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League Update:
There wasn’t much left to say after Week 3 ground to a halt.  It’s still too soon for the Winners to get complacent, and too early for the Losers to panic — although for those of us who have already been down the road that ends in the consolation ladder, some of the sights and smells are beginning to seem darkly familiar.  

Some may be as excited as children and some may not yet care, but it’s clear that a few of us are already awkwardly transfixed, like a Lutheran pastor locking his eyes on the floor in a focused attempt to avoid gawking at the thong strap riding up the exposed hip of the 20 year-old girl standing in line in front of him at the bank.

Week 3 brought more high-scoring, which appears to be evidence of the impact of the liberalization of our rules governing Wide Receiver point accumulation:  the Blue Devils and  Gonk’s Revenge each scored 130 points last week, and DingoBros racked up an impressive 167.

Also victorious were the Salukis, the Wackers, and the Turduckens, who snatched a cheap and shameful victory out of the grasp of a weakened Pulled Hammies, which has been bleeding out of two holes in its lineup since the start of the season.     Week 3 proved to be a bridge too far for Token Female, Hellfire Club, Mental Garbage, and Team Dayment — all of whom took their first sip from the foul cup of defeat, while 2008-season contenders Pulled Hammies and the WSO Duestakers assumed what they hope will be only a temporary position at the bottom of Our Beloved League’s pecking order.  

As the only team moving into Week 4 with an untainted record, Gonk’s Revenge appears to be on the verge of duplicating its vampiric 2008 winning streak.   And a scheduled matchup with the 0-3 Duestakers doesn’t appear likely to derail Gonk’s momentum.   Other Week 4 matchups will set the six remaining teams with 2-1 records against each other, undoubtedly leading to further jostling and stratification within our standings.  

The Winners will probably sum this up as healthy and normal; nature’s way, separating the wheat from the chaff.   But the Losers will begin to hear faint warning cries from deep in the reptilian parts of their brains:  Gnawing murmurs that portend a long, steady wave of panic that any of us could be forced to ride out until the end of the season.

Good luck in Week 4, and may the Gridiron Goddess smile upon your lineup.
Ojo Del Tigre!
--Your League Manager

Originally posted to Skitters on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 07:30 PM PDT.


Who do you think plays fantasy football?

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    bosdcla14, alpolitics, erush1345

    Leave the gun...Take the cannoli.

    by Skitters on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 07:30:17 PM PDT

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    I get bored in about 2 seconds listening to someone drone on about their ff league/team, yet I have a hard time keeping myself from regaling equally disinterested bystanders about my team, The Triumphal Left (formerly the Angry Left, The Apoplectic Left and the Nunchukkin' Left, 2006-2008, respectively).

    I used to look down on f-ballers as lame, like people who play pachinko for more than 5 minutes, but I get it now.  It's actually a better way to experience football than simply rooting on the hometown team.  Now, I care about Cleveland!  Well, not really. I'd never have a player from that loser team on my roster.  One of my rules of success has been: give me a middling player from a winner over the best player on a loser.  To wit, Wes Welker as a Dolphin?  Meh.  As a Pat?  WOW!

    But getting back to my point, I know a lot about every team in the NFL now, whereas five years ago, as a Cowboys fan, I really only focused on the NFC East and could not have named the WR2 on any AFC team.  

    And yeah, I'm a ff nerd.  I read Rotoworld and Yahoo! Fantasy every day, multiple times.  I adjust my team for bye weeks weeks in advance.  I derisively snort at those who call in Greg and Tiffany with questions about which player to put in their flex spot (but I still listen to their show and imagine how impressed Greg would be with my meta-philosophical questions about the nature of ff).  When I consider a trade, I always look at the wk 14-16 schedules to see which teams the players in question would face during fantasy playoffs (pray for Cleveland, pray for Cleveland).

    I'm a loser in real life, but in ff, baby, you ain't gonna get nuthin' by me.

    You're probably wondering about my roster, right?  No?  Well, in case you are:

    Brandon Jacobs (keeper - it's 3 keeper league):  Picked him up in 2006 after watching him embarrass my 'pokes.  Tiki miraculously retired that season, and boyo, I got myself a keeper!

    Michael Turner (keeper):  Had him cuffed to LT in 07 and 08, and understood the guy was starter quality and would leave for free agency as soon as he could.  Dude more than lived up to high expectations last season.

    Drew Brees (keeper):  I had him targeted in the '08 draft and he fell to me in the mid-fourth round.  Best pick I've ever made, I think.

    Matt Forte (trade 09):  I just got Matt a couple of days ago.  Traded LT for him.   I kept LT when I probably should have let him go after 2008 and kept Pierre Thomas (winner of the league gets a fourth keeper, to be selected in the final's a huge advantage that my league mates invariably fumble).  So I sweet-talked the Forte owner into trading him to me.  I threw in Tashard Choice, who, as you know, runs hard for the 'pokes when MB3 and Felix are hurt (a semi-frequent occurrence).

    Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker, DeSean Jackson, Anthony Gonzolez, Percy Harvin (my 4th thru 8th picks this year):  Since I had a QB and three top tier RBs on my roster via keepers, I did what any smart owner would and plucked the best available receiver in the mid-rounds.  So far, Vince and D-Jax are the top two WRs under our league's scoring system (non-ppr), and Harvin is about 10th or 11th.  Obviously, I only get stronger with the return of Welker and A-Gonz.

    Leon Washington (9th rd): He's not finding the end zone yet, but the guy has a motor, and the Jets have turned a corner, so I still have faith he'll win me some games this year.

    Ahmad Bradshaw (10th rd): to cuff Jacobs, and this guy could start for a number of teams, so he's a possible future keeper.

    Mark Clayton (trade 09): Not wedded to him, I got him with Forte in my afore-droned trade.

    Trent Edwards (waiver wire) - I usually wait for my bye week to pick up my sub QB, but the idiots in my league collect backup QBs, so I pulled the trigger a couple weeks early so I wouldn't have to start Leftwich or sump'n.

    I play Defenses based on matchups - the idjits in my league tend to start drafting Dees two or three rounds too early, so I find it works well to just pick up the D that is guessed it, Cleveland, in the coming week.  Actually, this week I'm fielding SF hosting the Lambs with a backup QB.  Wish me luck!

    Okay, regalement concluded.  Thank you to anyone who read all the way to the end.

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