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Wow - much like many of the other events over the last day or two, I didn't see that one coming!


The longtime talk show host, who was until recently based out of Fargo, North Dakota, told the Huffington Post that "there is a lot to think about" after he was approached by Democratic leaders in the state about a possible run. But the possibility is there, even if a decision is far off.

"The phone call from [North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party leader] Merle Boucher is certainly new territory for me," said Schultz.

The MSNBC host, who has lengthy ties to the state, said he was called last night by Dorgan who, in a rather suggestive question, asked Schultz how old he was. Hours later Boucher was on the phone asking Schultz to consider a run for the Senate seat.

"I asked him very point-blank if this was an official ask." Schultz said. "He said, 'Yes it is'. I'm flattered. I'm honored."

I'm plenty comfortable with Schultz' policies, and even more comfortable with his strong progressive advocacy. Another Franken-type in the useless, stodgy, change-blocking Senate is just what the doctor ordered, imo.

While Dorgan's retirement certainly makes an already tough season a bit tougher, there's a lot of time between now and election day. Calls of "Game over man, GAME OVER!" are premature, at best. If a lot of bad things can happen between now and then, so too can a lot of good things.

UPDATE: Hmmm rec list - I guess this is the part where I do my best Sally Field impression? :P

Aside from a simple "thanks", hopefully no-one will be offended if I skip that part - I'm doing more important things at the moment. And yes, getting ready for a date with a girl is more important. :)

A couple of things from the comments are worth mentioning though:

  1. Some (including Ed-of-yesterday) seem to think he's ineligible, due to state residency requirements.
  1. Others think that's hogwash, and cite cliched documents like The Constitution as evidence. Pfft.
  1. Some (still including Ed-of-yesterday) seem to think he doesn't want the job.
  1. Others (possibly including Ed-of-today) think he's a bit more open to the idea.
  1. Hell if I know - this is just a cut-and-paste diary, of little merit beyond passing along an exciting possibility that's a bit different from the GAMEOVERMAN! mentality that has taken root.
  1. Now back to important things - like this girl.


  1. Date went well - we both had a good time, good food, and laughs. I'm not sure I'm really all that into her (and vice-versa I would imagine), but we'll see.
  1. In other news, it seems pretty well decided that the "ineligible" people are simply wrong. The race is open to Ed if he wants in. To the best of my knowledge, no new firm word is out on that.

Originally posted to punditician on Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 09:06 AM PST.

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