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Are any F.O.O. in relationships (significant other, immediate family, or otherwise) like this one?! ;D


Thankfully, I am not!

I'd like to offer a quickie "thanks oodles & bunches" to those of you who dropped by my Cheers & Jeers diary last night. XXXXOOOO Someone bearing a striking resemblance to me will be posting another one this Sunday (Oct. 11) at around 7:00 Indianapolis time; it'll be trippy to participate in that while watching FNIA right before the Colts game. ;D

I offer just one "this day in history" item, but it's a doozy! On this date in 2005, GWB nominated his White House cleaning lady (props to Bill Maher!) Harriet Miers to SCOTUS. Miers withdrew three weeks later after criticism over her lack of judicial experience (duh!!) and Republican concerns about her conservatism. Here's Ms. Miers "in action" at the White House; I'll never tell how I got this particular picture! ;D

cleaning lady Pictures, Images and Photos

Let's Countdown! And, in advance of this week's possible vote on Senator Health Insurance Industry *itch Baucus' health care bill, remember this!


#5 "Unhealthy Profits" AKA "Doctors’ Orders" AKA "Critical Care" - WellPoint, the health insurance giant that employs a certain Susan Bayh (or at least has in the past), is not only laying people off, but they are raising premiums & cutting back on the health insurance plans they offer to their employees. Well, I’m sure Susan has nothing to worry about; she’s probably on hubby’s plan. They, however, want an 18%+ rate hike in premiums in Maine, Maine just said no, so WellPoint is suing Maine. According to an NPR poll of physicians at Mt. Sinai Hospital, 63% of them want a combination of a public & private option in any health care reform package. 63%...that’s a majority, yes? Yea, I think I’ll listen to doctors – not politicians – and certainly not Senator Health Insurance Industry itch Baucus. Here’s what Senator Blanche Lincoln (&^%$#@! – AR) had to say about a public option:

I’m not supportive of a government – run and government – supported public option. It’s got to be competitive. It’s got to create choice for people.

OK, now I’m not a politician, and I wouldn’t survive a day trying to be one. But, doesn’t "choice" kind of mean the public option? 55% of the people in her fair state want a public option, and Senator Lout Lincoln doesn’t want to be a Senator anymore. If memory serves, her seat is up in 2010! The Baucus stinky turd (or turdy stink) sandwich was supposed to be voted on tomorrow, but "you know who" is delaying the process AGAIN to give people time to examine what the CBO says this stink bomb will cost. Well, this is news; this ilk actually may end up costing more than the original rotten wiener of a bill! I’m telling y’all; I don’t even want this to get out of the committee. A state – by – state public option option might be in the offing?! Where the spark’s the incentive to offer it – especially in my fair state that’s home to WellPoint, Eli Lilly, Anthem, etc. If THAT’S the final result, I’ve got about as good a chance of getting in on that as I am to vote GOP & genuflect to Boss Limbaugh claiming, "I’m not worthy!" OK, so if the public option gets "watered down" in the Senate, and the House bill contains a public option that actually means something, I really want to be a fly on the wall for THAT conference committee. There’s a group of doctors called "Mad as Hell Doctors"?! HA! LOVE IT! Dr. Paul Hochfeld doesn’t have too many kind words for our Congress critters beholden to the health insurance industry. Dr. Hochfeld is in the single – payer camp.


HOT DAMN! A program – length "special comment" about health care reform on Wednesday night?! $hit!! y’all wanna go sparkin’ live that night or what?!

#4 "Headless Body in Topless GOP" AKA "Leading is Fundamental" - Small Price to Pay Boehner doesn’t want Michael Steele to be making policy announcements like his "seniors bill of rights" a couple months back. Mr. Steele doesn’t know where the GOP stands on issues?! Well, he better get with Boss Limbaugh ASAP.


Lonesome Rhodes takes Senator Graham’s dissing of him as a compliment. And, of course, FAUX News defended their cash cow who’s still losing sponsors if memory serves. HAPPY – HAPPY! JOY – JOY! LOOK WHO’S IN DA’ HOUSE TONIGHT!!! It’s "my guy," (operative word there is "MY") Richard Wolffe! {insert giggling like a little girl here}  And, my Mr. Wolffe is so smart; he NAILED the reason Mr. Steele was picked by the GOP. They wanted to be able to brag they had an African – American leader, too; that’s it. Yep, Mr. Steele was a quota pick, Clarence Thomas was a quota pick, & St. Sarah from Wasilla was a quota pick.

** Yep, if y’all saw FNIA last night, this segment of the show is a repeat. **

#3 "Palin 2012" AKA "The Schmidt Hits the Fanatic" - Some in the GOP are calling a St. Sarah from Wasilla on the GOP ticket in 2012 "the apocalypse." I kind of liked Steve Schmidt’s catastrophe my own self! Well, looky there; right – wing nut job groups are buying Grandma ExGov TurkeyLover’s bird cage liner in bulk to give it away to inflate her sales numbers. Margaret Carlson was in the room for Steve Schmidt’s remarks; that had to be a hoot! Steve called her "...a mental case"?! DAMN! He’s lucky he didn’t end up in Gitmo or shot from a helicopter! Oh, I LOVED Margaret Carlson’s quote; it bears repeating in full:

But, Sarah Palin seems committed to knowing as little as possible.

Yep, I think the operative word there is "COMMITTED" – as in necessity of! I’ve got her wardrobe ready & everything.


WPITW – George Will is still in the anti – global warming camp. Boss Limbaugh decided to throw ACORN into the Olympic vote thing. A Congress critter from Georgia told a man who tried to kill himself to go to an emergency room. There’s your "compassionate conservatism" right there! He was a real hit, too.

#1 "No Laughing Matter" AKA "Late Show Extortion" - Well, here’s more David Letterman. I guess I should be grateful there was only 1 segment. Keith used to work with the guy who tried to blackmail Dave & apparently isn’t surprised Mr. Halderman would do something like this! Joe Halderman’s lawyer was all over the air waves defending his client. Y’all think he’s trying to influence a jury pool? Dave apologized to his family & staff again tonight. I LOVED HIS "HIKING THE APPALACIAN TRAIL" LINE!! Too...damn...funny... Once again & always, David Letterman is a source of "Hoosier" pride for me!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Oct 05, 2009 at 06:34 PM PDT.


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