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By At All Costs I mean POLITICALLY of course.

    Not just Kos, we need everyone''s help, but I address this directly to Kos, among others whose aid we will need to pull this off.

    Republican filibuster? Democrats have 60 voters. There is no Republican filibuster, just a Democratic one. The problem is Reid's inability to keep his caucus together. His office can't even be honest about Reid's leadership failures. Fucking liars.

    I'll take a Chuck Schumer-run Senate with 57 Democrats (bye bye Reid, Lieberman, and Lincoln) than a Harry Reid-run one with 75 Democrats.

by Kos

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     I need your help, Kos. Are you tired of Reid? Really? Then help me do something about it.

     How I propose to take down Harry Reid and an open dialogue below the fold.

     I need your help, Kos, because your voice can reach farther than mine, and you have greater power than I do. I want to politically DESTROY Harry Reid in 2010, I want to defeat him and send a message to the spineless Bush enabliing Conservative coddling excuse making Senate that THIS COULD BE YOU, and I need more than just your help, Kos, I need all the help I can get.

    Harry Reid CAN NOT be Too Big To FAIL. He has FAILED enough already. For the sake of the Progressive Movement, for the sake of America, we MUST GET RID OF HARRY REID

    Why we MUST take down Harry Reid is obvious. To put it short, he sucks ass, but the more precise reason is that Harry Reid is giving away the 2008 elections by giving power to Republicans that they would not have in an attempt to make excuses. Why does Harry Reid need excuses, because he is a corrupt bastard and a horrible leader, and the Democratic party would be waaaaaay better off without him.

    Though I am no expert, I propose 3 ideas to start with on how to get rid of Harry F#$king Reid.

1.    GOTV/Phonebank in Nevada AGAINST Harry Reid.

     I believe the ENTIRE Netroots and Democratic party should kill two birds with one stone and GOTV against Sen. Ensign AND Harry Reid at the same time. Both are corrupt, both do NOT represent their constituents and neither of them arre fit for office any longer. Tell Nevada voters to dump them both. I admit the fact that I suck at 11 sided chess but I am awesome at the 2 sided kind, and like any good chess player I understand that sometimes a loss is a win. Therefore, I agree with Kos when he says I'd rather have 57 Dems and Schumer in charge, and since Dems outnumber Republicans in Nevada by a robust 100,000+,  I think we should appeal to these Nevada Democratic voters that it is vital to the future of our party that we DUMP HARRY FU#$ING REID.

    2.      Fund Campaign ads by Democrats AGAINST Harry Reid

A hat tip to DKos user waydownsouth for this diary from yesterday, titled Must-See Ad from Nevada questioning Reid's strength

    Donate to maintain these ads with Act Blue here

    This is just one example of what we need to do to OUST Harry Reid from his Senate seat and his position as Senate Majority Leaner.

3.     Contact your Senator and tell them to DUMP HARRY REID

     I will not tell you what to say to your Senator about Harry Reid, I just want you to call your Senators and tell them what you really think about Harry Reid.

     I will suggest that you tell your Senator you want Harry Reid OUT as Majority Leader, and I leave it to you to suggest a replacement.

     Contact your Senator here

    Timid, weak, corrupt or just F#$king It Up On Purpose, for these reasons and more we must GET RID of Harry Reid and MAKE SURE he DOES NOT win re-election in 2010. I DO NOT suggest donating to his Republican challenger. I DO NOT suggest helping the Republicans in this race anymore than necessary, but we MUST get rid of Harry Reid in order to send a message to this Senate and the Democratic party, as well as the Republicans, that We The People are NOT to be trifled with.

    For the sake of the Progressive Movement and our Nation,l I urge every last one of you who read this to imagine a Senate lead by anyone other than Harry Reid, and then I urge you to do something about it.

    As for me, I think we should urge every Democrat in Nevada to vote out BOTH of their Senators. We may lose Harry's seat, but we will gain a new, better leader in our party. If anyone has a better idea, please, feel free to share it, but I think that, barring a primary that can be won, we must urge voters to vote FOR whatever Republican that challenges Harry Reid for his seat.

    It is too late to fix this relationship. It is time to say good bye to Senator Harry Reid. Good bye and Good Riddance.

    And we need your help, Kos. You and everyone else.

    I submit this for the approval and enjoyment of my fellow Kossacks as a challenge, not just to Kos, but to each and every Progressive in our nation. It is time to stop bitching about Harry Reid. It is time to do something about him politically.

    So what are you gonna do?

With Love,


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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Oct 20, 2009 at 07:11 AM PDT.


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