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    First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all of those who have written a Health Care Horror Story diary, and I'd like to encourage others to do the same and write their personal horror stories for others to see. The more of these articles we can post on teh toobz, the more we can reveal the true national horror that our for-profit Murder By Spreadsheet industry inflicts onn our nation.

   Now, on to the real story.

    FACT:      Without Blue Dog/ConservaDem opposition, HCR would have been passed with a public option already

   Despite the public debate, the fact is that the Republicans are not killing health care reform despite the screamers/teabaggers/ets. No, the Blue Dogs/ConservaDems are killing this reform.

   So, I hereby pledge to make it my personal business to DESTROY the fake Democrats in the House and Senate, and I hope you will make the same pledge with me.


Point of Order     By Destroy, I mean we should NOT LIFT A FINGER for Blue Dogs/ConservaDems at all. Let their Special Interests do all the heavy lifting while we work on MORE and BETTER elsewhere.

    Primary out the bums, and kick out the GOoPers wherever we can.


    If they won't fight FOR us, they are on their own.

    Make them earn our support. If they can't do that, they don't deserve it.

   The continued call for Bipartisanship is tremendously frustrating to us here on the left, but I see the purpose to it. This is setting up the frame that the GOP stands for Nothing, and says No to any plan that helps working class Americans. They are digging their own political graves.

   This also gives Obama cover so he doesn't have to explain what we already know, it is the sold out Conservative Dems who are tanking our agenda by carrying GOP water. This is where our job as Progressive Activists kick in.

    Politically, the GOP is screwing themselves, and they don't even know it. They are earning the label of the Party Of NOOO!!!, and they are fighting a losing battle against a still very popular President. If polling trends continue going into 2010, Democrats will be able to label the GOP as a party with no plan and no interest in fixing the mess they themselves have made. They are destroying themselves, and doing Progressives and Liberals a tremendous favor, as it will allow us to focus on BETTER Democrats, as more is looking like a sure thing coming up in 2010.

   But the GOP could not do anything to stop reform or President Obama's agenda without the sold out, bought and totally owned Blue Dog/ConservaDems help. I think they should pay a heavy price for this betrayal with their political offices.

  It is time to PUT OUR FOOT DOWN. We on the progressive/liberal left carry this party with our support. We Yell the Loudest, volunteer the most, make the majority of the small donations and do all the heavy lifting.

   Therefore, I pledge to make my sole purpose coming up in 2010 to DESTROY the Blue Dog/ConservaDems through these simple steps.

  1.     Deny Blue Dogs/ConservaDems and any organizations that support them any and all financial aid. NOT ONE BLUE CENT FOR DEMOCRATIC TRAITORS
  1.     Deny any and all GOTV, Phonebanking or other volunteer aid to Blue Dog/ConservaDems. If they love their special interest sponsors so much let them do the heavy lifting, cause I'm done.
  1.     Redirect those efforts (donations/volunteer work) to defeat Republicans in General elections and primary out Fake Democrats in order to create a True Progressive Electorate in the House and Senate that will support President Obama and his agenda instead of undermining it.
  1.    Support organizations that run ads which criticize/attack Fake Democrats/Blue Dogs/ConservaDemsin order to expose them as the bought off petty politicians they really are.


     Now, here is how to hit this baby home and to show the RepubliCrats that we mean business.

If you wish to contact your own Representative , you cansearch for their contact information here or call (202) 225-1904.

Click Click here to go to the Official Senate webpage where you can find contact information for your Senators

   Contact the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and tell them it is GAME OVER. If they keep funding Blue Dog they won't get One Blue Cent from us, or any other support.

Mailing Address:
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Main Phone Number: (202) 863-1500

E-mail them here and tell them it is GAME OVER for Blue Dogs

    Contact the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and tell them it is GAME OVER. If they keep funding ConservaDems they won't get One Blue Cent from us, or any other support.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Phone (202) 224-2447
Fax (202) 969-0354

E-mail them here and tell them it is GAME OVER for ConservaDems


27 North Wyoming St
Suite A
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 782-8700

Empire Block
30 West 14th Street
Suite 206
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 449-5480

Washington D.C.
511 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2651(Office)
(202) 224-9412 (Fax)

Senator Kent Conrad
530 Hart Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-3403
Phone: (202) 224-2043
Fax: (202) 224-7776

U.S. Federal Building, Room 228
220 East Rosser Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 258-4648
Fax: (701) 258-1254

U.S. Federal Building, Room 306
657 2nd Avenue North
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 232-8030
Fax: (701) 232-6449

(He was saying he supported co-ops, not the public option, but I'm not sure if he relented after Schumer called him out for taking big bucks from insurance companies. Still worth calling.)

Contact information:
Phone: 202-224-2441 | Fax: 202-228-2190

Prefers co-ops to public option.
Contact information:
Phone: 202-224-2023 | Fax: 202-224-6295

Now this is one I can't believe. My aunt went to high school with Ron. He is the nicest guy, but he is being really inflexible about this. He wants his own plan passed. He hasn't really said whether or not he would vote for a public option when his plan fails.
Contact information:
Phone: 202-224-5244 | Fax: 202-228-2717

Won't state what he believes, but definitely a Blue Dog.
Contact information:
Phone: 202-224-2644 | Fax: 202-224-8594

No stated opinion, proud founder of the Senate Blue Dogs.

Contact information:
Phone: 202-224-5623 | Fax: 202-228-1377

Hat tip to AuroraDawn for the contact info.

   The BlueDog website is DOWN right now, just like their ability to stand up for Progress. Anyone surprised?

   If I have left out any major organizations that are pertinent please let me know in the comments below, and I will update accordingly.

   I voted for a Democratic Majority, particulary one that pushes a Democratic agenda, not a Bifuckingyousanship 50/50 GOP/Democric agenda.

   It is time to let the TrojanHorse Caucus within the Democratic Party know that we mean business.

   It is time to tell the CorproDems that if they can't fight for us, we will fight against them to show them the door.

   In 2010 we have a chance to boot Senators Reid, Lincoln, Wyden and Bayh in primaries. I thik we should do this and focus on primaries to kick out Blue Dogs in the House, while promoting strong Liberal/Progressive candidates.

   This is how we will get a true blue majority to support President Obama's agenda of change and reform, in my opinion

Thank you,


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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Aug 17, 2009 at 12:44 PM PDT.


Our best plan going into 2010 is to

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