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The Republicans are miscalculating badly if they think they're gaining any traction by opposing single-payer/the public option.  Not only is the general public overwhelmingly supportive of such reform (for obvious reasons-- this is a gut-level pocketbook issue if there is any), but even BIG BUSINESS overwhelmingly backs the reforms!  This is a facet that's too often been neglected.  Obviously, providing the insurance for the uninsured is a matter of social justice as much as basic human decency-- all of us have known people who've gotten ill due to no fault of their own (many even hurt in auto accidents that were the fault of the other driver), yet our outrageous, unregulated system drives up costs so much that they're screwed over.  And we need to make the Republicans feel pain for what they're doing!

This goes counter to the most fundamental ideas of fair play upon the USA is supposedly built-- with Europe, to the contrary, adopting many of the ideas we supposedly espoused in the 1700's.  

However, it's not just a matter of basic, obvious fairness.  Not only individuals, but businesses throughout the USA are being ruined by the healthcare costs which they must shoulder.  That's why GM, Ford, Wal-Mart, chambers of commerce, small businesses associations and so forth are also urgently pushing for health care reform-- so long as they're on the hook for such spiraling and unregulated health care costs, they're not competitive against foreign companies.  So even basic capitalism requires some common sense here.

Some among the Democrats (no names here-- well, at first) seem to want to fantasize that we could come to an accommodation with the Republicans here.  We can't-- they'd attack us whatever the Congress does, purely for the sake of scoring political points.  The Republicans are traitors, and would destroy the United States if they thought they could line the pockets of their cronies a little more.  So it's time to call their BS and hit them very, VERY HARD!  Push intensely for single-payer and the public option, make absolutely sure it's in the bill.  If the GOP threatens a filibuster, then Harry Reid must call their bluff and demand they actually do it-- no more wimping out!  If Reid were to just cave on this, then he needs to be run out of town on a pole.  Obama's actually been quite tough on this-- contrary to some media reports, he does steadfastly back the public option.  

But in general, the point needs to be made that the GOP Townhall Teabaggers are just fools who are opposed by everyone-- not just the people as a whole, but big business as well.  They deserve no credence, except for the entertainment value they provide.  The Republicans are literally willing to KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS to score political points, and we need to drum this point in, call our representatives, write letters to the editor, and hit the Republicans hard on this.  Look at the comment law, made in a Washingtonpost Blog:

Kentuckywoman wrote:
If a public option is out, then Universal healthcare has to be the way to go.

People like me are sick and dying - and THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO.



Is it our fault that we worked in jobs that either didn't offer health insurance, or didn't offer decent plans?

Is it our fault that our jobs didn't pay enough money for us to be able to afford the ever increasing costs of diagnosic tests and/or hospitalization?

Is it our fault that we weren't born into wealthy families?

Is it our fault that we weren't able to find jobs that paid high enough wages?

Is it our fault that we apparently aren't smart enough, or well connected enough, to get those high paying jobs?

Why do you selfishly hate us enough to believe that we deserve to die, just because we are poor?

Please tell me. Please tell all of us. What do you want us to do?

This is a very personal issue for people, and they will not forgive the GOP for killing people to score some political points.  And we need to use those harsh words, so that if the GOP continues to try to even hinder this bill, we will make it clear that they are literally trying to kill hard-working Americans in the process.  We will destroy the GOP as a party in the process, and it'll be good riddance for the BS they're trying to pull on such a fundamental matter.

Originally posted to Tweedledee5 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 at 12:03 AM PDT.

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