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I learned something new today!

Attacking Obama and calling his administration corrupt, owned by corporations, and dishonest ***HELPS*** him! You see, when liberals lob character attacks at a liberal President, they are making him seem more moderate, reasonable, and mainstream. That makes logical sense.

When the left pushes for investigations of vague conspiracy theories against political hands that they don't like ("RAHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in Shatner voice), they're making the President seem reasonable. After all - "middle America" and the beltway elite LOVE Presidents who are dealing with a corruption scandal that was started by members of both parties.


Above: Jim Kirk Helping Obama

When the left insists that Barack Obama is corrupt and has been purchased by wealthy corporations or wealthy individuals, that ***HELPS*** him! After all - swing voters and the media love to rally behind people who have tainted morals!

When the left insists that Barack Obama is a liar or is generally dishonest and loose with the facts, they're ***HELPING*** him! After all - being a liar is popular with swing voters and the media (OK, this one might be true)!

When the left insists that Barack Obama makes national security decisions for political reasons, they're ***HELPING*** him! After all - being callous with our troops and treating them like political playthings really appeals to swing voters!

When the left uses right-wing frames and calls Obama naive, cool, aloof, a cult leader, or an empty suit, they're ***HELPING*** him! After all - these idiotic phrases and memes (many of which have racial overtones) are helpful to spread! Once voters in the center learn that liberals think that Obama is a fraud without substance, they will RUSH TO EMBRACE HIM!!!

When the left insists that Barack Obama has failed already and that his presidency is a hopeless morass and a mistake and a joke, they're ***HELPING*** him! After all - Americans love to rally around a President whom 50% of the country (40% being conservatives and 10% being liberals) have declared a failure!

So you see? All of these character attacks, insinuations, and calls for investigations ***HELP*** Barack Obama.

So why isn't Obama thanking you for your tireless work to boost his cause? Probably because he's pretty busy right dealing with the worst set of crises since WW2. I'm going to just jump in here and thank you for him! Thank God for your heroic and principled attacks on his character and intentions using right-wing memes! Keep them up!

PS: Policy-based attacks on Obama from the Left that presume that he's acting in good faith but making the wrong strategic decisions would be useless and ARE TO BE AVOIDED!!! Let's stay away from substance. We're better off lobbing frothy mouthed invective at him. After all - if voters see that Obama's base is a bunch of intemperate nutcases, then this will help the progressive cause!!!

*hat tip, Amayi

Originally posted to Mark Warner is God on Wed Dec 30, 2009 at 08:47 AM PST.


Do you know the difference between character attacks and policy-based attacks?

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