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Cross posted at Buckeye State Blog

Geoffrey Sea, aka "Ohiobama", seems to be hell-bent in suggesting that '08 Independent candidate David Krikorian is the only real Democrat in the race and that State Representative Todd Book, former House Assistant Minority Leader, somehow is not really a Democrat.

I've seen him write it too  many times to let it go.  Clearly, this is someone who needs a reality check.  If you ignore the simple fact that Krikorian ran as an Independent, not a Democrat, in the last election, there are plenty of reasons to say why Krikorian is not a Democrat.

* As recently as January 2009, Krikorian was still attending local Republican party meetings in the district.

* Krikorian's campaign committee has donated money to the Virginia Republican Party and accepted money from Bob Barr's PAC.

* Former State Representative/COAST member Tom Brinkman (R) doesn't endores real Democrats.

* Real Democrats don't issue press releases bragging about how House Minority Leader John Boehner "supports" your plan to repeal the capital gains tax.

* Democrats don't support repealing the capital gains tax since such a repeal only benefits the richest Americans in our society.

* Real Democrats don't support ending the Community Reinvestment Act.

* Real Democrats don't describe themselves as "Reagan conservatives."  Just last election, Krikorian ran as the true conservatives alternative to Schmidt.

* Krikorian tried to spin his '06 donation to Vic Wulsin as not support for the Democratic Party's candidate, but solely for his opposition to Schmidt.

There's also the fact that Krikorian raised virtually no money in the district last cycle, which indicates he'd be a poor candidate as well.

Look, just about any Democrat who wins that district is not going to be a hard-nosed progressive.  Paul Hackett wasn't even a progressive on most issues.  Vic Wulsin was a real progressive, and she did as well as anyone can expect given the district.

But David Krikorian is no progressive.  He's more like '06 Democratic convert Steve Black. His political conversion in two years seems to be entirely borne out of personal political necessity and he seems hell bent to say anything and everything to harm the likely Democratic nominee, thus making it difficult for that nominee to unite the party to win.

His reckless rhetoric so far in the race is as embarrassing as Black's was, especially when Black tried to awkward take back what he said about Wulsin.

Krikorian's antics during the last election has made it difficult for any Democrat to trust him.  Most believe he split the anti-Schmidt vote and thus, wound up hurting Wulsin.  Him campaigning around saying Wulsin was "too liberal" didn't help either.  

Now he and his supporters want to march into the Democratic Party and question Todd Book's party bona fides?  That takes some nerve.

If Krikorian was truly interested in seeing Schmidt voted out of Congress, he'd drop out and endorse Book.  Because there is no way Democrats are going to nominate Krikorian given this record.  None.

Originally posted to ohdemvoter on Wed Sep 09, 2009 at 03:29 PM PDT.

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  •  Well, cough* (0+ / 0-)

    I myself like Krikorian. Not that I live anywhere near Ohio.

    I know he definitely isn't anything like your rank and file democrat or a progressive.

    Before his 2008 bid wasn't he somewhat active in the area Democratic Party?

    Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral laws are written on the table of eternity. -Lord Acton

    by Imperial on Wed Sep 09, 2009 at 03:54:33 PM PDT

    •  I dunno (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not aware of it.  He ran last cycle claiming to be a Reagan conservative with a strategy to make it appear that he was a Republican alternative to Schmidt.  He attended during and after the election local Republican meetings.  That I DO know.

  •  Shillin for the ODP (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This post by "ohdemvoter" is an obvious plant by the party bosses at the ODP

    Message to Chris Redfern and the boys - go pound sand.


    •  Wear a tinfoil hat, much? (0+ / 0-)

      I'm a blogger known for frequently critizing ODP, especially over forcing candidates like Fisher and Garrison.  So, instead of attacking the messenger (falsely), why don't you actually address the points I made.

  •  Demonstrably False Diary (0+ / 0-)

    Demonstrably False

    Let's leave aside that the above represents a shameful hit piece against the man who very likely will be the Democratic nominee in OH-02. I could point out that this is exactly the kind of Democratic machine canibalism that has kept Jean Schmidt winning elections.

    But let's leave that aside. The demonstrably false assertion is that Krikorian hurt Wulsin in 2008. Let's look at that. I was a very strong Wulsin supporter in 2006 and 2008. By breaking the story that Jean Schmidt supported a high-level nuclear waste dump at Piketon, I helped Wulsin achieve her 1.5% narrow loss in 2006. I continuously blogged in support of Wulsin throughout the 2006 and 2008 campaigns.

    Even before the 2008 election, I wrote, more than once, that Krikorian would hurt Schmidt more than he hurt Wulsin. Obviously he drew votes from both, but he smartly and thankfully aimed his campaign at Schmidt voters precisely to help Wulsin's chances.

    Any halfway intelligent analyst could see that. You say yourself that he aimed at "conservative" voters -- those were Schmidt voters not Wulsin voters. Krikorian also focused his campaign entirely on heavily Republican areas, leaving heavily Democratic areas alone. Krikorian actually would have insured a Wulsin victory -- except for one thing and that was a Wulsin meltdown.

    It's no secret this happened. She had horrendous staff problems -- her staff was not even informing her of some events. Those problems cascaded and some county coordinators quit over the staff issues. Wulsin then was cowered by the Democratic machine -- you folks -- into adopting positions that alienated her base. She came out in favor of a corrupt Scioto County Democratic plan to build a new city hall -- a plan overwhelmingly defeated at the polls. In Pike County, Wulsin dropped her vocal opposition to nuclear waste storage, totally alienating her 2006 supporters. Analysis of the county results tells the story clearly.

    Wulsin lost so many votes in Scioto and Pike County -- Democratic strongholds -- that even if you added ALL of Krikorian's votes to her total in those two counties, she STILL would have done more poorly in 2008 than in 2006. Since Krikorian spent 90% of his time attacking Schmidt, it's very clear that if you removed him from the 2008 race, Schmidt's victory margin would have been quite a bit larger.

    You say Krikorian raised no money in 2008. Yet he got 18% of the vote district-wide. A man who can get 18% of the vote as an Independent without raising money is a man destined for great things in politics.

    Krikorian is the kind of politician we've never seen in OH-02. That is, an honest one. He tells it like he sees it. That happens to be what I do as a writer. David and I don't agree on every issue, but I know I'm getting the straight story from him, and that is worth a million and one policy list check marks.

    On the other hand, Todd Book is a straight-line machine Democrat. If you cut his strings to the Strickland office, he'd crumple like a rag doll. Half of this district is Appalachian. Appalachians DESPISE machine politicians. A machine Democrat like Book can never beat Schmidt in OH-02.

    A man like Krikorian, who unites Democrats and Independents, can.

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