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Is it just me, or have I been bombarded by teh stoopid this past couple of weeks?  This "underwear bomber" kid was the start of it, followed by the Harry Reid "negro dialect" comment, and the coup-de-grace, Sarah Palin is going to have a show on Fox News.  The first two have drawn out the stupid in their discussion, and the last is just a reflection of how stupid our collective society is.

The underwear bomber, some rich kid from Nigeria, tried to blow up a plane on Christmas.  OK.  I get it.  That is bad.  But Republican Congressmen and Senators that voted against the funding for increased security at our airports and for better equipment and infrastructure to keep those people off the planes do not get to bitch about it.  They definitely do not get to send out fundraising bulletins capitalizing on this security breach by lying about whose fault it really is.  Especially the gigantic asshole who is holding up the TSA director nomination because he is afraid they will unionize.  

Next I get bombarded with this Harry Reid = Trent Lott argument, just because Harry Reid stated a truth in terms that reflect his age.  My father and I talked about the same thing during the primaries.  We said that Obama had a greater chance of success because he wasn’t viewed as an "angry civil rights activist" by the general public like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are.  He is a brilliant speaker who is not threatening to the closet bigots out there and his bi-racial background is very identifiable to a large number of Americans.  Trent Lott is a racist from Mississippi who advocated for segregation and the election of segregationist candidates.  He has spoken at gatherings for white supremacist organizations.  He is the stereotype for the Southern Gentleman racist.  Making the comments of Harry Reid concerning President Obama and the comments Trent Lott made promoting the segregationist Strom Thurmond and how America would be better today had he become President equal in value is the pinnacle of stupidity.

But, wait!   Just when you think you can’t take any more idiocy, the queen of morons comes back into the picture.  It was announced today that Sarah Palin will host a show on Fox News on a regular basis.  While this is not much of a surprise, since Fox pretty much hires only attractive imbeciles, it is a clear indication of the degradation of our society as a whole.  When a political figure that is basically a loser and a quitter is elevated to a level that gives her stupidity such a large stage, her infectious inanity will unfortunately bleed off to the unwashed masses who watch Fox News religiously and tout its "fair and balanced" reporting of the facts.  It is like letting someone with a highly infectious disease serve food, only the patrons of this restaurant want to catch the disease and pass it on to everyone they know.  Of course, she will be insulated from any real challenges to her lies and distortions.  That is the Fox News way, of course.

So what should I do..... (besides scream at the clouds)

The Palin issue kind of works its way out since I would never intentionally turn my TV to Fox News for fear of losing IQ points, however, some of my hopelessly fooled friends are bound to mention something that idiot has said on her show to me.   The Harry Reid issue and the underwear bomber kid issue actually just smell like desperation to me.  The Republicans are so desperate to find some kind of negative ploy to establish a political foothold that they are grabbing at straws on anything that comes up.  John Cornyn solidifies himself as the second-most annoying person in the world every time he opens his mouth.  The RNC Chairman, the biggest Uncle Tom ever in history, is talking about racism as if he knows something about it.  

I just hope all of this stupidity buries these people once and for all.  I am not very confident about this.  You know how Red State (Real) Americans are.  They love the stupid.  Makes them feel included.  Sad and pathetic, isn’t it?

Originally posted to rickrocket on Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 12:14 PM PST.


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