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The AP has reported that the Police said that the ACORN worker did in fact report the couple who had visited him to set him up.

It is beyond me how irresponsible the media has been all along with ACORN, as well as Congress, and ACORN itself in trying to respond to this mess.

No doubt, that the organization has some issues, but we all can see what is happening here...

The GOP is going after a group that helps poor Americans. Minority Americans. You know the ones that the GOP despises.

Haliburton can be corrupt with BILLIONs of dollars.  Blackwater too. And the banks? You bet.

But nope, ACORN who tries to help them there poor people, well that's different.

And do you think this this will get coverage as much by the conservative media as much as the previous stories?

I would like to stress that conservative media is not just Fox and AM radio.  Viacom, Disney, GE, and Time Warner as well as the major print publishers are conservative too.

The corporate conservative media is a disgrace and they need to be called out.

Originally posted to themaguffin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 10:21 AM PDT.

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