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I understand that Barack Obama campaigned on fighting the real fight, Afghanistan, but has he looked at these unemployment numbers lately?  Currently, 10.2% unemployed but if you enter underemployed it is close to 18%.

Olbemann is right, we can not afford this war.  In fact, it was the use of the U.S. credit card, borrowing from China that has sustained these wars, which we are knocking on the 9th year door SOON.

Now we are battling for a weak health care bill, that will not challenge much change towards the health insurance companies, but it is the D.C. congress that are nickle and diming the American public on the premise that, "We can not afford it".  But we can afford to continue paying for two bullshit wars?  Yes, at this point, bullshit wars.  And at 10B+ a pop, monthly?

Finally, Keith Olbermann is CORRECT in calling out General McChrystal and why President Barack Obama is listening to this dude?  Remember, he was the mastermind of the Pat Tillman coverup, but we are suppose to believe him?  Oh, let's not talk about the corrupt President Karzai and his drug pushing brother's drug machine coming out of Afghanistan.  And these are the people we are in bed with in Afghanistan?

Lastly, the opinion polls have turned on Afghanistan and it reads get the hell OUT.

Obama White House, when are you going to wake the hell up?



Originally posted to icebergslim on Mon Nov 30, 2009 at 07:19 PM PST.

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