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The GOP is "Terrified of Government Programs that Work"

Markos said that on the Ed Show Friday when David Shuster was sitting in for Ed...

“This is what Republicans are AFRAID of", he said. They built an entire ideology by Telling People that Government Does Not Work, so... They are "Terrified of Government Programs that Work" because then people will realize that Government is Not the Enemy, and their going to Vote Democratic because Democrats realize that People Need Help and Government can sometimes Offer Solutions!!

And that’ is the bloody truth of it…
If Republicans don’t believe that Government works they might be in the wrong business

They should all put their Money where there Mouth is... By Pledging to GIVE-UP  “Medicare”, End Social Security, and Stop Using “Government Privileges”...

Same for the Teabagger’s - if they are Going to Protest Against Government Programs” they should all be Willing to Pledge to GIVE-UP their “Medicare” and show their REAL Dedication to the Cause….

So I was Thinking maybe We Can Help them Along....


I want to Organize 100’s of Volunteers to Show up to the next few Tea Bag Rally's….

Here’s how it would work…
Volunteers will Go through the Crowd holding signs and a Petition for people to sign “Pledging to GIVE-UP Medicare and other Government Programs

Telling them this is what the Tea Party CAUSE IS ALL ABOUT… Ending Government-Run Programs…

We could list the Programs on the Petition asking them to
Check the Programs your Willing to Give-Up for the Cause

Please help me think of More Programs
_ Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 and Older
_ Social Security retirement benefits
_ Police Protection
_ Fire and Emergency Services
_ Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
_ Student Loans
_ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
_ The HUD Public Housing assistance program
_ Trash and Sewage

Here's another good one from a posted comment "Air Traffic Control"
One Comment Suggests USING Government Roads & Highways - LOL

If we were to show up Dressed-up in Patriotic "Teabag" Gear and are Not conafrontaional (Kinda think of it as a Jon Stewart, Stephan Colbert approach to making a Point)

Some of those teabagger’s may start to really think about what their actual saying…..

Of Course we’ll have to make sure a few of us get some Media Attention to
HIGHLIGHT THE CAUSE & PLEDGE” - We’ll have to act like "Diehard" Ron Paul “No Big Government Libertarians” …. But I think we could have some fun with this.


I'm looking for any and all suggestions on this - so let'em rip"

I also want to Circulate the "TEA PARTY PLEDGE" All across this Nation via mass email and blogs... maybe even setting up some Youtube Clips of People Pledging to Give-Up Medicare for the Cause...

Here's the Tea Party Pledge... "I will Give-Up my Government-Run Medicare for the Cause
against big Government"

btw... that's another way to pound the Words Government-Run every time we mention Medicare

We'll Just See How Many Seniors are ready to stand up for that Cause!



Please list as many Government Programs as you can it would really help me out,
Thanks Tazzz

I think I'm gonna have to Post a Poll later with the TOP TEN BEST SUGGESTIONS"

Yes, there are things that could work better and run more efficiently but Government is Apart of what this Country is all about 
"Freedom and Fairness" and Government helps both those Causes by “Protecting Our Freedom” and Stepping in when “We need to Balance Fairness”

EVERY Comment is enlightening and "Thought-Provoking"
Thank you - Keep'em coming


Originally posted to tazzz on Sat Nov 07, 2009 at 06:24 PM PST.

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