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This should not seem surprising in the least.

Gallup poll finds record support for legalizing marijuana

New data from U.S. polling firm Gallup shows nearly half of Americans -- a record number -- are in support of legalizing and taxing marijuana for recreational use by adults.


One of every 2.

Simple math.

Conservatives, of course, remain the stick in the spokes, the bump in the road, the gate to be crashed, etc.. Backwards loonies out of touch with the Time of Day.

The poll clearly illustrates a generational and political divide on the issue, with 78 percent of self-described liberals saying they would like to see the drug legalized and 72 percent of self-described conservatives being opposed. Gallup also found that 50 percent of Americans under 50-years-old are in favor of legalization, but just 28 percent of seniors agree.


Another of the poll's revelations is that among self-described Democrats, a majority in favor of legalization has emerged, with 54 percent supporting such a move and 45 percent opposed. Among self-described Republicans, the question is not even a contest: 28 percent are in favor, while 70 percent are opposed.

One is perfectly free to continue to believe all the old demolished lies. One is free to continue to fear this agricultural wonder, but I, dear reader, am free to call people names for believing such tripe, much as I do for people who still think the Earth is flat, or who waste perfectly good time talking about "creationism". Or haggling over whether Obama was really born in America. Or if flu vaccine in a plot by the government to make your children homosexuals, or whatever.

People are free to believe this crap but they have to be prevent from trying to make laws based on superstitious bullshit, which is about what fear of cannabis reform is.

So while some have their knickers in a bunch, 51% of America is moving on.
As medical cannabis and liberals in general CHEER President Obama's words about medical marijuana two California airports allow passengers to fly with pot

"The policy [at Oakland International Airport] is spelled out in a three-page document quietly enacted last year by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office," Mercury News reported. "It states that if deputies determine someone is a qualified patient or primary caregiver as defined by California law and has eight ounces or less of the drug, he or she can keep it and board the plane."

That's change I had hoped for. That's what sanity looks like. That's what following the law looks like.

The other force standing in the way of progress is cops. Anti-marijuana hysteria is their stock-in-trade and they are re-investing themselves in this as the smart people move along.

Pot-phobic law enforcement officers in California are trying out an unsettling new tactic. It's the latest iteration of their continued hissy fit about what should have been a settled issue for 13 years now (since Californians voted for Proposition 215, legalizing medical use of marijuana with a doctor's recommendation). Many cops, still pissed off and in deep denial that medical pot is legal in the Golden State, are desperately clinging to the federal prohibition of marijuana for threadbare justification of their irrational hatred of pot and its users.

Cops have been tasked as a central power in maintaining the lies of cannabis prohibition. They eat this stuff up and many of them actually believe it. This is why they shoot people for pot.

Hopefully, though, the climate IS changing for the better.

All the anti-intellectual throwbacks - cops, republicans, conservatives, Blue Dog Dems - will either adjust or be viewed as simple-minded loonies as America wakes up from it's propaganda slumber and gets real about cannabis reform.

Originally posted to Toking Points Memo on Tue Oct 20, 2009 at 04:33 AM PDT.

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