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I don't care if I'm troll rated to hell and back. I'm saying what I have to say, and that's the end of it. Take it or leave it.

It looks like we lost. Which means we failed a lot of people today. I hope I wake up tomorrow and the votes are different.

Mistakes were made during this campaign. And we also had many great successes too. I got people to vote today who weren't going to. And I'm sure many canvassers have similar stories. I could talk about how maybe I should have been cutting turf for Augusta -- maybe that would have meant a few more votes -- but everyone probably has a similar story about some thing they could have done better.

In the end, everyone did a really good job. But we're human, and mistakes will happen. In the end, if the results stay as we are now, we just couldn't overcome bigotry. Couldn't overcome hatred. Couldn't overcome large organized religion slamming teh gayz in their sermons. Whatever.

But you know what? Tonight is not the night to brag about your awesome predictions of loss by the No on 1 campaign. You can save that for the morning, after we've had a chance to breathe. A chance to absorb the loss. Instead, we're assaulted by people who would apparently put odds on when we'd die of some horrific disease, and when we did, they'd be proud of their epic guess.

If I wake up tomorrow and we've lost, there is an invitation to a gay marriage that I will not see for ten years.

If I wake up tomorrow and we've lost, I've failed Bill in Portland Maine. I've failed Common Sense Mainer. And so many others on DKos. They deserve to be married. They're wonderful people who do nothing but do good things for others, and they're still second class. And another painful referendum campaign will come someday. Again, they will have to suffer. To put their lives in the hands of people who should have never had a say in the first place.

Leave your bragging about your success in predicting our failure for another day. We did everything we could. To the LGBT community, I'm sorry I didn't call No on 1 that extra time to make sure I got a call back this time. I'm sorry that I didn't demand control of my city because I'd have done better. Those votes mattered, and I left them hanging out there. I am so sorry. I could have walked an extra half hour today, but I quit at 7:20. I finished my route and had a beer. I left a vote out there. Maybe if we'd all have gotten one more vote, it would have mattered.

But to those aiming to make a name for themselves off their proud predictions of the failure of our team, just go die in a fire. We feel miserable enough. We come here for solace, for peace, for a little support after a lot of hard work. We don't need you rubbing it in.

We're suffering enough.

Bill, I'm sorry. Michael, I'm sorry. I failed you. I'm so sorry.

Originally posted to Eddie in ME on Tue Nov 03, 2009 at 09:24 PM PST.

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