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In an excellent and recommended diary, Pragmaticus discusses the release today by the Obama Administration of horrifying "legal" memos written by John Yoo and Jay Bybee that detail their efforts  to sanction the dismembering of the Constitution in service to the desires of the Bush Administration.  If you have not yet read this diary, please do so.

As an attorney who spent her formative practice years defending the Constitution, all I can say about what I have read thus far is this: those "legal" memos make me ill.

As an American who wants to know what her government is doing (and has done), all I can say is: Thank you, President Obama and Attorney General Holder for bringing these disgraceful documents to the light of day.

And, also as an American, I feel honor bound to bring to a wider audience the disgusting, hateful and dangerous reaction to the the release of those memos memorialized (if one can use such a benign word) today at Free Republic.

Yes, it’s Free Republic.  And yes, it is likely that most of those posting there are arm-chair warriors, bloviating from whatever small bunkers they inhabit, while waving Confederate flags and cheering Rush Limbaugh; but, even for Free Republic, the comments I read today in response to our Attorney General’s decision to release memos that were themselves recanted by the Bush Administration, were beyond horrifying.  And, in their own way, dangerous.

A sampling from this thread:

He is a Muslim and a tool for the Saudis. I know people who do business in Africa at a high level and the execs and govt people in Africa all have he is a Muslim.
The Saudi money bought him the election.

Yes he is an enemy of the state. A traitor within the white house. Feeding agitprop to the world to justify a continued jihad against the US. And this from the Commander in Chief.

Traitors. I want justice, and now I want revenge against these traitors.
There was no rational reason to release these documents.
Obama and the dems must completely fail.... for America to survive.

He will let 25 million capitalists be killed.. That is the plan per Ayers..

I might add, he is willing to sacrifice all Americans on the global altar.
He must be stopped. Impeach him now for sedition.

It must be said and said repeatedly:
It is obvious to anyone who is paying attention: They are doing this INTENTIONALLY.
They are INTENTIONALLY destroying our nation.
With Malice and Forethought.

On a more serious note, I think that these moves by the illegal 0bamunist regime are specifically intended to provoke a radical response from conservatives, and I would say they are hoping to precisely trigger one or more maniacs (and we've got some at our end of the political spectrum, there's no denying that) into doing something violent which would then provide justification for invoking all of those executive orders which are on the shelf, ready for use, martial law is declared, and all the rest of that noise.

And let's face it: all the speculation about 0bama being the actual Antichrist will either be confirmed or denied if someone gets off a lucky shot at the SOB.

I will add this this poster added this "helpful" note:

[DISCLAIMER: this post does NOT advocate or support ANY violent act, towards ANY elected official, federal, state or local]

Obama isn't interested in prosecuting GWB (and this is regardless or even in spite of what Pelosi et al want) -- he's interested in maintaining presidential powers. Everyone bought a lot of canned goods and stocked up ammo, right? 'Cause if the Muzzies infiltrate your neighborhoods and attack, Obama won't lift a finger to help (unless helping his fellow Muzzies counts).

Obama should be brought up on a treason charge for this.

"Is Obama insane?"
it’s a point-of-view issue. Obama is following a Marxist-based plan to bring socialism to the USA. Eliminate capital, confiscate then redistribute wealth, diminish the middle class, and so on. To a Marxist it makes perfect sense, and they are happy to see it happening here and now.
To you and me, it’s insane- but we are not Marxists.
Remember Obama’s stated surprise when the Supremes, in Brown vs Board of Education, didn’t write in wealth redistribution? And he sees the Constitution as flawed because it does not allow Marxist redistribution schemes. To him, as a Marxist, that’s what’s insane.

Lincoln did not start the war. The rebs did. The secessionists were nothing more than glorified outlaws.
That is a bogus, political leftist-liberal-revisionist view of the South, as the South had more dignified statesmen and military leaders than the North ever had!!! They were anything BUT glorified outlaws!!!
The more I see how Obooombi socialist-fascist-communist usurper is taking down our nation day by day, the more I kind of wish the "secessionists" had prevailed 150 yrs ago or so.
We may end with our own version of "secession" if Obooombi continues to destroy & decimate our formerly great USA (or as Oboooombi thinks of it as the USSA)

Obama could easily be compared to Robert Hanssen. Only that hanssen did it for money, Obama on the other hand does it out of the desire to destroy the America of the founding fathers and replace it with a Marxist utopia. SO i say this he has to be removed from office as soon as possible by any means (obama sycophants you can take from that what you will).I know people who lived in Communist Russia and they tell me every day that is what America looks like to them now.

The incendiary politics of the winguts is, regrettably, nothing new.  This was, after all, the essence of Sarah "palling around with terrorists" Palin’s patois.  And, last week, the basis of alleged Christian and patriot Alan Keyes’ call to action to "stop Obama."

It was, as well, part and parcel with deranged drug-abuser Rush Limbaugh’s Saturday call for fail.

The problem is, the audience these wicked self-indulgent opportunists is addressing takes them seriously.  And that the members of this audience feel free to think and post stuff like this:

please, someone get this trojan virus in the crosshairs, and soon.

Republican leaders: You have a duty to stop this.  Sen. McConnell, Rep. Boehner, RNC Chairman Steele: Denounce this.  Seriously.  

Originally posted to noweasels on Mon Mar 02, 2009 at 10:23 PM PST.

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