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     Jean Schmidt just can't win. First, Independent-Democratic opponent David Krikorian accuses her of taking "dirty money" from the Turkish-American lobby. Now, GOP primary-challenger C. Michael Killburn accuses the congresswoman of taking "filthy money" (i.e. stimulus funds, in his opinion -- racial implications of "filthy" intended) from the Obama Administration.    

     And, according to 3rd quarter financial statements, real dirty money (but not enough) is going to fund Krikorian's primary opponent, Todd Book. That would be money from Ohio's wannabe gambling industry. Book sponsored the statehouse bill that counted uninstalled slot machines as a source of future state revenue. This end run around five voter referendums against state gambling has been shot down by the Ohio Supreme Court, leaving the budget with a $900 million hole. Henceforth, he'll be known as "Todd Cook the Books," not a serious challenge to Krikorian.

    Call re-write. Schmidt now has a serious primary challenger. Krikorian does not.      

    What's more, Krikorian, the only major contender with no "dirty money" allegations against him, now leads any challenger in any party in net available campaign assets by more than 2 to 1.

   In the never-dull OH-02 congressional race, about the only thing that Jean Schmidt had going for her in the incipient rematch with Indpendent-Democrat David Krikorian was that Schmidt faced a clear path to her party's nomination, while Krikorian faced a potentially ugly primary fight.

    All that has changed suddenly.

    On Saturday, Warren County commissioner C. Michael Killburn announced he will challenge Schmidt for the Republican nomination -- from the right. Warren County is Schmidt's strongest base of support of the district's seven counties.

    Meanwhile, the possibility of a strong primary challenge to Krikorian has fizzled with the posting of 3rd quarter 2009 financial statements. Potential primary challenger Todd Book was widely touted as the Democratic machine's solution to a potent Krikorian insurgency. The Cook Report even rerated the district based on Book's entry, misunderstanding that Book is a lowly state representative whose district only partially overlaps with the eastern fringe of OH-02 -- not a state senator as reported in error. The BS Blog (some say the BS stands for "Buckeye State" but we know better), has made the Book campaign its cause celebre.

    But now the financials are in. Based on the FEC forms filed, Todd Book raised a measely $64,000 in his first reportable quarter. But that's not the worst of it. $5,000 of that came from the Ohio Democratic Party (no comment). Another $2400, the maximum for an individual, came from a Mr. Jeff Jacobs of Cleveland, at the other end of the state. Jacobs owns the Scioto Downs racetrack, where Book's phantom slot machines would have been installed. Another $2,000 of Book money (I will refrain from the too-obvious bookie jokes) came from the International Game Technology PAC. At least another $13,000 came from other PACs. Book has virtually no name recognition among 85% of district voters, and he reports only $45,000 cash on hand.

    If you still think that Mr. Book is going to win the primary AND go on to beat Jean Schmidt in the general with that kind of track record, so to speak, you won't be placing any bets for me.

    Meanwhile, Krikorian refuses to accept any PAC money, as he always has. He raised $102,000 in the third quarter, none from PACs, and despite concerted attacks on him from both the Schmidt and Book camps. Krikorian reports $115,000 cash on hand, and his name recognition already spans the district, boosted recently by the favorable press coverage resulting from the Schmidt v. Krikorian legal battle before the Ohio Elections Commission (click on the Genocide Denial Trial tag for background). Krikorian reports zero campaign debts.

    In 2008, Krikorian ran for the seat as an Independent, garnering 18% of the district-wide vote, the highest percentage of any Independent congressional candidate in the country. OH-02 was made for Independents, if unintentionally; in at least three of the counties, registered Independents outnumber registered Democrats or Republicans. If pollsters really understood this district, they would ask: "If the election were held today, would you vote for a politician, or someone else?"

     That someone else is David Krikorian, a businessman who, on principle, refuses to accept PAC money. He's discovered the secret to wresting control from Republican Schmidt by uniting Independents and Democrats here -- something that Victoria Wulsin (whom I supported) could not have done in 2006 or 2008. (As I've often stated, if Krikorian did not run in 2008, Schmidt would have won by an even larger margin.)
    Schmidt reports taking in $102,820 in the third quarter, almost exactly the same as Krikorian. She has $235,000 cash on hand, but she also has $277,000 in debts. Neither Democrat Jim Parker nor the new Republican entry Killburn has yet filed financial reports with the FEC. Krikorian therefore is the current leader in finances, accounting for debt.

    Find out more and donate at:

    NOTE: Brian Hester, an attorney in John Boehner's hometown, has been on a virtual campaign of tyrrany, claiming that David Krikorian is not "a real Democrat" and that I am "a liar" for saying that Krikorian will trounce Todd Book in the primary. Mr. Hester writes for the BS Blog under the name ModernEsquire, and on DKOS under the name ohdemvoter.

    I think it's time for Mr. Hester to elaborate on his secret strategy that will hand this primary to Todd Book, and also to explain how shilling for Cleveland gaming interests makes one a "real Democrat." Most of all, I challenge Mr. Hester to state whom he will support after David Krikorian wins the nomination.


Originally posted to Ohiobama on Mon Oct 19, 2009 at 06:30 AM PDT.


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  •  Tip Jar (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    "Politics: The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." -- Ambrose Bierce

    by Ohiobama on Mon Oct 19, 2009 at 06:30:31 AM PDT

  •  Note that ohiobama has own list of real (0+ / 0-)

    and not real Democrats (i.e., Strickland) so I'm not sure if he is self-describing that as a tyranny too.

    Health is the first requisite after morality - T. Jefferson

    by OHdog on Mon Oct 19, 2009 at 06:37:48 AM PDT

    •  And your counter-argument to the diary is? (0+ / 0-)
      •  That you're talking out arse? (0+ / 0-)

        If Todd Book isn't a real Democrat because he's supported gambling, then what does that make the Democrats in the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus that just endorsed Issue 3 (and endorsement I disagree with, but wouldn't say that aren't Democrats because they did it?)

        •  Gambling is NOT the issue (0+ / 0-)

          And I really don't think you're that obtuse to think that's what I said.

          It's one thing to say you support gambling. It's quite another to propose, as a legislator, an unconstitutional scheme to overturn five referendums by legislative fiat, and count future revenue from nonexistent slot machines when drafting the state budget.

          Todd Book did the latter, and is responsible personally for the current budget fiasco that resulted. Supporters of state gambling can be equally upset with Mr. Book, and many are.

          I didn't even say how I feel about state gambling, and that's irrelevent to this discussion. Book shilled for Jeff Jacobs in the legislature, and then took Jacobs money, or was it the other way around?

          That's called a quid pro quo and its illegal.

          •  You're funny... (0+ / 0-)

            You say it's not about gambling and then in your retort say.... it's all because he supported the gambling interest.  You also are wrong, there have not been five referendums on allowing slot machines at horse racing tracks, and the last Quinny poll showed it had 60% support.

            It was not declared unconstitutional.  What was declared unconstitutional was provision that suggested that the plan was not subject to referendum.  The rest of it was completely constitutional.  Again, you're talking out your arse.

  •  80% of Krikorian's money came from Krikorian.... (0+ / 0-)

    Geoff- I've already wrote about this over at BSB, and you know that.  Without Krikorian donating nearly $80k of his own money to his own campaign.  Without his own bankroll, Krikorian raised nothing.  And virtually none of his money was raised in the district.

    Oh, and there's the fact that Ohio Election Commission just found that Krikorian's claim that Schmidt took dirty money was false.  Funny how you wrote two diaries live blogging it, but then pretend the result didn't happen.

    And the reason, Geoff, I've taken you on in this race is because of your documented history of lying about it:

    1.  You exaggerated and misrepresented Jim Parker's statements about the Pike County endorsement.
    1. You blasted in a prior diary about Pike County's Democratic Party issuing an endorsement, but gloss over the fact that your candidate had been seeking such an endorsement months earlier.
    1.  You came over to BSB and calld me a liar for reporting that Krikorian told the Scioto County Democratic Party that if the county parties endorse, he'll run as an Independent again, only to CONFIRM that is exactly what happened.
    1.  You claimed a Rasmussen poll showed Krikorian winning both the primary and general election even though Rasmussen has done no polling in this race.
    1.  You then claimed a Krikorian poll showed him as being the only candidate to beat Jean Schmidt and winning the primary, when the poll showed Krikorian losing beyond the margin of error to Schmidt, losing ground since his last campaign poll this summer, and the poll never asked Democratic primary voters who they supported in a head-to-head matchup.
    1. You falsely claimed that Victoria Wulsin was supporting Krikorian back this summer, and I've reported, from Wulsin herself, that your claim was absolutely nonsense.

    Seems to me that you're ill-equipped to come to me with credibility issues.  I've called you a liar because you have, well, lied.... alot.  I've suggested that Krikorian is not a "real Democrat" because he's not a registered Democratic voter and in '08 campaigned as a self-described "Reagan conservative."  Hardly, a controversal call for me to make.  You keep acting like these issues haven't been addressed and you look foolish for doing so.

    It's easy for Krikorian to refuse PAC money when no labor union or other PAC is interested in donating to his race.  Hell, the only people that seem interested in donating to Krikorian is himself and out-of-state Armenians.

    Yeah, unlike you, I'll support the Democratic nominee.  But your hack job to exaggerate Krikorian's strengths in the primary isn't going to be ignored.

    Fact is that despite that Book didn't even announce until a third of a way into thise reporting period, he still raised more money from people in the district than Krikorian has ever.  

    Kilburn, as I reported on BSB, won't be too much of a problem for Schmidt as he largely made this jump because he was a facing a tough primary challenge in his own re-election campaign.

    •  Nice shill for Schmidt (0+ / 0-)

      You're supporting Schmidt now in the OEC case?  Well I guess that answers my question about where Brian Hester will come down after Krikorian gets the nomination.


      There is no resolution of the OEC case because the case is on appeal. OEC forbids any party from citing a result as definitive until all appeals are resolved, which is exactly why you didn't hear Schmidt claiming any victory -- she legally cannot. Good job claiming it for her, Mr. Hester.

      In any case, your fine legal mind failed to grasp what the actual result of the last hearing was. Of an original 10 statements that Schmidt claimed were false (nine but one was split in two by the OEC), OEC voted, admittedly without hearing full evidence, that three were false and two were not false.

      Of the three statements they voted were false, one was that PAC contributions are available on the FEC website. Since only individual donor information available, the statement was technically false, but is not relevent to anything.

      A second statement voted false was a question posed to OH-02 voters about whether they they think their representative should receive money from a foreign government. How a question can be deemed false was left unexplained by OEC and that vote will certainly be overturned on appeal.

      Ony one statement pertaining to Schmidt receiving money from Turkey in order to deny the Armenian Genocide was deemed false -- but only because it was ruled that the money came from PACs, with the governmental source being in doubt. In fact, Krikorian did prove that Schmidt received dirty money.

      A separate statement saying that Schmidt received money from Turkish-American individuals in order to deny the Armenian Genocide failed to be ruled as false by OEC -- which can be taken as meaning that the defense met its burden of showing it was not false.

      Schmidt took dirty money, and a quid pro quo was involved. Thanks to David Krikorian for demonstrating it. Thanks to Brian Hester for defending Jean Schmidt and showing his true colors.

      •  Just because it's on "appeal" doesn't (0+ / 0-)

        mean it's not resolved.  The fact is that as it currently stands the Ohio Elections Commission has found that Krikorian made untruthful political advertisements in suggesting that Schmidt accepted money from the Turkish government in exchange for denying the Armenian geneocide.  You can split hairs all you want, but that's what happened and unless it's overturned on appeal (unlikely), then that's the result.

        My true colors is I'm sick of you suggesting Book isn't a "real Democrat" while you are an apologist for Krikorian who obviously isn't a Democrat at all.

        •  No you are wrong (0+ / 0-)

          It's VERY likely to be overturned on appeal, not only on jurisdictional groundsbut because the OEC acknoeledged that they cut the proceedings short before allowing testimony on the second half of what was supposed to be a bifurcated proceeding.

          If you read my live-blog, you saw that. Essentially OEC invited a decision to be overturned. They just wanted to be done with the matter.

          And you want to pretend that six alleged "false" statements were not withdrawn by Schmidt, even though they also pertained to alleged improper receipt of dirty money, and one specific statement about receiving dirty money was ruled to not be false.

          The apellate courts may also have a different view of whether the defense met its burden of proving a reasonable connection between the Turkish government and Turkish PACs, which was the only matter really at issue.

          Overall, it was clearly a loss for Schmidt, in the eyes of all observers except Brian Hester.

          •  I'm not pretending anything (0+ / 0-)

            Again, you are claiming I said things I've never said.  All I said is that you can't ignore the fact that the OEC did find that Krikorian made false statements about Schmidt.  That's it.  And you go off on one of your delusional rants about things I've never said.

            Yeah, I remember getting the Krikorian press release declaring victory on being found he made untrue statements in the last campaign.  Oh, wait, that didn't happen did it?  Kind of like how Vic Wulson never indicated that she'd support Krikorian yet you claimed she has.

    •  I never said a word about Rasmussen (0+ / 0-)

      polling this race. The poll done for the Krikorian campaign, which showed that voters in every county prefered Krikorian to "another candidate" (i.e. Book) -- even in Book's home county -- was done by another independent polling firm, as I stated at the time.

      Lame, Mr. Hester, lame.

      Just keep it up in your stunning display of "real Democratic" unity.

      •  Never said a word about Rasmussen? You're lying.. (0+ / 0-)

        Yeah, you said claimed Rasmussen polled the race and showed Krikorian ahead.  And you were wrong. Instead of just admitting it, you now pretend you've never made the claim.

        You have YET to also respond to the fact that Vic Wulsin called your claim that she was supporting a Krikorian a lie.

        The poll was not an independent polling firm, it was paid for by the Krikorian campaign to conduct a poll on behalf of the campaign.  That's not "independent" by ANYONE's definition, but yours.

        And despite the poll being so stacked that it never even asked Democratic primary voters who'd they support in a head to head matchup, it showed that if Krikorian is the nominee, Schmidt not only wins, not only gets her best result district wide, but for the first time carries several eastern counties she's never won.

  •  My "secret" strategy... (0+ / 0-)

    It's sad that your psychotic conspiracy-theory raddled mind thinks I have the power to "hand" anyone anything.

    But do I favor a lifelong Democrat like Todd Book over recent convert like David Krikorian who freely admits he's a Democrat by way of political expediency?  Absolutely.

    I just love how Todd Book isn't a "real Democrat" because he took money from... (gasp!)  the OHIO DEMOCRATIC PARTY and supports gambling (which isn't a position contrary to our party's platform, last time I checked) and yet you are puzzled how I am distrustful of Krikorian whom in the last cycle issued press releases boasting how his positions on economic issues were no different than John Boehner.

    I didn't call you a liar for saying Krikorian will trounce Book, I called you a liar for saying WUlsin was supporting Krikorian and that polls are out showing Krikirian beating Book when no poll has been released including any candidate other than Krikorian and Schmidt.

    Geoff, your diaries are becoming more and more delusional and disturbing every time.  There's nothing tyrannical simply because another blogger disagrees with your candidate and is calling you out for shilling for a campaign on half-truths and outright lies.

    Seriously, get help.

    •  I never said Book wasn't "a real Democrat" (0+ / 0-)

      That's YOUR style of insuring party divisiveness, which gives John Boehner his solid base in YOUR county. Going around trashing popular Democrats is what YOU do, Mr. Hester.

      I happen to think that Mr. Book is a fine example of an Ohio Democrat, who will probably wake up to reality, oh, by around the first of the year, and drop out of the race.  So the real democrat can win.

      Now if you want to talk democrat versus Democrat, that's a whole other matter. Mr. Book's willingness to negate the voter referendum process kind of marks him on that score.

      It's ODP that screwed up in making that donation, not Mr. Book in accepting it. Whether ODP money aquires the taint of money from oh, say, the government of Turkey, remains to be seen.

      •  Are you insane??? (0+ / 0-)

        Krikorian's not even a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT.  And you honestly think the ODP money originated with the Turkish government?!?

        Seriously, Geoff, you are delusional.

        Name one popular Butler County Democrat I've bashed.  Name one.

        The reality is that the Democratic Party has been doing better in Butler and Warren County since I've moved here and starting blogging, thank you very much.

  •  P.S.-- rip off.. (0+ / 0-)

    I just love how you basically lifted tow of my posts and recycled it as your own.

    •  I don't read your BS Blog any more (0+ / 0-)

      as very few people do. Keep fantasizing.

      •  And yet... (0+ / 0-)

        You keep writing diaries that track stories shortly after I've written similiar stories on BSB.  That's two this week alone.  You even link to the same sources despite the fact that other outlets reported the story.  You even copy my links in your diaries, fool.

        •  Pure delusion (0+ / 0-)

          I copy your links now?  You mean your links to OTHER SOURCES?  You know I copy those from you rather than read the other sources, which are newspapers in MY area?

          You are truly delusional.

          •  Riight.... (0+ / 0-)

            Because the Hamilton Journal News is in your area?  The Lawrence County paper came out on the 9th of October.  And yet, you didn't write about it until after I did, either.  I just find it odd that you in another thread said you were RESPONDING to me, and yet you're claiming now you didn't read me.

            Geoff, you've spun polls, made up support for Krikorian.... you're ill-equipped to throw the delusional tag around.

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