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The healthcare reform debate, global warming, moving to a "green economy," the financial industry debacle, most wars, are really all about one thing - Capitalism.  The question we, as a people, must ask is "what price are we willing to pay to keep Capitalism alive?"

I couldn't believe my ears.  This short, middle-aged white woman stood before me, telling me about her $10,000 health insurance deductible, about how her young adult daughter couldn't be covered under her health insuance policy, and yet she was a most vociferous opponent to healthcare reform at the John Lewis Town Hall Meeting on Healthcare Reform.  I was so flabbergasted at the disconnect between the oppression of her life and her defense of the oppressors, that I could only blurt out, "Ma'am you are a slave to the health insurance industry!"

Upon further reflection, I would assert that we are all slaves to the health insurance industry.  We have had little say in how they conduct their business practices - business practices that can determine who lives and who dies.  The fight against the Public Option is the fight of Capitalists to maintain their industry - and their profits.  They've done a masterful job of creating mistrust in government (of course corrupt elected officials have given us all much grist for the mill), while all the time dodging the accountability they must have for the practices of cherry picking subscribers, denials and restrictions on treatment that constitute the true death panels.

The Capitalists who are creating climate change are no different.  They resist retooling their manufacturing plants to reduce harmful carbon emissions.  The coal industry fights hard to make us believe that there is such a thing as "clean coal."  The situation is critical.  We must act now to save the planet for our future.  I want my grand-daughter to live in a planet that is healthy and sustainable.  I want the planet to survive.

The greed in Wall Street is unquestionable.  The bigwigs have been playing a dangerous smoke and mirrors game of making shady real estate deals and devising financial programs that are only a hair's breadth from a Ponzi scheme.

Most wars are fought for the control of natural resources.  Does anybody doubt that Bush the Lesser invaded Iraq for the oil?  Our men and women are fighting a war to enrich the few.  They are laying down their lives so that Capitalists can get richer and more powerful.

And all the while the American people suffer through lack of comprehensive healthcare, depletion of the ozone layer, unemployment, home foreclosures, lost retirement funds, and the loss of their loved ones in wars that make no sense.

I will state for the record that I believe Capitalism has run amok.  I believe our government has been sold to the highest bidder.  Lieberman's stance that he will never vote for a healthcare bill with a public option is not surprising given his wife's ties to the healthcare industry.  The health insurance industry has hired 6 lobbyists for every member of congress.  They have spent more than a $1.4 million A DAY to push their agenda:  save the health insurance industry;  save health insurance Capitalists.

We've got to take our government back, folks.  We've got to elect people who really have the best interests of the people at heart.  Stop being so disgusted with politicians.  Become the honest politician you would like to see in power.  We can complain and do nothing, or we can take our country into a new direction that puts its people first.  You and I can be those politicians who make decisions based on what is best for the American people, rather than what is best for the deep-pocketed Capitalists.  We can do it.  We've got to do it...

Originally posted to DebraG on Tue Nov 10, 2009 at 11:36 AM PST.


Would you ever consider running for political office?

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  •  Cue the Beatles (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Fury, QuestionAuthority

    Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    In their styes with all their backing
    They don't care what goes on around
    In their eyes there's something lacking
    What they need's a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there's lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

    If cats could blog.... they wouldn't.

    by crystal eyes on Tue Nov 10, 2009 at 11:43:08 AM PST

  •  Modern Republicans remind me of Stalinists... (3+ / 0-)

    The ones who even after all the misery that Stalin caused, the devastation and death, declared the Soviet Union was so much better under Uncle Joe.

    It is as if they could no longer think or see or feel. They had so immersed themselves in the ideology of Stalin that they would just parrot back his slogans and praise without thinking.

    Today's Republicans will shout "health care is a privilege" without for a moment asking themselves, "what if my child gets sick".  They will defend to their last breath the "right" of corporations to pollute the water they drink, the air they breathe and the soil that grows their food.  I don't think I will ever get over the sight of thousands of tax burdened middle class citizens protesting an attempt to raise taxes on millionaires.

    They are truly unable to think rationally anymore.

    All evils are equal when they are extreme. - Pierre Corneille

    by LiberalCanuck on Tue Nov 10, 2009 at 11:45:37 AM PST

    •  stalinists (0+ / 0-)

      were better off under stalin but remember that was only less than 1% of the population, like the rich elite now. Despite stalin's propaganda the population hated him, but that didn't matter because they were afraid to say, or else they were purged to siberia. This is different with repubs today, W Bush screwed 99% of them and they still love him, not due to fear but due to straight stupidity. Most of them have wised up and that's why W has 20% approval but that doesn't mean they've become dems, because unfortunately dems are just as bad.

  •  I agree... (0+ / 0-)

    But the problem is one of a) do you want to be on the receiving end of a mudslinging campaign? Every questionable decision or embarrassing moment endlessly replayed for a scandal hungry public? and b) Cash. Cash cash cash. I hate the corporate influence...but I also cannot deny the simple reality that signs, phone banks, tv ads, etc., all cost quite a bit. It has to come from somewhere, and where we do not step in, corporations do.

    Not to mention most people simply don't have the temperament for the slog of campaigning.

    Local offices would be a different matter, perhaps. I've always wondered if the corruption is present from the beginning, or if that only becomes attractive at the upper levels.

    In any case, capitalism is not all bad. Unchecked, unfettered greed at all costs, however, is. My take is that either enough of us will rise to power to break the moneyed interests (one person is not enough, one vote will not change the laws and practices) or we are headed for class war and revolution. If not direct class war, at least massive societal decline with the loss of governmental authority as the consequences of years of greed, avoiding responsibility, letting the rich game the system, and pollution catch up to us. The system is not sustainable in the long term.

  •  Interesting (0+ / 0-)

    But we're all greedy.  We were greedy in the '70s and '80s when foreign made automobiles started to usurp Detroit.  People wanted cheaper and didn't care about the domestic auto industry.  Today millions shop at Walmart despite the documented harm that company does to its employees and the communities where they set up shop.  Everybody wants more for less and doesn't give a damn about the consequences.  That about sums up greed.

    •  The difference between now and previous eras (0+ / 0-)

      is that they were stronger regulations controlling corporate greed, stronger campaign finance/lobbyist laws to limit corporate influence, and a more regulated media to ensure big money did not control the airwaves. Corporate influence has truly run amok to the degree that they are effectively running the country. Go to evil, "socialist" France to get an idea of the contrast; big money does not dominate every aspect of life there, from media, historic preservation and regulations restricting ugly corporate shitboxes being thrown up at random, social safety net, quality of life, govt responsiveness, and a better able to recover from financial crises, it's clear that they have a democracy, not a corporatocracy.

      Without real reform of campaign financing and the reining in of the hugely distorted influence of corporate lobbyists on our representatives, we cannot function as a true democracy that works in the people's interest.

  •  I'm not electable- period. (0+ / 0-)

    I'd love to run, but there are some photos, ya know what I mean...

    ...and that little bit of trouble in AZ... and TN... and OR... and VT...

    ...and nobody really needs to look at my tax returns, ya know... I'd probably be better off in a lower profile position. ;-)

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