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"KADILLAC," photo collage, 2006

Vigilance, be careful. Warning, warning!

They just might be positioning themselves to make the Healthcare Solution and the Wall Street Solution a REPUBLICAN solution.  And we are not talking reality here, and they understand that.  It is all perception and spin. And they certainly have the media vehicles to pull it off.

The following is a possible "based on real events" meeting.  Time will tell if something like this took place.... Maybe.  I have a feeling it did:

Re: Partial Transcript: Fox Strategy Meeting C23-7
In Attendance: OReilly, Hannity, Beck, Anonymous Tactical Advisor (subsequently referred to as ATA)
Date: September 8, 2009

ATA: Look guys, this will be brief.  Coming from the top, we are to gently and smoothly start moving in a new direction.  The Big M doesn't think all the tax and socialism dogma is working with our market base. I mean, shit, you guys have done great howling about Obama and taxes- but the concern is, no disrespect intended, it don't mean shit when over half our people out there are losing homes, jobs, no insurance, yada, yada, yada.  We gotta start to appeal to them. And tax and social "fear-speak" ain't gonna do it.

Beck:  This is the fucking story of my life.  Everytime I tap in to a good thing, somebody wants to change my damn coordinates or some horse shit.  Look, you tell Big M that I got the fan base, I mean, people are in my pocket right now.

ATA: And your advertisers?

Hannity: (laughter)

Beck: Fuck you Hannity. You don't do shit.  And advertisers? Cut some slack- more important, I got the people now. The advertising bucks will kick up again.

OReilly: You little shits don't mean nothing around here. You're just "one-hit" wonders. If it wasn't for my book "Culture Warrior"........


ATA:  Damn it guys! Why do you think they assigned me this bullshit job of having to even meet with you guys about this stuff.  Every time, we go off on this proverbial pissing contest!  I mean shut the fuck up! It's always either "Who's the big dog" or- you go off on your whole teabagger patriot shit. I honestly think you're starting to believe your own stink.

OReilly:  I am above this, I mean, I won't even dignify that with a response.  I shouldn't even be in this fucking meeting. If you're gonna talk to ME like this, I am going to have Brenda phone the Big M right now.

ATA:  Ugh, he's in Barbados.

OReilly: He told me I was his big investment, and to call him any, and I mean ANY time- about anything! And he would be there for me- for ME damn it.

Hannity: Shit, he told us all that.

Beck: He never told me that.

Hannity: Yea, but he gave you his fucking boat in the Maldives for a month.

Beck: I never took it out- shit, I was working, you know.


Hannity: Where's Rush on this thing?

ATA:  Rush? You're kidding? Sean, where you been? We can't even understand why Rush is still fucking alive. He's eating enough percoset to keep fifty baboons asleep for a month.  We're hoping that he hasn't gotten Michael Jackson's doctor listing.  
Okay. Enough. Where were we? Guys, here's the deal.  One of you is going to come out in favor of the public option.

Beck:  I'm out. That's absolute heresy to all the shit I've been preaching.  You tell Mr. Big that I will move to the Christian Broadcast in a fucking heartbeat.

Hannity: You are such a rebel.

Beck: It is always like this in my pitiful existence. Hell, I bought that new 12 cylinder Benz and they change the fucking model 6 months later. Like everybody's against me, you know? Besides, I would never betray my fellow patriots.

OReilly:  Oh God, enough with that horseshit, you are one sick fucker.  You're just like us, own up to it. Patriots? Jeez. You're in this for you, Beck. Always. And another thing Glenn, you never had any balls.

extended silence, Beck whimpering.

ATA: We have to start to subtly express our support for the public option.  And within a target period of 120 days, we want to be able to call it "Patriot Choice: Affordable Health Care for a Better America."  Look, the whole purpose of this is to put OUR stamp on it.  We OWN it.  OUR PLAN. Fuck the reality, this is spin. And you guys know a little about spin.

Hannity: You act like, gee, like us sitting here- we are the senate or something .......  or is it the house?  Or who is handling this health care thing anyway, is it judicial?

OReilly: Shut the fuck up Sean.  (to ATA) Look, pardon these punks. And you guys are just punks, hear me, punks. Please excuse these jerks. Go ahead.

ATA: It's like this.  We gotta shift this thing, so by election season- cleaning up Wall Street and solving this Health Care mess will be a Republican fix.  The first step is just a subtle mentioning of the public option thing. Then we can build from there. In two months time, we will start hanging greedy, liberal Wall Streeters out to dry. I mean, by the end of it, screw teabaggers, we'll have a lynch mob out there. But..... but we gotta start this thing quick, and then widen the message as time moves along. The goal is full shift in 120.

OReilly: Okay, since I am the only one with any balls here, I will do it. But hey, it will be done MY way.  I will script it in the way I want it.

Hannity: (whispers to Beck)- Always, his way, another Sinatra. (Beck quietly chuckles)

OReilly slaps Beck.  
Howl of pain.

Hannity: You didn't have to do that.

OReilly:  I will kill you, hear me, damn you, KILL YOU!

Beck leaves meeting crying.
Hannity looks down under conference table.

Follow-up Meeting with OReilly set for early next week to discuss the introduction of the Public Option on his show.  Will Advise.

Originally posted to The Common Good views fr the Far East on Mon Sep 21, 2009 at 06:04 AM PDT.

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