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There was a diary earlier entitled "Rush Limbaugh, Die Already" which received plenty of down ratings because of title. I recced it because I got to read and hear the entire transcript of Limbaugh's lovely screed.

Here's the transcript in all of it's glory for you guys to see so that the HR donuts or whatever is taken off gospell's diary.

Yeah, and while you may object to people wishing Rush dead, this is what dear old Rushie said yesterday to his brown shirts:

RUSH:  Yes, I think in the Haiti earthquake, ladies and gentlemen -- in the words of Rahm Emanuel -- we have another crisis simply too good to waste.  This will play right into Obama's hands. He's humanitarian, compassionate.  They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, "credibility" with the black community -- in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.  It's made-to-order for them.  That's why he couldn't wait to get out there, could not wait to get out there.

RUSH: Here's President Obama speaking about Haiti this morning in Washington at the White House.  He held a press conference.  Now, I want you to remember, it took him three days to respond to the Christmas Day Fruit of Kaboom Bomber, three days.  And when he came out after those three days, he was clearly irritated that he had to do it.  He didn't want to do it.  He comes out here in less than 24 hours to speak about Haiti.


RUSH:  Oh, this is what he lives for.  He lives for serving those in misery.  Now, don't misunderstand here, folks.  I don't have the whole press conference, but I wonder did he apologize for America before acknowledging we are the only people on earth that can possibly help 'em out down there in any significant way?  By the way, I've checked it out, Cuba has offered nothing.  Venezuela has offered nothing.  They have nothing to offer. (interruption) Venezuela is going to send 30 people?  Well, they're people who want to get out of there anyway because they're having rolling blackouts in Venezuela, in Caracas, which is an oil driven -- it's the most amazing thing.  The vision of our future is right before our eyes in Venezuela.  Socialist country, devalued the currency on purpose a couple days ago, putting people in jail if they raise prices as a result of this.  We are devaluing our own currency, not as rapidly as Hugo Chavez did but we're doing it with all of our deficit spending and borrowing.  At any rate, here's another portion of the president's statement.


RUSH:  So the country that he runs around the world apologizing for, the country that he has chip on his shoulder about, he now turns to as its president and asks people who have lost their jobs because of his policies to donate to to the people of Haiti, and we will do it.  We are the most charitable and the most generous people on the face of the earth.  Each and every time a natural disaster like this happens, we step up.  We are there.  "Despite the fact we're experiencing tough times here at home I would encourage those Americans who want to support the urgent humanitarian effort --"  You know, I have been to Haiti way back a long time ago when it was a cruise ship stop, Port-au-Prince.  And I've seen pictures of Haiti.  It is a devastatingly poor place and nothing has ever changed.  And right across mountain ridge in the middle you've got the Dominican Republic which is like night and day.  It's like night and day.  And what's the one common factor?  

That place, Haiti, has been run by dictators and communists, and how long is it going to be before we hear Obama and the left in this country say that what we really need to do is reinstate the communist Aristide to the leadership position down there to coordinate putting the country back together?  The Haitian economy is entirely dependent on foreign aid.  They produce nothing.  Zilch, zero, nada.  And it's been that way for the longest time.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who you will next hear, was on MSNBC Live this morning, and she essentially says that Haiti and its current plight is our fault.  I knew it wouldn't take long for some Democrat to get there.  The question she was asked was this: "I want to know if you can put into perspective how difficult it is when you talk about there not being much infrastructure to begin with, how challenging that makes the relief effort now?"

RUSH:  I could sit here and be really cynical.  I'll hold off on the cynicism for a couple hours, I'll hold off on it.  I'm going to hold off on it, give the show's flow a chance to establish, 'cause it's going to be the Media Tweak of the Day.  I'll wait 'til about 2:15 when they're occupied with something else Obama is doing and then I'll make my cynical comment.  You know, Bill Clinton is the envoy to Haiti.  I guess we're thankful he wasn't there.  He sent his thoughts and prayers?  You may not have remembered is that, folks, but Obama made him the envoy.  Did you not know that, Dawn?  Well, that's because he's got experience of this kind, he's called up the Arkansas National Guard before so he knows.  He wasn't there.  We're all very fortunate that Bill Clinton was not there in his official position as envoy.  So here you have Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  "It is wrong, especially in a region as prosperous as this one, to continue to allow the desperate situation that exists in Haiti to continue."  So it's our fault, it's our fault that Haiti is in its current state of devastation.  We should take it over, we should do something, annex it, make it a state. Imperialism, yeah, make it a state, take it over.  

No word from Cuba about aid.  They're not sending anything.  They don't have anything.  You say Hugo is going to send 30 people and some supplies?  All right, well, good for him.  Now, here are some facts is about Haiti.  It's one-third of the island of Hispaniola.  It's in the Caribbean located between Cuba and Puerto Rico, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.  Eighty percent of the residents live in poverty.  It's one of the most densely populated, least developed countries in the western hemisphere, and of course this, according to Debbie Wasserman Schultz is our fault.  Jean-Claude Duvalier declared himself president for life in 1964 and ruled as a dictator.  In August of 1971 he died, and his son declared himself president for life.  He used a secret police force called the Tontons Macoutes, which is bogeyman to enforce his policies.  Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the communist in December 1991, Haiti's first free election.  And in '91 Aristide was outed in a military coup.  He fled the country.  The Organization of American States and United Nations led trade boycotts to try to force Aristide's return to power.  

Many Haitians tried to flee to the US.  They were forced back to Haiti.  Later the refugees were sent to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  In September of 1994, President Clinton, now the envoy to Haiti, sent a delegation there in hopes of avoiding a military conflict.  He sent President Carter, General Powell, and Senator Sam Nunn.  The peace deal does prevent an outbreak of fighting.  And what happened was Colin Powell went in there and he took one of these military leaders -- I forget the guy's name. (interruption) It might be General Cedras.  Yeah, I think it was.  What a memory you've got there, H.R.  General Cedras.  He took General Cedras over to a window in this decrepit room and building they were in.  He said, "General, you see this window?  Ten minutes after we leave this building, I can have a missile fired and hit right through this window."  That's when General Powell was still a Republican and was not making the top 100 liberal lists in British newspapers.  

I did not know until I looked this up, February 24th of 2004: "Reverend Al Sharpton, US presidential candidate, states that both Aristide and the political opposition leaders approved his suggestion to travel to Haiti to broker a peace agreement, after the former U.S. backed peace plan was rejected by the opposition leaders."  On February 28th, four days later, "Secretary of State Colin Powell urges Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to step down, according to senior State Department officials. Aristide reaffirms his stance on his position; he will not leave until his term expires in 2006." Aristide's a communist.  Now, I do think that part and parcel of helping out down there, it won't be long before somebody in the Obama administration suggests that we reinstate, reinstall Aristide, because there's sympathy with these kind of people.  So we'll keep a sharp eye on this, but I'm just fascinated here the country the president of the United States feels the need to apologize for, the country the president of the United States feels is immoral and unjust, can barely contain himself running to the cameras in less than 24 hours after this earthquake to pledge aid and to ask citizens who have lost their jobs because of his policies to donate to the relief effort.  


RUSH:  Yes, I think in the Haiti earthquake, ladies and gentlemen -- in the words of Rahm Emanuel -- we have another crisis simply too good to waste.  This will play right into Obama's hands. He's humanitarian, compassionate.  They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, "credibility" with the black community -- in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.  It's made-to-order for them.  That's why he couldn't wait to get out there, could not wait to get out there.


RUSH:  President Obama, folks, cites in his book Dreams from My Father, page 293, the passages of Wright's Audacity to Hope speech that most inspired him, what Reverend Wright said.  This is one of the things Wright said that most inspired Obama: "In this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks' greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere, that's the world on which hope sits."  That's a Reverend Wright statement Obama was most inspired by, in his own book.

There ya go- source right here!.

What a great human being and all around Christian. I take back every wish I had for his health- I am sure I will have to do a Rosary later on.

PS: Teddy Pendergrass died. And you want to HR somebody over Rush Limbaugh?

Originally posted to ems97007 on Thu Jan 14, 2010 at 12:13 PM PST.


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