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America was lost, stolen and sold.  All at the same time.  And right out from under us.

It was lost when we diverted our attention to the nonsensical; abortion, illegal immigrants, same-sex marriage.  It was stolen by our politicians.  Who, in turn, sold it to Corporate America.  And then we got fat on grease and sugar and drugs.  And sleepy.  And so we went to sleep.  

But then we woke to discover that we were slaves.

We are their slaves, the corporations.  And our masters have shackled us by creating a false vision of freedom in exchange for our souls.  And we've gleefully followed.  We held out our hands and laughed as they hacked them off.  Smiling politicians and screaming pundits on radio and television have sold us a steady assembly line of distractions as the real rulers of America raped and pillaged a nation.

Our masters have cut our wages, adopted longer and longer work days, bled our pensions dry, kept us dizzy with media, gadgets, trends, and exhaustion as they showered Washington with cash.  As they bought the very people we elected to represent the best for us.  They've convinced us that unions are the real villains.  They tell us it's the poor who's at fault; they are lazy and shiftless and harming our country, so we fight to destroy entities like ACORN.  We happily take part in dismantling our own neighborhoods.  

We get our plasma in Hi-Def and our iPhone and our Lexus and then shun the ones who don't.  We squabble and demonize each other as our masters pull the strings.

Our masters are the ones that run America.  Our masters use the media to speak for them.  Our masters are the ones who have destroyed America.

And there is no going back.

And Americans will accept it, for as long as this country exists; for as long as our masters tell us we're the lazy ones if we don't become one of them.  So we'll scrape and we'll fight for every last penny, no matter what harm may come to our brother.  Because it's better to be the master than the slave.  So we'll buy the fallacy that everyone will become a master if we just work hard enough.  Because it's easier to dream of a life we'll never have than to accept the one we do.  

Yet even if Americans were to suddenly cry, "No more!  We demand justice!" we will be quickly told, "Shut up!" by our masters, as they dangle a fresh cookie just out of reach.  And we will all scramble and fight and kill to be the first to take a big, poisonous bite.

America has no freedom.  Not the kind we dream of anyway.  Freedom isn't owning a mansion.  Freedom isn't having the latest cell phone or laptop.  Freedom is knowing in your heart that every day is a gift.  Freedom is having the knowledge that everyone on this earth is just as deserving of happiness as you.

America lost that freedom a long time ago.

Originally posted to Scott Gibbs on Sun Oct 11, 2009 at 07:42 PM PDT.

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