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      By invade I mean a peaceful move to resettle liberal Americans to a small town in Wyoming where we can all live in liberal harmony our way. We will take over the local town Government, and then swell our numbers from other people who shall all make an exodus from the other 49 states as we carry out our new endeavor. Therefore, for the sake of unemployed Americans and every other struggling person, I say pick up, travel west, and take Wyoming back from the Dick Cheney types that own it.

     By take back, I mean the peaceful and awesome transformation of a stodgy old state full of rocks and rockheads (at lest 50%, but not all Wyomingians are Fox Viewers) into a kick ass liberal paradise with open skies, clean air and 2 Senator seats just waiting for us.  Why should we go jobless in New York, Michigan, Ohio, California and elsewhere while Wyoming hogs up all the opportunity and hopes and dreams that any large, low populated state might have if an inordinate number of millionaires live there.

    So who will come with me, and found a new city within a city in Wyoming? Who will join the commune of liberals who will turn Wyoming Blue?

     There will, of course, be some rules, and since this a Democratic process, I will suggest a few "rules".

  1.     Be Excellent to One Another.
  1.     No Cheney's allowed.
  1.     We get to make fun of Idaho.
  1.     Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night is ladies night.
  1.     No blue laws or closing times for bars.
  1.    Single Payer health care.
  1.     MUST have BIG public libraries (with internet)
  1.     Dancing is allowed and encouraged.
  1.     Anyone who is a big enough Dick can be voted out of town by the people of the commune, they will be given full rights in trial and will have a defense before a jury of their piers, and, if found guilty, will be sent into exile backwards on a horse with a big paper machete head that looks like Richard Nixon.
  1.     Once we conquer Wyoming, Utah is next.

    I believe that this program is a way forward into the future, so that liberals, progressives and Dirty Fucking Hippies can slowly ruin all the red states for the red staters the way they fucked up our states with their corrupt, incompetant idiots like the Bush, Cheney and Palin families.

    So who is coming with me, and what shall we name this Hippy Liberal Paradise, and what kind of laws will we have? I want to know.

    And I want to see the look on that Dick Cheney's face when we take over, peacefully and Democratically.

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Thu Nov 19, 2009 at 08:57 PM PST.


What state should we invade peacefully and take over?

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6%16 votes
6%18 votes
3%9 votes
6%17 votes
5%15 votes
7%19 votes
7%19 votes
4%12 votes
16%44 votes
4%11 votes

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