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"Fiddling while Rome burns"


To occupy oneself with unimportant matters and neglect priorities during a crisis.



The source of this phrase is the story that Nero played the fiddle (violin) while Rome burned, during the great fire in AD 64."

There are many uncomfortable parallels between Nero's musical arrogance and the meanderings of the Democratic Party when confronted with an obvious task of leadership, saying no to the powerful special interests that have donated so much money to them. and implementing a plan which above all else, WORKS, to stop the needless deaths..

Deaths? yes, deaths they are IGNORING because their "final solution" won't, it can't stop them.  hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying, because thanks to POLICIES that Democrats now OWN- prices are being kept artificially high, in the face of an economic disaster.

Consider this: An unknowable, but clearly very large amount, probably, in the final analysis two thirds to three quarters of each American's precious and dear healthcare dollar is being spent not on care, but on paperwork and the staff required to haggle with the insurance monster (especially billing infrastructure, often one employee per patient bed in hospitals-and a similarly high percentage for providers like doctors)-

Also-add in brokers commissions.

This won't end until we have single payer. What about the hybrid "keep the public interest optional" plan?

Simply setting up another complex structure quite possibly won't lower prices. When taken as a whole, adding even more additional bloat, (obviously without the cost control of a single payer system, which could negotiate prices down from a position of strength, as other countries do), will further raise them!

Boy, they sure put a lot of thought into this. Are we really as trapped as we appear to be?


Nero died four years later, and we should remember that history is written by the victors. The historian Suetonius records the Nero was responsible for the fire and that he watched it from a tower while playing an instrument and singing about the destruction of Troy. Others record this story merely as a rumour.

By modern-day standards Nero certainly appears a bizarre character, but that doesn't make this story true. Roman scholars differ over interpretations of events surrounding the fire. The rivalries and conflicting accounts, even those in contemporary reports, make the 'fiddling' story uncertain.


POLL: How many millions more will "have to be" sacrificed on their altar of injustices?

Also: Will the innocents' blood pouring over the stones lead to improvements in the terrible crop situation?

Originally posted to Andiamo on Tue Jan 05, 2010 at 08:23 AM PST.


How many millions more will 'have to be' sacrificed on their altar of injustices before we "arrive" at single payer?

10%3 votes
20%6 votes
31%9 votes
3%1 votes
0%0 votes
27%8 votes
6%2 votes

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