  It still taints my thoughts of her, sorry.  That was a mean old fucker.  

    Kathy Castor's father is a pissant and her brother is a pissant down in Palm Beach somewhere.  Her mother Betty was somewhat effective, but truthfully speaking, the family is all mixed up in a bunch of mess.  Kathy needs to get a life outside of politics and earn a real living.  Tampa needs an honest person to represent us.  As a Democrat, I am not her fan.  I think she's a corrupt POS and if a monkey runs against her, I'll bring a bunch of bananas.  Local mafia is bullshit.

    •  A Little "Mafia" Story To Add To The Mix... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      A friend of mine happened to be one of several Dems who were running for the EXTREMELY gerrymandered CD 11 seat in the primary in 2006.  

      Well this candidate told me sometime thereafter, that he had a friend out in the mid west who was raising money for him and wouldn't you know it his buddy gets a call from one Rahm Emmanuel.

      Rahm proceeded to in an ever so un-genteel manner advise the candidate's friend that "We already ... HAVE OUR CANDIDATE, SO DON'T RAISE ANY $ FOR ___!"  

      The deal was according to another source, reliable though again will go un-named, that all this "dispensation" accorded Kathy was a FAVOR to Kathy's Mom... So much once again for ANY semblance of Democracy.

      •  Rahm is not my friend. (0+ / 0-)

        And Rahm is well known for having the filthiest mouth in Washington, and of course Obama seems to get erect when discussing Rahm's tawdriness in public.  So with that, I have no qualms in saying that Rahm can suck my fat pink appendage.  He's a putz and when he shoved Tammy Duckworth in, in Chicago some years ago, he lost me forever.  (Though, in hindsight, Tammy seems to be doing a good job, but that doesn't excuse Rahm's bullying tactics against the will of the people)...  

        This greasy little shit is an irritation.  His problem is that he is still playing the politics of 2 decades ago.  With no clue as to now, the dumbass.

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