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If you are reading this you are no doubt sitting in your office calculating how it affects you. As a professional politician as opposed to leader or patriot this is your job as you see it. You daily balance corporate contributions vs the level of anger they'll create amongst the voting class. You calculate what you should say, as opposed to what you actually do, to drum up support amongst the unwashed.

I'm going to make it clear to you where we will go from here after your work for, or against, Real healthcare reform.

Dailykos is a tight knit community. Though you may not guess it those of us who have been here a while know its' heart. You see we nurture and protect that heart. It is the heart of the american left, progressivism if you would. And like people, it is predictable.

First we will get ANGRY. We will berate you uselessly. We'll write posts calling you every name in the book.

Second We'll scream that we're Done with the democratic party. That we're sick of cowardly sellouts, incompetants and corporate hacks.

Then.. when we're done venting.. we're coming for you.

Max Baucus you are without a doubt the most corrupt politician in the united states. We wont come after you with money alone. We will search for, and find, a progressive candidate who can defeat you. We will then go through every inch of your life and display your incompetance and corruption to your constituents. Then we'll send actual people. Kossacks. They'll be there demonstrating everywhere you go. They'll pass out literature.  They'll email the media every little hypocrasy. Oh yes.. and them money. We cant match your corporate owners. But we can come close. And between us, etc?

Stephanie Herseth. You remember us? We put you in office. You were a nobody. We accepted that you were a little more centrist and worked hard for you. Get used to the idea of being "one of the little people" again.

This goes for the rest of you as well. The "gang of six". The faux-dems sitting in your offices waiting for things to "play out" before you see the safe place to be. You are possibly worst of the lot.. the cowards.. the sociopaths. You we will come after hardest because you're the weakest.

It may take one election cycle. Maybe two. For some of you three or four til we eventually get around to you. But we will be coming for you.

But you dont have to take this seriously. This is just a post by "silly bloggers in their basements". Just the unwashed masses shouting silliness.

One name you might want to remember
Senator Joe Lieberman - NON - democrat CT. Kicked out of the party by "pajama wearing basement typing hippies". Ex Vice presidential candidate (selected by Al gore). Once powerful democrat who is only still in office at all because of the largess of Al Gore and Barack Obama. Very likely to lose his seat next election. But hey.. we're just pajama wearing hippies right?

Originally posted to cdreid on Wed Aug 26, 2009 at 10:22 AM PDT.


If we dont get REAL healthcare reform

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