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I'm still on that Salvadoran beach, or maybe trekking through Mayan ruins in Honduras. I could be hiking up a Salvadoran volcano, or maybe sticking my nose into Guatemala. Regardless, I'm eating lots of pupusas and trying to keep cool.

I had lots of hate mail the weeks before I left for vacation (while we were voting for the best of 2009), so here's some more of it, queued up before I left. I'll be back live next week.

your website

as a conservative i must say you people are completely nuts, you need to find jesus he can redeem all of you , goverment can't. though government should play a very small role, god gave man freedom to choose his or her path in life without interference from a diabolical
tyranical government . GOD RULES ....PRAISE JESUS

Are we talking the real Jesus, or the conservative one? Because you're right, conservative Jesus would TOTALLY reject helping the needy get access to health care. Conservative Jesus would totally means-test everyone to weed out to poor and needy, and contribute to the PACs of health insurance and drug companies. In fact, he'd be the keynote speaker at industry confabs. And when it came to whether people should live or die because of access to health care, he'd be the judge, jury and executioner, while putting a bullet hole right between the eyes of anyone claiming we should be "compassionate"! That guy is a badass!

But that's conservative Jesus. The real Jesus is a pussy.

Health Care Reform and Fall Out

I will never vote for another democrat. They all have sold out the american citizen. This is the one that is going to break the backs of the tax payer. Democrats want to control our lives, our money, They love to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, AND TAX LIKE THEIR IS NO END TO THE TAX PAYERS WALLET. One thing they can take to the bank is that I will never vote for another one. PERIOD

This isn't C-SPAN, dude. You don't have to pretend that you ever voted for a Democrat.

Joe Lieber-WHO?!?

So Joe has more balls than the idiot in the Oval Office.

THIS is the man-child you set up and now look......Ha ha

His half sister knows the truth - she knows Barry's a piece of trash....

Long live the Obama bin Biden regime.

Oooh, you called him "Barry"! Burn! Sigh. How can we progressives ever win with such dastardly clever foes lined up against us?


When I read this, I thought 'Is this person brain dead or high on drugs"? You people are HISTORY...Done...this is IT...AMERICANS are fed up with the Socialist wannabe destroying our beloved country and the BIG SPENDING FUCK AMERICA NAZI PARTY OF PELOSI/REID.
2010 REPUBLICANS and INDEPENDENTS will be lining up at the pools as soon as the sun rises.

Yup, with dastardly foes like these, we are definitely doomed. I'm sure of it!

A broken cuckoo is right twice a day

But this isn't one of those times.

Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!  Cuckoo!

Hey this is even more fun than commenting.

No assholes to give me shit.

No response, just, me saying what I want and saying it to the mgmt of Fonzie and his Shark.

How cathartic, seriously.

Hey did you ever listen to Laurie Anderson?

That album with "Sharky's Day?"

"Oooweee, Sharky, He's Mr. Heartbreak.
They sing ooooweee, Sharky.
He's just a slow dance.
On the edge of a lake."

Cheers, you sorry sonofagun.

This dude is cuckoo.

Greek Socialists

Markos Moulitsakakiakakas may be a u.s. citizen, but this feta-cheese-stuffed puffball has not one iota of of american values or understanding of the foundations of american accomplishments. Like most Greeks, this Greek resents America and wishes upon America the same disastrous quasi-communist policies that leaves Greece an insignificant economic backwater surviving on the "kindness of strangers". For the idiots that follow your nonsense, they long ago forgot how to think for themselves. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Treachery, betrayal, and prevarication remain the modus operandi; I know of what I speak.

So the KKK is looking to expand into new markets?

Contact Skinner over at DU

I pity you your job.

Specially now that everybody agrees that the FAQ are written wrong on 9/11.

In fact, it all comes simmering out of the pot and rolling down onto the flames over these unknown facts about the Saudis and the Afghanis, two other countries pretty much known to have assisted in the attacks.

A little bit of truth that is FORBIDDEN to write in a diary.

DHinMI left you holding a real bag of shit.

And there you sit.

"That FAQ was written when kos was trying to sell a book several years ago and the site's hair was on fire with rage against the 9/11 truthers!!!"

They put you out there as the spinner now that people like Adam B have implicated other countries in 9/11 and meanwhile site falls to pieces.

Hell you sad sacks deserve it-- holding your convention in Sin City.

Remind me never to go to Las Vegas during that time or any other time.

Las Vegas:  One of the top ten Green Disasters in this country.  For shame.  Selling little old ladies' quilts to have a "Progressive" convention in the Capital of whoring, coking, gambling, and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Kossacks swirling down the toilet of America solving not jack shit.

What a perfect thing to point and laugh at.


Contact Skinner over at DU.

He can help you figure out how to spruce this place up nice and get it all spiffy for selling kos's books again.

BTW, there are some great MMORPGs online these days.

Consider one.

So I purged Daily Kos of truther wackos because I wanted to sell books? That might seriously be the lamest conspiracy theory ever. But now that everyone agrees that Bush caused 9-11, I guess the only recourse I have is to hand this site over to Skinner at DU. Sigh.

Oh, and don't go to Vegas, dude. That's your reminder.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Jan 02, 2010 at 10:30 AM PST.


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