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Look out folks:

Lou Dobbs is taking a break UPDATE: FROM HIS RADIO SHOW and someone has found an even scarier wingnut to take his place: State Senator Dan Patrick, from Texas.

Capitol Annex: Patrick to sub for Dobbs


Dan Patrick, (NOT the ESPN guy), is a right wing radio host from Houston who got so upset with the political establishment that he got himself elected a state senator. IN TEXAS. How crazy do you have to be to think Texas isn't RED enough? Pretty damned crazy....

AND, this is one of the guys on the short list that may be appointed by Gov. Perry to replace Kay B. H. (say it slowyly). Or he may run for Texas guv. You need to know this guy. You need to fear this guy.

More below the fold.

Dan Patrick is one of those guys that encapsulates that "special kind of crazy," reserved for extreme right, know nothing politicians in red states.

What's worse than having him as a state senator? Having him as a U.S. Senator (he's been rumored to be on the short list for appointed replacements for KBH when she FINALLY resigns to run against Perry for Governor?). Or even funnier, he's also being rumored to run against Perry for governor. (Maybe this is a way to further his Senate aims--to allow Perry to remove him from the governor's race).

Anyway, Patrick having a national forum, sitting in for Dobbs, gives him undeserved credibility, national exposure, and more momentum than he should get. Everyone needs to watch this to know how scary this man is.

From his own website:

Dan's first legislative accomplishment was to have "In God We Trust" permanently displayed in the Senate Chamber

"Senator Dan Patrick is the most conservative member of the Texas Senate and has earned Texas Eagle Forum's top score in 2007 and again in 2009. He not only votes conservatively, he courageously authors bills that are unapologetically conservative. Thank you, Senator Patrick."
Cathie Adams, president Texas Eagle Forum

Patrick recently filed a bill to require women to have ultrasounds, and be offered a chance to listen to heartbeats before they get an abortion.

From his website:

This bill was a legislative priority that would give additional tools to promote the health and safety of pregnant women.  SB 182 passed the full senate, requiring that a physician offer an ultrasound to a woman seeking an abortion.  The woman would be given an election form to indicate whether she wanted to receive the ultrasound, view the image, hear the heartbeat, or be given a verbal description of the unborn child.  

On immigration, he's at least as bad as Dobbs. Again, from his website:

Immigration – (SB 357, SB 358) I took several different approaches to addressing the problem of illegal immigration in Texas.  Two of these bills died in the Senate, while one passed with broad, bi-partisan support, but died in the House:
SB 357 would have penalized employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and operate on a cash-only basis.  These businesses are violating not only immigration law, but are also avoiding state taxes and unemployment insurance.  This creates an unfair playing field for businesses operating in Texas.  A version of this bill passed out of committee, but did not have the support on the Senate floor to proceed any further. We had 19 votes but the 21 vote rule stopped this important legislation.

SB 358 would have ended the sanctuary city practices that occur throughout the state by allowing citizens to seek a court order requiring their city to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. This bill was also voted out of committee but failed to garner enough support to meet the two-thirds requirement.

Then there is that Sovereignty thing. From his website:

Texas' Message of Sovereignty – (SCR 35) As the federal government continues to expand its role into our daily lives, I was compelled to work with Senator Robert Nichols to joint authored this bill. Senate Concurrent Resolution 35 was a message to the United States Congress that the State of Texas is a sovereign government under the 10th Amendment of the United State Constitution and jealously guards the powers not enumerated and granted to the federal government. This message that federal mandates are no longer welcome was bottled up in committee despite the passage of a similar bill in the House of Representatives.

Texas Freedom Network said that Dan Patrick is one of the legislators leading the assault on religious freedom and individual liberties at the Capitol."

Here's Patrick's announcement of his Dobbs substitution:

Dan Patrick
Senator  District 7
Dear Randall,

This Monday, Tuesday and Friday I will be substitute hosting on the nationally syndicated Lou Dobbs radio program.  The program airs 1-4 PM (CT) and can be heard online by clicking here or on radio stations coast to coast.  To find a station near you, click here.

With recent polls showing 57% of voters wanting to throw everyone out in Congress, we will be talking about what Republicans in Washington should be saying and doing as the Obama Administration attempts to take over large portions of our economy, our freedoms and our way of life.

Want to join the conversation?  The call in number is 1-877-55-DOBBS that's 1-877-553-6227.

I hope to have you join us today, Tuesday and Friday.
Become a "Fan" on Facebook
If you want to keep up with us on Facebook, get an account then click here to connect.  I update my Facebook page numerous times throughout the day.
If you want the real scoop, sign up with me on Facebook.
It is an honor to serve you in the Texas Senate.

May God Bless,

Folks WATCH this guy. And fear him.

If you already know this guy, please add your own Crazy Patrick stories below the fold.

Originally posted to DyspepTex on Mon Aug 31, 2009 at 09:01 AM PDT.

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